1989 Honda Accord LXi, 2dr. Coupe 2.0L Gasoline from North America


Great looks, high performance, incredible reliability and just plain old fun to drive!


Both CV joints - replaced at 120,000

Fifth gear - rebuilt at 150,000

A/C compressor - replaced at 180,000

Radiator - replaced at 245,000

Water pump - replaced at 245,000

Cat. converter - replaced at 245,000.

General Comments:

Replaced pro-actively:

Timing belt - 120,000

Radiator hoses - 245,000

Thermostat - 245,000.

Of course, the usual brakes and tires (3 sets each), air filter (5), battery (2). Also two windshields due to rocks.

The oil has been changed every 5,000 miles.

This has been a very dependable car and has never left me stranded. I used to race cars, and do not baby this one in any way. It is driven the way a sport car should be.

It handles like a dream and I believe this 24 valve engine is one of the best Honda has ever built. It is bulletproof.

I can scream tires leaving the line, chirp them shifting to second, and still get around 25 m.p.g on the highway today!

I just put a set of Konig Diva rims on the car and will be replacing the original struts with KYB gas struts mounted with Tokico springs this week.

The body needs some minor work, and that will be next along with a new paint job. I will be using the same factory silver as it looks great.

The interior of the car is in perfect shape and there is not a single rattle or squeak to be heard.

The door/windows weather striping is still original and still allows no wind noise while driving.

I have a small oil leak which I need to investigate, but I believe a new valve cover gasket will probably be all I need.

This is my second Accord (first one was a '78 that I lost in a flood with 160,00 miles on it).

There is no question in my mind as to why Honda Accord is in the Top 10 car list every year, I believe ever since they started doing the list.

They are dollar for dollar the best thing on the road, and very fun to boot.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2002

4th Dec 2007, 14:56

I have an 89 LXI, and it is by far the most reliable car I've had. It has 310k and is still running strong. The only problem I have encountered is the CV joint on the drivers side has broken twice, but other than that, it runs like a gem.

1989 Honda Accord DX 2.0L, carb. from North America


Comfortable, dependable car


Other than standard maintenance (filters, timing belt, tires, brakes, shocks) :

- oil leak fixed (oil pan and several gaskets -- not head gasket) at 135k.

- A/C compressor replaced, converted to R-134a at 145k.

- choke pulloff replaced at 150k and 195k.

- front suspension (ball joints, wheel bearings, upper control arm) replaced at 200k.

- engine mounts replaced at 205k.

- some rust around rear wheels.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable to drive and park. The seats are very comfortable, visibility is good, and the car turns on a dime.

It has ample power, but is a little slow with the A/C on.

The brakes seem underdesigned, and the rotors warp very easily. Never let anyone use an air wrench when replacing/rotating tires--you will almost certainly warp the rotors.

Overall, it has been a very dependable car. I drove from Indianapolis, IN to Daytona Beach, FL (14 hours at 75-80mph) at 197k miles with no problems.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

1989 Honda Accord LXi from North America


It is the most economical and affordable car on the road


CV joint boots went bad shortly after I got the car. It cost $300.00 to fix.

General Comments:

I love my Honda.

Not only is it classy to look at, but it also has great control and is very comfortable.

I drive a lot and I would not trade it for anything else.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002