22nd Dec 2007, 05:33

Have a 2005 model, blew up at 45,000kms-replaced engine under warranty and had recall on this engine for different injectors.

Now 120,000kms, going very well. This is my third diesel Jackaroo. Still reckon they are a good vehicle.

27th Feb 2008, 16:23

2001 turbo diesel SE - Got the car in 2005 went good until it hit 100,000km. Then had problems with injectors had them replaced, but made no difference. They had a recall on the injectors, but we didn't get a letter about it so we weren't aware of the problem at the time. Went to town one day & the car blow up - Holden dealer in Narrabri didn't want to touch it, so had someone else rebuild the motor for us: cost us over $10,000.00 to get it done then had Holden put new injectors in it. The car is running good so far, but having other problems with the suspension. The car has had a funny smell too since we had the motor rebuild & injectors done. Other than that the car is good. Would not buy another Jackaroo again - we still have the car at the moment. As soon as we can afford another car we will sell this one buy a Toyota next time.

1st May 2008, 03:22

Own a 2000 SE 3lt TD, had turbo replaced, but cause not looked investigated, at approx 40,000km (Holden replaced when just out of warranty) at 76,000 stopped running and took back to Holden who quoted between 5K to 20K to fix - did not know fault and would not discuss warranty. Rebuilt engine at cost of $15,000 including a new turbo because 2nd installed had run dry (rebuild via a non-Holden mechanic) and now only 20k km along engine is suffering lose of power and occasional stalling and really bad cold start, blows smoke when power kicks back in and check engine light comes on all time. Had on computer and no faults are being registered. Injectors were replaced about 3 months before recall made and Holden want to see old ones before any reimbursement will be made (who keeps failed parts!) Mechanic wrote letter explaining work done and why and Holden refuse to acknowledge. Have the right oil in it and cannot find a single mechanic who will look at it! Keep being told to go get it blown up and do an insurance job on it.

1st Jul 2008, 07:59

I have a 2000 30lt turbo diesel with only 150k on the clock. The car has a cracked head and have been waiting 3 Months to get another head! I will never buy another later model turbo diesel again! Have since found out that the later models are renowned for cracked heads and turbo problems! Avoid this car at all costs! I too have been told to aim a bazooka at my car! Not happy Jan!!! :- (

14th Dec 2008, 22:28

I am in the market for a 2nd hand 4wd and was looking at the 3.0L turbo diesel Jackaroo as an option. I am wondering if the complaints above refer to the GMC motor or the ISUZU motor?

14th Aug 2009, 02:44

We have had our Holden Jackaroo 2001 TD for two years now, and have had a good run until recently when it increasingly started to miss in 3rd gear and struggle... it seemed to be losing power but only enough that I wondered if it was happening or was I imagining it.

I was driving down the highway with 5 kids in the car, and had been only driving for 10 minutes when I heard a ticker ticker ticker sound and the car lost all acceleration, which resulted in it stalling in the fast lane (no shoulder to pull off). I put my hazard lights on, got it started and attempted to cross the road when it started to smoke like crazy (think burn outs at summernats). The car then started to rev like crazy, but not move. I had to hoped we could roll off the shoulder and ordered all the kids out of the car. I took the keys out of the ignition and the car continued to rev and smoke for another minute or so before shutting off.

It was towed to my mechanic, who rang a diesel mechanic who didn't want anything to do with it and mentioned the recall issue with the injectors... we have the sticker in our door so ours has been done... it's going to a Holden dealership Monday... I've got my fingers crossed, but after reading the above comments am not expecting much.

27th Dec 2010, 18:34


Just put a second hand engine in a Holden Jackaroo 2000 SE model, and it won't go. It has diesel through the motor, but when you go to start it, it turns over, but no smoke comes out the exhaust. Some one told me that the flywheel had to be timed; is this right? If any one can help me on this, that would be good thanks.

John Carn.

26th Jan 2011, 04:22

Purchased a 2000 turbo diesel before Christmas. On the first trip, the car started losing power. Had the injectors replaced at a cost of $3800, made no difference. Would not recommend a Jackaroo to my worst enemy.

Trevor Rockhampton.

24th May 2011, 01:22

Hope this helps someone!

My son purchased 2001 Holden Jackaroo... about 6 months ago and it has had 2 services done. Now the mechanic said its the fuel injectors! He has been told they will cost about $5,000 to fix.

So I thought I'd call Holden and they tell me that they were recalled and they have to replace them for nothing even though the warranty is finished as they were recalled...

Hope it helps! Car goes in tomorrow. Fingers crossed. :-)

13th Nov 2011, 20:34

How did it go mate?

And how did you find out the recall had not been done on your car yet?

24th Nov 2011, 04:17

Purchased a 2000 TD SE Auto 6 weeks ago; now no power, it appears to be missing.

Trying to find someone who is prepared to look at it, or has the equipment to test it. It is proving to be difficult. The general consensus is that an injector is faulty.

How do I check if the recall has been done on this vehicle, and if not, is it still the responsibility of GMH?

24th Nov 2011, 19:22

Hi, to the above comment, you ring the Holden info line on 1800 033 349 and tell them about your car, and then tell them the registration number, and they can tell you if it's been done or not.

We have just called them today, about 10 minutes ago, and our car is getting done. Holden were really good about it, and are paying for whole lot..

Hope this helps :)

22nd Feb 2012, 22:56

This info was very helpful. I just looked at a Jackaroo, then thought I will do something I have never done before, and check reviews on the car... So glad I did; will not be purchasing one.

THANK YOU... very informative.

19th May 2012, 00:23

Just brought a 01 TD Jackaroo last Feb. Great off road car; have had no problems with it.

8th Jun 2012, 03:37

Own a 1998 diesel SE. Had injector sleeve O-rings replaced in 2004. The vehicle immediately lost power and started to miss on long runs. Had to have the engine overhauled at 177k, and it was off the road for 7 months! Mechanics could not start it, and I had to take it to a Jackaroo specialist. Cost 9 grand, and then blew an injector.

2 years later, the transfer case failed. Had that and the transmission rebuilt. Another 6 grand. No drive train problems since, however the 'check engine' light comes on when decelerating and at low revs/speeds. Glow plug switch doesn't work, so have to start the car and then remove the plug fuse when cold! Bad suspension 'clunk' when cornering, particularly when undercarriage is wet! Good vehicle though!

24th Aug 2012, 01:57

Hi. The check engine light would be on at low rev's because the TBS (throttle body sensor) needs replacing. You can buy them new for $150 for the sensor.

12th Jul 2013, 19:23

Sorry I didn't get back until now...

The car was fixed and broke down again. It seems this model is broken down more than it runs :(

I would never suggest anyone buys one really. The cars should have had a complete engine replacement, as they are useless. And with the costs so far, I might as well have purchased another car. Never ending problems!