1982 Honda Accord DX 1.8 liter from Australia and New Zealand


Great car for its age!


Generally nothing major has gone wrong with the car.. Only the speed and tachometer stopped working, but easily repaired.

General Comments:

Drives well, and it's great on fuel...

This is my second car as I have only had my license for 2 years..

This car is great and reliable - gets me from point A to B with no problems.. so what can I say, it's a great little car.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2006

1982 Honda Accord Hatchback 1.8 liter from Japan


What can top a car that makes 41mpg and has been driven a half million miles?


1. Tires wore out at 115,000 miles

2. Water pump went out at 125,000 miles. Went through 5 pumps since.

3.Vacuum pump and some carburetor work around 250,000 miles.

4. Clutch around 300.000 miles.

5. Replaced rear wheel bearings at 375,000 miles

6. Odometer at 413,000 miles in 1998.

7. Radiator at 500,000 miles

8. Right front wheel bearings at 500,000 miles now need replacing.

General Comments:

This car at the beginning made 41 mpg, and has been excellent until about 475,000. Since the odometer has not been replaced we cannot tell mileage today. I am debating on repairing the car at this stage. Due to the price of gas over $2.00 per gallon, I plan to.

My wife hit 2 deer with it 3 years ago and I hammered everything in place and installed new lights on the right side. What a car! Tires made in Japan outlasted American made tires by far.

Hooray for Honda, even after worn out!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

12th Mar 2005, 22:00

Hmm I had one that year and it was hideous junk pile that didn't even last 150,000 miles even with proper care.

4th Apr 2005, 21:10

I have a 1982 Honda Accord LX given to me this past summer of 2004. Brand new tires, the inside was a mess. It had sat in the driveway for two years. Needed a starter and a new battery. The body is in excellent condition. The windows on the passenger side were sprayed with white paint. To see the car one would not even think of owning it.

But I saw so much potential in the car and plus I needed transportation very badly.

Well, to make a long story short. The couple really blessed me, by just giving me the car. I had to get a bonded title on it due to the title being lost. All together I spent about $203.00 to get it legal.

I has about 149,000 miles on the odometer, purrs like a kitten, I keep it clean as possible and get a lot of compliments. It's very nice. Most of all, I don't even fret the gas prices. This Baby is excellent on gas!!!Hallelujah!!!

12th Dec 2008, 19:06

I bought a 1982 Honda hatchback three years ago. It's great on gas; the only problem with this baby is the hatchback is broken and needs a stick to hold it open. I bought it with 27,000 miles on it and now it has 57,000 miles.

Cute car, no rust and no dings, seats upholstery was shot when I bought it, but car seat covers brought them back to life.

There are minor things wrong with this car, and I do plan on fixing her up soon. Great car, that runs and keeps on running.

1982 Honda Accord DX 1.8L from North America


After 21 years, it's easily the best car I have ever owned, it's like a child to me!


I had the engine rebuilt at 192k because it was smoking due to auxiliary valves leaking $1900.

New carburetor at 220k: $750 (I installed it). Idle was impossible due to some dirt in low speed jet. I could have rebuilt it, but went for that great Honda quality...

Fuel pump wasn't working one morning - $70 for part.

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve stuck open, causing vacuum leak at 283k -- $100 part.

Driver's seat got worn, so I had both front seats recovered -- $200.

Rear window was shattered one morning, and when I asked Honda dealer about replacement glass, they volunteered that it was covered under some sort of recall (the defroster caused it?), and so I only had to pay for the install cost.

I bought a Honda muffler in 1990 for $90 and when it burned out, they had to give me a new one because it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

General Comments:

I do a lot of preventative maintenance, so things have gotten replaced before they really needed it. I do almost all the work myself, except when special equipment or lifts are necessary. Filters, hoses, batteries, tuneups, brakes, struts, wheel bearings, timing belt, muffler.

This car is great to drive and I really enjoy maintaining it myself. People are really surprised to hear that I have owned the same car for 21 years. It was damn near new when I bought it and it's getting hard to find the parts at the dealer now, but the newer cars are harder to work on and don't get the gas mileage (up to 45 mpg!)

Some really amazing things: the only lights that have burned out in the 21 years I've had this car are the headlights! All the others -- brake, turn signals, instruments, even glove box lights -- are still the originals! Also-- I still have the original catalytic converter on the car with 283k miles and it still passes California smog tests with ease!

Still has the original paint - only a few parking lot dings. I had someone rear-end me lately and thought "Oh no, my 21 years of driving this car with no wrecks has come to an end!", but it turned out that the damage was only a broken tailight, bent chrome trim, and punctured plastic bumper, so I just replaced the parts and it's cool again.

I take the car for granted at times, but then get in someone else's car and am impressed with how much more solid an comfortable the Accord is. For instance, my Mom's Oldsmobile Cutlass seemed to be falling apart after 100k miles - the unfortunate standard still. A lot of people think that the car is much newer, like 1995, because it's in such good shape, and while I can take some credit, it's just incredibly reliable and solidly built.

If I can continue to get parts for this car, I KNOW that I can get another 100k miles out of it!!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2005