27th Apr 2014, 22:08

Hi, I have a 2002 auto Frontera SE and it had 41000 km on the clock when we bought it. I put it on LPG at 50000 km, and I have done 160000 km to date. It has run very well on LPG. As good as petrol - no difference. It is very economical to run and it has been a great car.

Unfortunately the auto trans is now playing up and I have to decide whether to fix it or move the car on. When we got the LPG installed, we went with a direct injection system, which was perfect and cost around 4000 with a 2000 govt rebate. This type of system was the only system suited for Fronteras.

3rd May 2014, 15:30

Re the last comment, we did exactly what you intend to do 7 years ago whilst our auto 02 Frontera was near new. I have driven this vehicle with injected gas towing a bobcat on trailer a few times, an overloaded caravan from Melb to mid QLD; power loss was minimum, the trip north cost us around $600 on gas driving all over the place, so great in that sense. The red engine light has been on since the gas conversion, due to apparent conflicting between the gas computer and the Holden one. The transmission jerks, the car stalls/powers out randomly, slow reverse engagement. The latest is it struggles to start on petrol; you basically have to start it on gas first, even after the fuel pump was changed... It's pretty much cactus and I'm not wasting any more time with it. I think they were built as the cheapest entry level SUV 4x4 at the time, like buying cheap Chinese items that last a few years, but look good.

Future plans... start a savings account for new Hilux, 3rd party insurance on the Frontera now for sure, maybe purchase another wreck and swap parts, but as it's RW and is clean and still drives, run it into the ground until buying a Hilux... The funny thing is I'm probably spending an equivalent on the vehicle including bits and pieces to what it would have cost me if I had left it on petrol, if not more...

4th Jul 2014, 04:01

What are the symptoms of the fuel reg being dead?

22nd Oct 2014, 09:06

Hi all, I have a Holden Frontera 2001 model and the motor has done a big end bearing. So basically cactus. Just wondering if anybody knows if a Holden Jackeroo motor 2000 model will fit into the Frontera?

The Jackaroo engine is a 3.5.

The Frontera motor is a 3.2, but upon inspection, they look exactly the same?

Any help would be appreciated?

Cheers, Matty.

5th Apr 2015, 01:46


I bought my wife a 1999 SE Frontera in 2001, and the car has now clocked up 324000 km in that time.

She loves it and won't part with it (even offered her a brand new car).

Fuel usage was 12-14 litres per 100 km.

Just replaced the fuel pump with an after market one, and the car goes better and fuel usage is down to 9 litres per 100 km.

In all the time we have had this car, we have only replaced the radiator, fuel pump, and oil sensor.

We have the auto serviced every 10000 km, and the oil changed every 8000.

This car has been great for 14 years, and will be for a fair while.

10th Jul 2016, 04:25

You should check to see if Isuzu gearboxes are a fit; I'm not sure, but think the Frontera gearbox could be Isuzu...

23rd Jan 2017, 11:43

I had the same problem. It was caused by the O2 sensor, but after replacing it, the light stayed on. Found out I needed to reset the computer by leaving the power off (the battery) for an hour. After that it's never come back on... Though it will reset your stereo and you will need to wait 1 hour after power to the battery to input the code. If the code is unknown, contact Holden and they will give it over the phone when you provide the chassis number.

6th Jan 2018, 15:03

Can I ask what pump you replaced it with?