1982 Honda Accord Hatchback 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, economical and fun transport


Front wheel bearings at 303000, replaced CV joints at the same time which I bought at a wrecking yard for $40. Total cast was $390.

Replaced the clutch and bottom end seal at 284000 cost around $280.

Rear brake hoses at 293000 cost around $10 from a wrecking yard.

Brake master cylinder at 295000 cost $15 and replaced brake fluid at the same time.

Fuel pump quit at 299000 replaced with $30 electric pump.

Front seat had to be replaced as it was pretty old to begin with, $40.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $82 on an Internet auction site that is now defunct.

It is super economical and reliable. Gets around 620km from a full tank of petrol just driving around in regular traffic. Will get around 850km on the freeway. And it will run on unleaded without any modifications to the cylinder head. I was informed of this by a cylinder head mechanic who I asked to quote on the cost of converting the head to use unleaded petrol. So I save even more money.

I tried it on high octane unleaded and it loved it. I just use regular unleaded which performs about as well as Lead Replacement Super.

The hatch back is great for carrying just about anything in. I have even carried 4 sheets of 18mm craft-wood planks in the back which just slide in through the hatch space.

Will fit 5 people plus equipment and still take off quite well.

Air-con works, but it never blows cool. More to do with the heater switch not going to completely cool when moved across.

I can't say enough about how much fun this car is to drive. With a good set of rubber and good front shocks, this car can zip around and give a feeling of speed few others can.

On the freeway it will drive at the speed limit with ease. And will run at 110km for 500km without missing a beat. On a trip from Sydney to Canberra it just sat on the speed limit for 3 1/2 hours and the temp meter didn't even move from its usual spot.

As it is non computer controlled, it can be easily fixed by a handy person with easily accessible tools.

I just love this car and consider the money spent on keeping it running is a small price to pay for such a reliable and fun car.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2004

27th Jan 2005, 20:55

I have a Honda and your review has been the only one that states that I can use unleaded.

Have you got any supporting documentation to this effect.

Regards Tony.

30th Jan 2005, 08:12

I notice that you got this car for an incredibly low price, but that doesn't mean that you have to get every part at an incredibly low price! Brake lines and master cylinder should be replaced with NEW parts since you just don't know what you are getting with used, and hey, your life depends on you being able to stop.

30th May 2005, 02:34


Thanks for the comments. Brakes are important and only buy parts I am comfortable sourcing and replacing. I had someone else do the front CV joints, bearings and engine work for this reason. I agree with what you have said and don't do any work that I have not done before.

As to the unleaded petrol documentation, Alloy head engines do not require the lubrication that lead provides for steel or cast iron heads. I have been running the car on unleaded petrol for the last 10,000 ks and it hasn't had any problems. Please note, my engine has an alloy head therefore no mods are required. If you have any doubts, ask a Honda mechanic, or just use Lead Replacement Super, no longer available in a lot of places. So you have to use a fuel supplement anyway. I am not advocating you try this if you are not sure. I asked around and was told it was OK. If the engine blows up, I'll let you know.

Drive on HONDA!! 309283 ks and still humming along.

1982 Honda Accord Hatchback from North America


Runs forever


The water pump had to be replaced.

The fuel pump and filter was replaced.

The filler neck rusted out, and was replaced.

The master cylinder and brake booster were also replaced.

General Comments:

This car was very dependable, and rarely gave me grief.

It handled very well, and I was able to take it on several long journeys.

Although when starting up in the morning the choke had to be kept on until fully warmed.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2003