1985 Honda Accord LX Hatchback 1.8L from North America


I loved the pep from the first test drive!


Replaced seat-belt under Warranty Recall.

Car feels small after gaining weight and compared to the larger 89 Accord 4-door, the extra car.

Had to replace R/P power steering, had fluid leak.

Air Conditioner worked until three years ago just after refilling fluid, can't determine whether a/c actually died or if it's just the fan unit. Too much to pay to check, have to pull up complete dash.

After California sun the velour seat are slightly faded and the corners of the front seats are loosing stitches (easy fix).

Plastic housing around headrest have cracked.

Hatchback "trunk" piece still functions, but had to recover material deteriorated.

Stereo worked great until kids broke antenna last year and learned radio/cassette player doesn't work without it which costs $80 plus labor to reinstall.

Clutch/brakes replaced.

Timing belt went out years ago while sitting at a read light which saved the engine from being totally ruined and was an expensive repair.

General Comments:

Clutch is easy to work even with sciatica down clutch leg.

Love the Hatch, ran Multi-Level Marketing Cosmetic Company out of my car! Love the 50/50 split seats.

Paint (blue) still in good shape other than some scratches. Purchased coating originally.

Moved from Silicon Valley to Oregon with car full and with five cats, we all made it comfortably. Of course, they were contained for safety.

This car hasn't been driven much since a back problem over past few years, now I am disabled. But it still wants to get up 'n go!

Still have complete records, original owner, no accidents.

Getty-up! I love the choice I made purchasing a Honda instead of Mazda competitive model. Spent more for a better quality car and look it's still great. I still love this car even though if I had more income (SSI) I would really have it looking and running great.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2007

14th Jan 2007, 15:34

You have to admire any car that lasts 21 years. Most people don't realize that the Honda Accord is made here in the US. I know some of the Civics are made in Japan, but most right here too.

I don't think they're are national cars anymore. Everything is farmed out to other countries, and then assembled, who knows where. Although Honda, and Toyota seem to have the best reliability ratings. Must be the upper management, quality control, or something like that.

I have to admit that my next car will probably be a Japanese product. I have a good friend who just hit 125,000 miles in his Toyota Camry. He didn't have any probs at all. Brakes, and routine maintenance. Other friends with similar stories. I think you'd be mistaken to ignore all these good reviews.

Anyway, thanks for a great review.

1985 Honda Accord LX from North America


I like it, But I am confused


I dont nkow!!!, It will not pass smog, I just had a new catalytic, converter put on it for $120.00 and it failed, it was putting out (CO%) of 5.76 @ 15 mph and 3.83 @ 25 mph, I don't know what to do to fix it. Only had it for 3 days, and I am guessing it is the carburetor, If you can help me it would make me so happy. Thank you.

General Comments:

I love it other that that. I love Honda's any ways!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2007

11th Jan 2007, 11:51

How old is the timing belt? If the timing is off the car will not run properly and it can cause the car to fail inspection. Sounds like a good idea to have it replaced at an independent shop for cheap.

1985 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


I love my "armadillo"- she's a tough honda!


Alternator replaced 120000.

Throttle gets stuck- idle is high- trouble passing inspection (just give it a gas treatment and a half hour drive at 80 mph before the inspection)

Oil leaks- typical.

Master cylinder leak- most expensive replacement- brakes are soft (driving backwards fast and slamming the brakes tightens the calipers for free)

I finally acquiesced and got seat covers.

Overheats- city driving.

Stalls on cold damp mornings.

General Comments:

I love my "armadillo"! she's the best!

I paid $1600 for her in 1997- I only broke down once! I'm 26- still on my first car!

It is the most comfortable car (I'm petite)

Runs like a champ!- she's got heart! Her engine will outlast body. Very peppy! I tell her that if I could afford it I'd pimp her out!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2005