1985 Honda Accord LX 1.8 carb from North America


Very little. Mostly minor, maintenance related problems which I have been able to fix myself.

Had timing belt changed at 175,000. Car now is approaching 215,000 miles, still gets 38-40 mpg on highway.

Bought it with 107,000, hasn't had any problems except doesn't like damp Seattle winters, gets water in fuel in rainy weather, which affects driveability.

General Comments:

This car has been very dependable, comfortable, and sturdy, although with the high miles, it is beginning to show its age. The engine still has excellent compression and uses NO oil, but the suspension rides pretty rough. I would definitely recommend an Accord as a reliable used car.

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Review Date: 4th June, 1999

17th Jan 2005, 01:29

About the water in the fuel, check the filler pipe for rust; these cars were recalled for rust in there. Check with www.alldata.com for a list of recalls.

1985 Honda Accord 4-cylinder from North America


Has 320k miles on it, sounds impressive but it took 5 automatic transmissions to get it there. Cheap body & interior.

General Comments:

Learned the hard way to buy American.

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Review Date: 18th October, 1998

14th Feb 2001, 23:56

What do you expect with an automatic with such low horsepower.

You probably got a lemon, it happens. Also, the car has extremely high k's! Don't shut the door on Honda for one lemon. Any Honda will outlast any North American car @ any given time.

5th Mar 2001, 07:39

It's funny for you to say that you'd prefer an American car to a Japanese Honda! Are you crazy? Hmmm... let's see... Accord... Buick (burst out laughing). Have a nice time with your 'American' car. LOL

25th Oct 2001, 22:35

In, the future, do a better job fixing your transmission; a tranny that has been driven to the moon and back will not last long in an American car either.

18th Jun 2004, 10:35

I am glad you've seen the light and decided to buy an american car. Yes let's help the japanese economy instead of ours by buying their cars. Any american car will last just as long, if not longer, with the same amount of car and maintenance that people put into their Hondas.

22nd Jun 2005, 19:57

Bad luck on that. My Honda is still glorious at 20. It has a nice, smooth, drive that's easy to maneuver and has a quick acceleration. Power steering fabulous, no matter what speed you're at it still glides. Exterior good as new as well. I guess you got a rotten apple of the bunch. Those Japanese know what they're doing. ^_^

26th Oct 2007, 16:38

These people make me laugh... hysterically. There are taxes put on these imported auto's that assist our own economy. Regardless, after having personally maintaining all my cars, I will gladly take a Honda over a Chevy any day. I demolished an S10, Camaro, Tracker, Blazer and Sunfire... All twice as fast as I did my old Corolla. Yes, I realize the Corolla is a Toyota, but if its any example of what a Honda can take, in terms of abuse and durability, I will gladly shun the American auto-makers and defect to the land of the Rising Sun for my transportation needs.