26th Apr 2008, 20:08

My VR runs extremely cold when driving, and extremely hot when idling. Would this be a normal thing or is it a fixable problem?

I have replaced radiator and thermostat; still same temps. Any ideas?

6th Jun 2008, 07:08

I would like to hook up a vacuum gauge to my VR 3.8. Could someone tell which hose to hook into, so I will get a reading on my gauge?

30th Jun 2008, 01:48

I bought my 1st car, a one owner VR S pack manual with only 125,000kms on it. Have to say they're a pretty impressive car with lots of bottom end power (feels like 1000hp in the wet). Aren't too bad on fuel, ethanol doesn't last long though. However for the power and reliability I love it.

Also manuals go a lot better, geared a little short, but can travel at high speed well.

Handles good; the fe2 isn't the same as later models, but still out handles a lot of cars for its time.

Overall 9/10; great 1st car, don't be disappointed with the new P plate laws; these cars will give a big enough thrill as is.

9th Jul 2008, 04:57

Got my 93 VR Commodore about a month ago. It's got 180,000 kms on the clock, runs beautifully. Just wondering would 19 inch chromies go well on it without getting it lowered? Any thoughts?

Cheers :)

18th Sep 2008, 23:19

Hey I have just picked up a real tidy VR Berlina V6, which goes great apart from when started from cold, it only runs on about 5 cylinders. Once warmed up, it's sweet as.

I have replaced the leads as they looked a bit suspect, and threw a new seat of plugs in it and it still does it. I'm now thinking crook coil maybe?

24th Sep 2008, 04:25

Hey I just had to tell someone. I just bought a 93 VR Berlina.

For $500, it has about 440,000ks but honestly is the best car I have bought. I have tested it at Eastern Creek and does the qtr mile 12.5 in auto. And the best thing is its standard.

I am currently working on the body (respray, kit and lights). And have planned to drop a supercharged V6 from a later model Holden. With a bit of suspension work super low springs and shocks, I should be happy with drag and track work.

30th Sep 2008, 00:45

Hey all.

I bought my 94 VR about 2 years ago - 119,000k's on the clock. It's the sound and the power that really does it for me. It's gunmetal black and being the rarer S PAC, it's got that real VR sound when you rev it or even when idle. Although I've had several problems with it, I have not regretted buying it. This all after I've spent over 1600 on a new trans etc. I've also spent countless more on new wheel bearing's (ABS ones), power steering pump, starter motor and more.

It's pickup it's quite unique I think. It's a pity that I have to say good bye to it actually. And it's only got 150,000k's on the clock. It's probably one of the best VR's you will see.

The reason I'm upgrading is I need the safety with the airbags. Currently I've only got a driver's...

Just a question... has anyone had a faulty column shift? I have to shift to drive to get into reverse and into 3rd to get drive etc.

By the way if anyone is interested I'm looking at selling it to someone who will treat it well for no less than 6,000. Could consider a trade in though.

Here I was thinking I was the only one that thought this was an awesome and unique vehicle.

30th Sep 2008, 07:29

I've had two VR's. One sedan (now gone to make room for my new VZ SV6) but I still have my Vr ute 3 seater on gas. Great cars. Both have done over 250,000 kms. Just recently the ute has come up with the engine light when on the freeway, but when I rev it a little by putting the foot down it stays off for a minute or two. Any ideas?

Also the battery light came on today and went off when I revved it. Now it is staying on all the time. Any idea's?

9th Oct 2008, 15:28

I have a VR Commodore 1994 manual. I have owned it for the last 12 years. Why has the engine light come on?

24th Oct 2008, 06:10

Hi, I have a VR Commodore that recently started stalling when slowing down. Then the plastic bit snapped on the engine spilling coolant everywhere, cost $10 to fix. Anyway it stopped stalling until yesterday, before that I had taken it to mechanic and they couldn't find anything wrong. I got my dad to change my oil filter (it needed it) and he said he put some fuel cleaner or something in the petrol. On the way home tonight it started jolting and made what sounded like mini fire crackers out the back, only for a while, and then went fine again. Any ideas? Obviously I am a chick and have no clues!!!

Thanks Zoe.

21st Nov 2008, 01:54

I have a VR 94 Commodore and the engine light turns on when I put my foot down. When it's cold the car does not change gears, it's like driving in neutral and the revs have to go to like 5 to even get somewhere. It's the worst getting out of first gear... transmission checked, oil checked, got a new fuel pump.. thinking an electrical problem.. any solutions?? Thanks.

9th Dec 2008, 08:50

Id just like to say vr commodore rocks. Also to the chick who's car is popping like fire crackers: Try changing your head gaskets and rocker cover gaskets. Go the vr. Chany.

28th May 2009, 21:10

With the guy having transmission problems. I had the same; it's due to a little wheel that tells the car how fast you're going. chances are it's worn out and not giving the correct reading, hence fooling the transmission into thinking it needs to be in a different gear. My car would lose 4th gear and first gear. Should be a fix under $200. Good luck.

10th Jun 2009, 09:58

Hey guys, usually engine lights are pretty simple problems, it can be the exhaust sensor, don't worry too much unless the light affects performance, although, be safe, get an auto electrician to fix it, won't be more than $100.

Best of luck.

15th Jul 2010, 02:32

I've owned Commodores for 20 years now, and a lot of the problems I've read people are having with them are very common. The engine light (!), coming on randomly, is usually solved with a fuel clean. The injectors are pin holes, that get blocked with age. I had my tank dropped, and a proper fuel line/ injector clean done. It hasn't come on since. The other causes are the crank angle sensor (only if it happens when hot), or more expensively, the EFI modulator (computer), that's about $500 + to fix. It's not worth getting a second hand one, because they're all aged now, unless you can score one that's been replaced, no guarantees though.

9th Aug 2010, 00:51

I have owned my VR Statesman since 2004.

Since I've owned it I have replaced the shock absorbers with gas shocks. I replaced the front bearing units (hubs) at a very low cost with original parts. The transmission is excellent. I have replaced the fuel pump.

I put it on dual fuel, cheap to run. It's one of the better cars to be seen in on the road. Everyone always comments on its condition and performance.

My wife wants an upgrade (I think she's talking about the car). I took a later model car out for a test drive 2003 supercharged V6. I fell in love with it and so did my wife. I still love my Statesman. But will have to let it go.

One happy VR owner.