20th Jan 2011, 21:07

Hi all.

I have a 2001 Frontera S 5 speed model. So far so good, has been very reliable and pretty much goes anywhere.

But I'm having a problem with the engine light staying on. Initially we thought it was an O2 sensor but this has been replaced and no change. It has now been identified as the electronic ignition device on top of the engine. Apparently these cannot be purchased anywhere any more, I'm also noticing a lack of power from the engine. Wondering if it's all linked.

Has anyone had similar experience, I would appreciate any help.

Thanks, Lee.

11th Feb 2011, 04:28

Hi All.

I have a 99 Frontera SE, bought it second hand in 2006, which had only done 80,000kms. I bought this car because of its size and how rare it was. I have learned an expensive lesson on buying rare cars. The parts are rare.

I have enjoyed it for 3 years with no issues. I have serviced 2x a year and continued to do so. But for the last 19 months, I have had clutch done twice, gear box about to go, the ABS lights keep playing up, and now the 4 wheel drive light flashes on and off, causing the wheels to engage and disengage, making a loud noise. I go down to Holden and they say they can't help with ABS, because they don't stock or sell ABS module kits anymore, so they charged me the standard diagnostic fee and wished me good luck. Does anyone out there know where I can find a new or reconditioned ABS kit and ABS fuse??

I'm in Melbourne Victoria.

10th Mar 2011, 20:42

Lee: your coilpack!

21st Mar 2011, 21:48

We purchased a 2000 model Frontera SE in Feb '10. It had to haul the boat, fit under the retrofitted roller door on the garage, and be short enough in wheelbase for backing the boat off a narrow street up a curved driveway. Offroad work to include land based fishing trips on both the coast and inland.

Being ten years old, we planned to spend a bit on it. It showed 185K on the clock. First up, had Tartarini LPG system fitted ($4000).

Next - had the auto trans guy go through the box - all good. Fitted a trans oil cooler - just in case.

Organized a strip down for the timing belt replacement, and found the cooling system loaded with gunk to cover up leaky head gaskets. Valve timing was one tooth out on one bank of cylinders. Finished up reco-ing the heads. New radiator. New g/box inhibitor switch ($780). Replaced coil packs, all were on the way out ($1200). Fitted Kumho RoadVenturer A/Ts all round. Reversing camera. Machined b/discs and replaced pads. Plastic master cyl reservoir fell off and had to be replaced. Battery gave up.

It came up well. We did a 4000k round trip (camping) with loaded box trailer in July '10, and it never missed a beat. Very sure footed on sand dunes, and creeps over rocky outcrops in high range FWD.

On LPG it does 15 - 16 L/100 around town. 14 on the highway. Pulling a box trailer or a boat on the highway (power drive mode), it can get 16L/100 if driven at 2000 RPM.

ABS light comes on occasionally - but the system tests OK.

LSD clunks a bit at low speed.

Sump gasket weeping a little at present. Either the motor comes out, or the suspension has to be dropped to gain access. Booked in for that job.

Did 25K trouble free over the 12 months. Got ourselves a sound unit, ideal for the job.

18th Apr 2011, 16:57

Hi, I'm thinking of putting LPG in my Frontera. Don't know if it's worth it? My 4wd runs about 17lt per 100km, but have not found that many people with LPG on the Frontera.

The Frontera's revs are increasing some days around the 2000-2500. Can anybody help me with these problems?

26th Apr 2011, 03:26

How did you go with the ABS module?

11th Oct 2011, 01:28

Hi, we brought our 2001 Frontera (manual) about 2 and a half years ago.

In the last 12 months we have had ongoing problems.

The first problem has been ongoing now; when you start the car, sometimes it just cuts out, and to get the car going, you need to keep a foot on the accelerator even at traffic lights, or you could be driving for half a day, and when you put the clutch in, it cuts out.

Our mechanic still can't work out what is wrong

Has anyone had a similar problem??

The second problem; we have found out today that we need to replace the steering rack.

I have read that the Holden Rodeo has some parts that are the same as the Fronteras, and I'm wondering if a Rodeo steering rack would be compatible with the Frontera's, or does anyone else have any suggestions?

22nd Mar 2012, 23:25

I have a 3.2 V6 Holden Frontera 2002, and every now and then it goes dead when I start it, like there is no connection to the battery, and then next time I turn it over, it will start straight away! It just happened before, and after I started it, it started revving on its own. So I turned it off and then straight back on again, and it was fine! Any ideas?


2nd Aug 2012, 02:14

You may touch the accelerator prior to turning the starter. This gives the impression of a flat battery.

17th Aug 2012, 20:30

Hi had same problem with ABS, went to a 4x4 wreckers & brought a second hand one for $220. Easy to install yourself as long as you have the same numbers on the ABS unit.

Good luck 4x4.

19th Sep 2012, 04:07

Hey all. I do also want to know about putting LPG in my Frontera 2001 SE, but don't want it in the boot... Could I put it underneath the back?

4th Jul 2013, 22:37

I have a 2001 MX Frontera SE.

Had the gears recently worked on. The TOD light is continuously flashing and CD player/radio not working after this work was done.

I bought the vehicle second hand and have no security codes to get the player working again.

Can anyone assist me?


30th Sep 2013, 02:12

Hi. Re your CD not working after the battery was disconnected. If you take your proof of ownership and your vehicle VIN number to a Holden dealer, they will supply a code number to key into your CD/radio to get it going; it cost me $25 to get mine done recently. You use the channel select keys to enter the code. Good luck.

27th Nov 2013, 06:35

Hey, in regards to your ABS issue, I did some research a while ago and it appears that the '99 model (mine is '99 also) had a common ABS flaw in America, and the states actually had large recall on the early model vehicles to replace the ABS modules.

I personally had the diagnostics like you, and Holden told me they could get a module for $1400, not including labour... I was told the diagnostic was reporting a LH wheel speed sensor issue, and I should throw money at that first, but I realized they didn't have a clue, and the Americans with their 'Isuzu Rodeos" (as they call it), knew better...

The module is cheaper in the States, and even cheaper in Canada - I would try and find a secondhand module from a later Frontera model, but couldn't find anyone with enough know-how to tell me if this would work...

As it stands, my ABS is disconnected, and I don't use it... I put up with the light on...

If you get a solution, please post your results on a Holden review forum or Frontera/Jackaroo club page for us all.. ;)

Silver SE Fronty-owner