1989 Honda Accord LX 2.0 from North America


Amazing reliability


Radiator started leaking at 180,000.

General Comments:

This car has truly been unbelievable.

Reliability is unsurpassed, in 230,000 miles I have done nothing but replace the radiator for $75. Air conditioning does need to be replaced.

Handling still is great, acceleration has never been an issue with the five speed.

There is no rust on this car and overall the integrity cannot be matched by any other.

I drive many highway miles and average 35-40 miles per gallon. Can't beat that!

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Review Date: 15th August, 2002

29th Nov 2005, 20:07

I agree, I have nothing, but positive things to say about this car, as it appears so does everyone else. I commute over 40 miles a day to college with this (mostly highway)...I've had it for 2.5 years, bought it with over 200 thousand miles on it. I HAVE had to replace battery, brakes, radiator, and muffler, but it was all relatively easy, cheap and fast repairs... I mean, it DOES have 250 thousand miles now so ya gotta expect things will need replacing once in a while... these cars are easy to fix if needed. I was thinking about trading it in for a volvo or something, but after some research its just not worth it!!! I love this thing and I will keep it till it dies which probably will never happen!!! I highly recommend this car.

24th Feb 2006, 19:12

1989 Honda Accord LX excellent little car. Very roomy, sporty, handles well, great gas mileage. has 306,000kms. Original front end parts. Everything works! A/C still good! Excellent automatic transmission. BUT the alternator is a PAIN to replace. easy to adjust belt tension. Catalytic converter plugged up. Played havoc on the motor. I guess a lot of the motor parts are vacuum run, i.e. the transmission. Bigger tires a a good upgrade, the pizza cutter 13 inchers don't do. Nice car overall, exteremely reliable.

1989 Honda Accord LXI 1.8 FI from North America


Good performance great price GREAT


The oil pan wore out at about 145,000 miles started leaking $150 to replace.

New starter at around 140,000 Miles another $100.

Driver side window motor went cost about $200.

Replaced exhaust system from flex hose back total $350.

General Comments:

I never knew a car could last this long, and hold up this well. Some surface rust on rear driver side quarter panel easy to fix. I have put very little money into this car just standard maintenance, and have been rewarded with peace of mind. I will own this car until I can go get another Accord. Best car ever made.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

1989 Honda Accord LX-i 2.0L 4 cylinder. from North America


Millions of other past and present Accord owners can't be wrong


The heater hoses had to be replaced at 203K miles because they became hard and brittle.

The fuel pump main relay had to be replaced at 213K miles because the car was hard to start in hot weather.

The right outer axle boot split at 215K miles.

A surging idle when cold was caused by a stuck idle control valve, replaced at 223K miles.

The alternator and thermostat were both replaced at 225K miles.

The left outer tie rod was replaced at 248K miles.

All 4 fuel injectors were replaced at 254K miles, because the seals were leaking fuel onto the intake manifold.

The left axle boot split at 258K miles.

The speedometer cable wore out at 307K miles.

Both horns were replaced also at 307K miles.

The radiator leaked at 313K miles.

The oil filter housing O-ring leaked at 324K miles.

The power steering pump and high pressure hose were replaced at 329K miles.

The oil pan and gasket were replaced at 347K miles.

General Comments:

Truth be told, this car hasn't had many problems for the amount of miles it has. Even the air conditioning is still blowing cold on the original freon. The biggest problem has been the various leaks.

It's an extremely comfortable car that still gets unbelievable gas mileage. I once drove it non-stop from Chicago to Los Angeles (2000 miles in 33 hours), and didn't even have a backache. On top of that, it attained 35 miles per gallon.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2002