6th Sep 2007, 19:37

VR Commodores rock. I have a 94 model, which has had no problems whatsoever, mechanically wise. It's extremely reliable and handles really well. It's got heaps of power when it's needed and never seems to disappoint. Yes the electronic are shocking on mine too, you're not alone. My central locking only works on 3 doors if you're lucky.

8th Dec 2007, 08:06

Holdens aren't really my thing, but I think they are really ugly.. my friend has one and it keeps breaking down a lot.

6th Jun 2008, 07:29

1994 Commodore Ute.. 328.000k.

Had three petrol tanks replaced after 6 months.

7 sets rotors, 2 sets coilpacks - about 6 No 1 cyl ignition leads and two sets spark leads uprated to a later model as required.

Is on the original gearbox, which had two solenoids replaced - original slippery diff, which still works.. original engine, with uprated heads at 280k with 3 angle cuts and porting; uses no oil.

New radiator core uprated, new A/C condenser after Nullabor Plains {Adelaide/Perth} trip through locusts.

Numerous sets of tyres, which last about 80 k...

Two sets of gas shockers uprated, two z bars uprated, two sets rear suspension upper trailing suspension arms.

Replaced original exhaust system two years ago with 2.5 inch pipes. One steering rack at 150k.

Uprated plastic bushes front and rear, one set of lower control arms, and one set lower ball-joints. Converted to LPG at 280 k 5.4k per litre.

This Ute has been driven loaded at high speeds across Australia at 150 kph. Discs wore because of hard linings and speed. Handles superbly.

Repairs, while annoying, are well within warranty or service use. No rust, and oils and filters every 5k services on time.

Now with all the mods in service, it's reliable, fast, no rattles, and it's been well and truly used, AND HAS AT LEAST ANOTHER 100K IN IT.

24th Jun 2008, 05:26

I own a VR Commodore. It has been very good car except :-

Roof lining

Shocks in rear failing after 3 years; Monroes Sensatracks

Trailing arm bushes

Boot lift struts

Battery in key (and resoldered connectors)

Security system locked with static electricity. (fixed with removing leads from battery)

A/C drain blocked and filled car with water

Air filter needs replacing often to keep good on fuel

Seems hard on rear suspension

I own an old Ford (Fairlane) as well; it seems more reliable, but it's the Commodore that gets driven away on weekends.

15th Aug 2008, 03:12

Gday, I bought a VR V8 ute brand new in 94. Pretty much looked after it, flogged it every now and again, still runs like new.

Little things are starting to show like the light bulbs in the dash, and brake pads, but this is to be expected for a 14 year old car.

I always thought it must have been made on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

They used to say Holden finally got it right with the VR.

17th Sep 2008, 09:28

I also own a VR Commodore - great car. The auto transmission won't change past 3rd sometimes, though I wonder why - bad electrics? Who knows.

1st Dec 2008, 01:48

Hey guys, I have a '94 VR Calais, family hand me down. Recently I have had nothing but problems with the car, initial problem with the car was it would intermittently just shut down while driving (turn off). Things I have done with it in the last year:

1. Crank angle sensor

2. Coil spring modular replaced

3. Fuel tank replaced

4. About 4 years ago had a reconditioned engine replacement.

Last week I had an Imco LPG gas conversion, thinking I have spent a bit of money on it and it was worth holding onto. I love the VR, it runs better than my folks BMW. As soon as I got the gas done, the same day it started making weird (belt slipping) noises and the mechanic said its coming from the transmission!!! About a $2,000 cost to replace that! What do you guys think? Should I continue to pump money into this car?

Thanks for your advice??

3rd Jan 2009, 07:01

Just bought my 94 VR Ute for 6g. It runs well, the only problem is the transmission. Any advice? Thanks.

3rd Jun 2009, 05:25

The VR is the best car of its time. I own a 94 sedan Acclaim with the power chip, paid $5000, never had any any serious problems, definitely got me moneys worth out of the 3.8L.

- It has a 2.5" red back exhaust all the way through.

- Prestige electric sun roof.

- 18" Wheels.

- Ultra low king springs.

- And a full sound system.

This car has 247,000 on the clock. I bought it when it had 197,000. I have put this car through hell since I bought it.

It handles really well around corners, and in the wet if ya know what I mean... as long as you keep all the oils up and always get the best fuel, they're awesome.

Fords are S#@&y.

7th Jun 2009, 20:04

I got a VR Acclaim 94 one week ago, and Friday afternoon the car lost all power, eventually got restarted and loud banging noise from engine.. sounds like piston or rod broken :( Just happened out of the blue. Have to ring car dealer tomorrow, hope he'll help.

21st May 2010, 19:31

Just bought a 1994 VR Acclaim. Drove it home, picked up the missus, drove out of town, fanged it to 120kmph, stopped at the next intersection, and this knocking sound came from the motor. Apparently it's a hole in the piston (no.6), so a new motor this week, not such a good start. Still love the car, great drive, but a wee bit disappointing; it's only done 204k.

11th Aug 2010, 18:16

I have an VS Ex-Police. They are not much better either. Things going wrong all the time. The VR's sound like a better car!

5th Oct 2010, 18:37

My VR; trailing arm bushes, and apart from that good maintenance. 310,000 kms on the clock.

7th Dec 2010, 04:31

I brought a 1994 VR Commodore. The day I brought it the engine blew up on me, the dealer replaced the engine. 2 weeks later the new engine went, now I have to replace the transmission as it has lost 3rd and 4th gear.

All in all I have had nothing but dramas with my VR. I have owned VNs and they were amazing in comparison.

20th Feb 2013, 16:54

Fords are s@$&*, they have far less problems than Commodores. Had 4 Fords; never had inaccurate dials in the dash, never had a failed transmission, and never had to replace a fuel tank, because Ford were a little smarter than Holden and ditched the crap steel fuel tanks in 1980! Plastic is much better. Only had to replace a head gasket on an EA I had, that's it.

4th Apr 2013, 08:50

My mum owns a VR V8 1994 ex-police pursuit. It was passed down from her dad; he bought it brand new. Had to replace the rear bushes, the distributor in the engine, and the shocks. Other than that, she runs beautiful. Would never get rid of it.