10th Jan 2006, 19:35

Who cares about your stupid modifications.

11th Jan 2006, 16:36

Who cares about your stupid comment?

20th Feb 2006, 05:45

I bought a 1998 VT Commodore Executive Wagon at auction for $7,000.00 its GREAT, rock solid, I have now put over 200,000 kms on the damn thing and it is still crisp and reliable... admittedly these are highway kms, but still they are almost bulletproof.

What a cheap reliable bus that I can load heaps into... hard to beat.

19th Aug 2007, 02:41

I purchased a VT Acclaim wagon a few years ago; it's now done 290,000km's. Still going strong.

Holden NZ replaced the left side chassis rail due to rust, under warranty at 8 years old... cost them what I paid for the car to make the repairs. Great backup service from Holden NZ.

Has suffered a few oil leaks with the previous owner, and needed new diff bearings at 150,000km, and faulty c/lock solenoid, but nothing more major.

All in all very reliable, and superb to drive, and can be picked up at a good price. Huge rear luggage space is awesome - I always get comments when loading 2.4m sheets straight into the back at the timber yard. Best tip is to service regularly - oil, filters, fluids, and cooling system.

8th Sep 2007, 05:05

It's not really a comment, but I just want to know what motor oils you use?

10th Jan 2009, 19:45

1998? Commodore Acclaim Sedan.

Just purchased above car about a month ago. Checked VIN number and tells me it's a 1999, but tag in engine bay, says it's been built in September 1998, weird... Very nice to drive. Bit concerned about previous comments you have said, I imagine as long as I regularly service it, all will be good!! Only thing I can't do is reset my trip computer, other than that all good, for a car that's done 192000 K's... First Holden I've owned, but worth every cent, excellent for my family to take long trips in...

22nd Jan 2009, 01:15

Has anyone had a problem with the rear wheels toeing in or out? Cheers.

7th Apr 2009, 03:21

I've got a 1997 wagon and the trans is screwed!

Is it worth getting a new trans?

10th Aug 2010, 00:42

I have just purchased a VT wagon as my first car and was wondering if anyone has any good idea of what I can add to it?

6th Feb 2011, 20:20

You could put a Ford badge on it and double its value. Jokes I have a VT, bought it at 240kms. A bit of work needed doing so far, maybe stick with Honda next time.

6th Aug 2015, 08:50

Can you add more details as to how you went about getting Holden to do this repair, as I believe this should be a recall on the car. And more details to reference. I would like to get mine fixed too.

29th Jul 2017, 08:44

Very common for VTs to chew out rear tires. Get a camber kit put on and all will be good.