11th Nov 2006, 18:41

I am the original reviewer of this car sure it has been recalled for the fuel line, but the problem was fixed in no time.

The car has now covered 3000k's and so far its been a great car and I have had no problems with it.

Japanese cars don't appeal to me at all.

I like my VE SS and I enjoy it a hell of a lot.

People who need to run my car down needs to get a life I enjoy it and that's the end of it.

11th Nov 2006, 20:54

Another recall has been announced by Holden this week. It affects 13,000 VE's and is to address a problem with rear seat belts coming undone in the event of a collision. Truly pathetic, this car had $1 billion invested into its development and has already been recalled twice in three months, its really no wonder that Toyota has extended their lead in sales by almost 8,000 units a month. The car may be dynamically competent, but what worth is that when its falling apart around you?

5th Dec 2006, 06:02

His car clearly isn't falling apart on him, else it wouldn't be able to have covered 3000km...

Most of you living under this halo of Japanese quality seem to quickly forget some rather large Toyota recalls recently, which affected far far far more cars.

7th Dec 2006, 19:47

Such as...?? And were they locally produced or imported makes?

9th Dec 2006, 17:00

I work as a mechanic at a toyota dealership and can't remember any recalls lately. But if youve got details I'm all ears.

13th Dec 2006, 17:39

I have always considered recalls to be a positive thing.

After all companies that do not do recalls are saying they make perfect cars first time every time!!! Impossible.

It is disappointing to see how Aussie cars are underrated.

I find them to be best suited to Aussie.

Well done on your VE, it is an excellent car.

Take care.

Andrew (A falcon owner!!!)

15th Dec 2006, 20:52

You're probably right about recalls not being a bad thing. At least they are rectifying a potentially dangerous problem at no cost to the owner. Sure it's inconvenient, but at least it's being dealt with. I've worked as a mechanic at many new car dealerships over the years, including Ford, Holden, Mercedes, Volvo and Mazda, and they've all had recalls. It's just that Holden, Ford, and to a lesser extent, Mitsubishi and Toyota are in the spotlight in Australia. When did you last hear of Volvo or BMW having a recall? And I know for a fact they have had them. Remember, to the person who owns the car being recalled, that generally only happens one time, and that's it.

Enjoy your VE SS, and don't listen to the critics (also a happy Falcon owner).

17th Dec 2006, 00:07

Recalls are not uncommon and apply to many products - not just cars. In fact there is a comprehensive process and even a website. Check out www.recalls.gov.au

Beware of critics who have an opinion and seek information to prove themselves right! I'm buying a VE because it suits me - it doesn't have to be right for everybody.

2nd Jan 2007, 23:07

Well its been a while since I have done an update.

Has 15,000 on it and still have been basically problem free did have a problem with the battery, but that was replaced.

SO to all you knockers of the car I am still very happy with my VE SS.

15th Jan 2007, 15:09

That is exactly true, it's not good to criticise. Only comment on something if you are qualified to do so.

Just look for what is best for you, research it yourself, and let others do what they do.

23rd Mar 2007, 16:54

Well another update: it has 20,000 ish now and it's been great, no issues whatsoever to date.

19th Apr 2007, 00:51

HI - I just took delivery of a VE SV6 - Not as flash as your SS (maybe one day) but such refinement compared to my last company vehicle (Ford Falcon BA XT - Massey Ferguson Tractor)...go the VE's they look awesome.

23rd Apr 2007, 20:38

At first I could not understand the point of the SV6 in comparison to the SS. On further observation I have seen the light. My cousin just bought a SSV (debatable value compared to the SS), in black with optional 20" wheels. Looks absolutely sensational (never thought I would say that about a commodore). Then the other day I saw a brilliant black VE in the traffic with huge wheels. Looked just as good as my cousins SSV. I soon discovered it was in fact an SV6 and the owner had obviously junked the original wheels and fitted after-market items. Now I see that the SV6 owner gets the pose value without the extra running costs. Sure the performance is way off compared to the SS, but it is not until you notice the dual exhausts instead of the quads and the badging that you realise it is the V6 version.

5th Aug 2007, 02:26

We will wait with anticipation as to whether the VE will turn out to be the lemon the VT was. Remember, a lot of people were suckered in and spat out with the VN and VT generations, because they let emotion and misguided opinions get in the way and still do. Just be careful with the VE is all I am saying.

17th Aug 2007, 21:55

I'm the original reviewer and have done 26,000 now, and still haven't had any issues with my car.

With all the doubters saying the car will be bad, it has been pretty much fine and I enjoy driving it every day.

3rd Sep 2007, 11:08

Hi, I'm looking forward to see another update from thread creator.

VE looks sensational, first time I saw it I was de-jawed.

I really like the idea of an Australian car, even though Holden is subsidiary of GM, but I knew Holden had quality issues. It is good to see that VE is different, maybe this model will change Holden's image.

Cheers (Mazda owner)

12th Oct 2007, 01:20

Well, here we go. I am about to order a new black VE SS. From most reports the new car is a great vehicle and the bugs have been ironed out with a few recalls. As mentioned, recalls are a good thing in that I now won't have to be concerned with those issues, because my car has just rolled off the factory line.

I too will attempt to post reports as I go through the first few thousand k`s to help any future potential buyers, and also silence a few of the uneducated critics out there!

Having researched the car I am confident of receiving a great package. Also having been the owner of numerous Holden performance vehicles, this car should flog them in performance, reliability and build quality. Time will tell and I certainly won't hold back if I am even the least bit disappointed. Cheers.

6th Jan 2008, 19:55

I am the original reviewer and so far I have covered over 34,000k's and its just getting better and better. Fuel economy has improved, the engine revs easier and it is a pleasure to drive. Most of my driving is done on the highway and its just a great cruiser.

6th Feb 2008, 13:49

Holdens and Fords are for people who want to run down the prestige of German cars because they themselves don't have the means to buy German cars.

14th Apr 2008, 09:41

My Husband and I brought a VE SS in January and we are wrapped with the performance, fuel economy and comfort. We traded a VR wagon so as you can imagine it's a mega upgrade.

So far we have had no problems just parking it at shopping centres breaks our heart at the thought of a dent or scratch.

I would definately recommend a SS as they are a good all-rounder and the only recalls on the VE'S so far have been the the V6 models. Well done Holden another success!!!

1st Oct 2011, 16:33

I remember a motor magazine test between the 300GTS, E55, and M5 (I think it was 2000), and yes the German cars were of a higher quality, but in actual performance and driver involvement, the German test driver (the magazine had used) came away very impressed with the Holden. They (the magazine journos) even said it had become the benchmark for those performance cars (driving, not quality).

My opinion - If those Mercs and BMW cost well over twice the price of the Holden, then you would expect them to be better wouldn't you?