1984 Holden Gemini TG 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable run around car


Leaking head gasket.

Leaks between the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe.

Carbie problems.

Burnt valves.

Timing chain loosens occasionally.

Dstributer points loosen occasionally.

Rusting boot.

Bottom end bearing in 3rd cylinder loosens up.

3 canaries.

General Comments:

A good run around car that is easy to drive. Very ergonomic . Best car to handle a dirt road.

Can be reliable if smart modifications are made eg: 2 litre motor, Webber carb from Ford Escort, extractors.

Geminis cannot handle much thrashing.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2001

15th Feb 2001, 22:33

Thanks for the site.

Mention should be made of the TG and other model's air pumps. Part of the pollution gear which does pretty much nothing. Eventually bad air pumps will cause a backfire. This problem can be solved by removing the belt from the fan to the air pump and bypass the system. Geminis can go anywhere (sometimes).

4th Feb 2003, 10:32

As a whole Gemini's are a hard running little car.

Mechanically speaking they are a a VERY reliable commuter. The engine used in the diesel option is a superb runner. The brakes could have been better designed.

They are a great car to drive and handling is exceptional for a car of its era.

I find most of the car bodies are falling apart long before the drive train even looks like failing.

The gearbox is smooth and the shifters never seem to feel sloppy unlike a lot of other 20+ year old cars.

The diff is nearly bulletproof and can be abused severely before it gives problems. After all it is the same diff used in the bigger six cylinder Torana.

I think the Gemini was one of the best all round cars in it's class at the time it was produced. There were few other 1.6 liter cars that could compare with it.

24th Jan 2015, 02:49

The diesel Gemini was the best car I ever owned... the 1.8 engine is bulletproof!!