1985 Honda Accord SE-i 1.8 from North America


Get the fuel injected SE-i. Just keeps running!


Rack and Pinion (very expensive to replace)

Fuel Pump

Brakes (Total rebuild of fronts, leaky rear cylinders)

Sunroof leaks

Sunroof switch unreliable

Faulty brake light dash sensor

Air Conditioning not working

Stock Radio (wiring problem, Cassette failure)

Leather seats (many tears)

General Comments:

Car was bought off mechanic, who let the car sit for several years. Brake rotors and rack and pinion were very expensive. No rust, but the sunroof leaks like a... Beyond that, the car just keeps running. Car has been used for short commuting, which just killed the Mustang. The SE-i has no complaints over the short distances it drives each day. Good car for reliable daily transportation. Fuel injection definite improvement over the two previous carburetor versions of Accords I have had. SE-i Fuel Injected engine gives more power than the LX engine!

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2003

1985 Honda Accord 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap and reliable. A great first car!


Motor is starting to leak oil.

Starter motor just starting to die now (2003)

Struts on boot are worn out, and will need to be re-gassed shortly.

General Comments:

Lovely car to drive.

Cheap and reliable. A good choice for first time car buyers.

Plenty of boot space.

Leg room for backseat passengers limited.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2003

1985 Honda Accord SE-i 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder. from North America


A cheap, long lasting, nice car


CV Boot, Alternator, Front Axles, Seats have big rips in the leather.

General Comments:

Great car. I'm gonna keep it till it dies.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2002

1985 Honda Accord LX 1.8 carb, 12 valve from Australia and New Zealand


Good basic transport


Front brake pads semi-metallic at 50000km replaced with non Honda pads at budget brake/muffler shop. These made a lot of noise and clunked when going from forward to reverse. Took car to Honda dealer at 70000km who replaced pads with Honda pads which cost a bit more, but do fit correctly.

Bushings in starter motor needed replacing at 70000km as the car would not turn over when starting sometimes.

Some rust appearing on rear window and rails which run down middle of roof. Rust spreads rapidly once it appears and I recommend attacking it quickly. Have also removed rust from boot rim, check under the rubber seal.

General Comments:

We bought this car due to its low mileage even though it was 15 years old. It has been very good in that it is still easy to get parts for.

Not a high performance car, but manages 100km at 2600 revs and 0-100km in 11 seconds.

Fuel economy of 150km/litre on open road. 120km/litre city driving.

We have done 50000km in it with only the starter motor problem.

Built strong and looks like it would be safe considering its age.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2002

1985 Honda Accord LX 1.8 carb from North America


This is a perfect travel car or a show car if you have the money, just don't expect a lot of room!!


I have replaced the following since I have owned it:

Master cylinder.

Tie rods.



All new steering.




Nothing really too bad other than normal changes...

General Comments:

This car has so much potential to be a very sporty car, if you could see mine you would know what I am talking about!!!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2001

20th Jul 2001, 12:56

I would like to see your car, please email me a picture of it if you can, misterclean22@hotmail.com.


1985 Honda Accord Hatch 1.8 4 cylinder 12V carb FWD from Australia and New Zealand


A durable Honda classic


The usual brake wear.

Front end went AWOL after kissing the back end of a RangeRover.

A little rust around the back hatch.

Paint worn off on the wiper blades.

Fails to attract women on a purely aesthetic basis.

General Comments:

If the only car I ever own could be as good to me as this one has. Although I did pay a premium price for it (as it had basically sat in a garage for the 14 years until it met me), I think that the 50,000 km's of enjoyable driving it has provided me with have justified the expense.

The build quality outstrips any similar japanese model of its day. The interior is extremely comfortable, especially after the addition of an expensive aftermarket stereo, and all interior plastic is UV durable and tasteful. Dash controls are well laid out and functional, and the electrics are Honda-faultless.

It is also a fantastic car to drive regardless of conditions, provided you have good tires (try Pirellis).

Having resisted the urge to replace any of the standard handling components, I found that it still holds the road well at high speed, although standard suspension means plough understeer around those fast, tight bends.

Mechanically, this car feels very tight and refined, provided it was not treated badly by its previous owner, of course.

The manual gearbox action is very smooth and short, making 2nd-gear chirps and double-clutching a pleasure.

The engine is typically Honda, putting out a surprising amount of power once revved past 5 grand. However, the lively performance is somewhat compromised by a heavy body that can land you in trouble if overly ambitious handbrake turns are attempted at speed.

Whilst this is a slight problem, you've got to praise Honda for the level of safety that they've achieved with this model. Unlike the eggshell that we know as the CRX, this car's heavy body is a blessing in disguise when ricocheted off another large vehicle, believe me. Also, the classic 80's black plastic body mouldings are very durable for those shopping centre carpark incidents.

I've had some great times in this car, and I'll be reluctant to let it go. The parts are slightly expensive, but the quality is considerable. Definitely worth checking out.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2001

24th Nov 2007, 20:36

I own a 1985 honda accord hatch. 5 speed. no power steering. I've been driving it for 10 years. My mom bought it new in 85. I love the car. The gear box is great. it has 185,000 miles on it. costs a lot for me to get it fixed since I don't work on my own car. But it costs a lot to get any car fixed. I want to try the new 2009 honda fit. can't wait.