26th Jul 2005, 07:12

Re: "Does Great Burnouts"

Damn right! Previous to my 2.2 litre Vectra I owned a 3rd-hand Commodore VR and had endless fun burning around in it. A very fun vehicle, the perfect blend between old commodore power and new commodore safety. 9/10.

23rd Aug 2005, 23:38

I think either you don't understand what handling is, or this is the only car you have ever driven.

18th Dec 2005, 06:42

VR is agreat model of commodore I amazingly beat a 97 model gt skyline by lots I still can't believe it. Great car does excellent burnouts and drifts.

15th Jan 2006, 05:07

I have a VR Calais 93. Done 230,000 km. Since recently the enging gives out a miss as if the fuel is not getting to the engine properly. I replaced the fuel pump and filter, but still have the problem.

It only happens on acceleration or when the car idling.

Just wondering if anybody out there have/had the same problem and give me some advice.



14th Mar 2006, 03:16

Lack of power when hot - you might have a fuel pump problem, or if it is missing, maybe spark plugs or leads.

11th May 2006, 09:07

Just bought my VR last week for $4200. After a major service and rego check for $800, I love it - though there is also a miss in mine when idle. I think I need to replace the spark plug leads and maybe clean out the injectors - try that, and of course you did replace the spark plugs didn't you??

"Front wheels slip out"? Wow if I put my foot down it's my back wheels that slip out - and out, and out!! :) Sometimes I really have to be careful NOT to burn out when accelerating around a corner!!

"Cruises at 110kph down the highway"? - also at 200kph ;)

"as the engine heats up to about half way on the temp gauge it just looses all its power" - this AIN'T normal!!! Get it looked at asap! My temp gauge never gets past 1/3 - but I guess they could be adjusted differently and be relative to the car... It's probably just a sensor or something and not the engine itself, but I ain't no mechanic ;)

Best car I ever owned - my only criticism is that the auto trans is a little slow to respond (takes 1 or 2 seconds to down-shift) when I put my foot down in 3rd or 4th.

Still 10/10 - I love it!!

17th May 2006, 03:30

I bought a VR commodore recently, excellent body condition and interior condition and only had done 170 000kms and got it for $3000, after a major service of changing all spark plugs and such it runs great.

Though the only problem I have is that when I cruise down the freeway at 110km/hr the check engine light comes on.

But then when I stop the car it'll turn back off, and when driving around locally or in the city it won't come back on, only when I drive for long periods of time at 110km/hr.

Has anyone been having this problem?

I took it to a auto electrician to check out what the sign was trying to tell me, it happened to be the gear box was slipping warning light? But they reseted that and since then it hasn't come up, was it a one off thing or is there has anyone else been getting this?

And just out of interest how much does it roughly cost to recondition a gear box?

Thanks guys.

25th Jul 2006, 18:58

To the guy who had a problem with your engine warning light, I had the same thing. 2 months later and out of warranty, I had to fork out $4000 for a new engine, then another $1000 for a new transmission. I would get your trans looked at to see if it is slipping, or if you have lost 3rd or 4th gear like I did, then this hard revving eventually took its toll by putting a piston out the side of the block. Once I got the new engine, it ran like a beast (in good way).

15th Aug 2006, 07:46

I have a VR S Pac and I'm proud 2 say it left an XR8 driver sad when I had him amazed by the torque of a Commodore.

I love it and wouldn't drive anything other than a VR. although it does have its share of hissy fits like idling rough 1 day, but fine the next.

I`d rate the VR 11/10.


3rd Dec 2006, 01:13

I'm trying to change the plugs, but the leads are hard to pull off. Is there a trick.

25th Dec 2006, 03:32

Don't worry about the idle. It's a Buick based V6 and they all have a bad idle. Just apreciate that this engine will go and go and go... It's the trans that are the problem in the VR's.

19th Mar 2007, 02:54

Hello, i have just had the head redone on my 1994 VR, also replacing the harmonic balance, and water pump. There was a tapping noise and lack of power which made me get all of this work done,but once all in and running the tapping noise is still there can any one help with this problem?

26th Jul 2007, 21:26

I have a 1993 VR Commodore; have just done the fuel pump and filter... however upon start up, the engine cuts out like it has run out of gas; have checked leads, earths, battery amongst other things, but can't figure out how to fix it, any suggestions?

16th Sep 2007, 12:57

I used the wrong gearbox oil in my VR. Do I have to replace the gearbox? Or is there some way to fix it? It won't change to 3rd or 4th gear.

19th Sep 2007, 05:39

Most likely just need to drain it and fill with correct fluid. All oils work well at different temp. Yours prob. doesn't like gearboxes.

15th Nov 2007, 06:45

Hey guys I have a VR its done just over 300,000kms, but the previous owner was a bodantic and crazy man about driving carefully and looking after it.. Me on the other hand I'm a bit out there and like to give it a thrash. Recently my Autotrans has just began having fits going from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th. It sounds like its falling out of gear (because the revs go crazy like 5500) and taking ages to shift into it and the whole car vibrates.. I'm thinking its grinding like what happens when you half engage the clutch in a manual... but I'm not sure.. any ideas?

19th Nov 2007, 00:02

I have had my VR for 6 months and most is well except for two problems; i) inconsistent fuel starvation when car is hot and cold, and ii) faulty tail/ brake light which works only some of the time (have checked connections which all seem good). Any suggestions?

21st Mar 2008, 06:42

The VR's are 13 - 15 years old now and usually require a bit more than a quick fix.

- Rough idling and stalling could be more than one cause, and more likely several compounding problems - some mentioned previously, check Temp Sensor, Crank Angle Sensor, Throttle body needs cleaning, idle solenoid on throttle body, spark plugs, HT leads, Fuel pump, fuel filter, vacuum regulator, injectors dirty.

- Power steering pumps leak (common problem) and steering racks need replacing. Handling problems and uneven tire wear from sway bar bushes worn, replace and save on tires. Less burnouts helps also.

- Coolant problems, coolant smell or 'gurgling' sound from heater core - replace all hoses, flush radiator with correct flush (acidic or alkaline) dependent on whether sludge or scale in radiator, and replace pressure valve (on hose running down left hand side of engine on chassis rail - screwed to side wall).