1989 Honda Accord LX-i 2.3 from North America


Best car money can buy


Front axles replaced at 90,000 because I didn't heed the warning by my local repairman of worn boots.

Engine began smoking slightly at 135000 miles, but have yet to do anything about it.

Sunroof periodically leaks, but seemed to have fixed itself as long as I don't open it.

Just this week suffered a broken rear ball joint at 142000 miles.

Cooling fan kicks on for no good reason for the past year.

Transmission slips when dropping to a lower gear, especially when making turns.

Very little rust around wheel wells. Seats have worn as expected for 14 years of use including 3 active boys.

General Comments:

This has been an EXCEPTIONAL car. I have been amazed at its reliability and consistent performance. It isn't the quickest auto on the street, but it more than serves my needs.

It does sit awful low to the ground which makes it difficult to change oil and filter, but nothing a jack and patience can't overcome.

I had to trade in my JEEP to buy a van in order to accommodate 3 car seats. I got stuck with my wife's Honda... but couldn't be happier with the trade I made with my wife.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

17th Mar 2010, 17:00

Good review. I have an '87 Accord sedan, same as yours, but a year older with 168k on the clock. Mine also does the transmission slip around corners and I busted a rear ball-joint as well.. I noticed one of the back wheels was crooked when walking up to the car, then as I drove it home, it caved in as soon as I hit the railroad tracks. So sounds like common issues.

I've also owned an '89 Accord, same engine, but with the stick instead of the automatic, and BOY what a difference! The 5-speed would blow the doors off my automatic Accord, even though it had over 300k miles.. I mean there really is no comparison. The automatic tranny totally blunts that little motor's surprising power, which is a shame. Still, I enjoy the late 1980's Accord in any form. And I'm more the Chevy rear-wheel drive V8 kinda guy. Used to make fun of Honda's, but not anymore ;)

1989 Honda Accord LX-i 2.0L 12 valve SOHC from North America


Unmatched reliability, fun to drive, and it just won't die!


Replaced original CV joints @ 180k.

Replaced 2 fuel injectors @ 180k.

Replaced original alternator @ 220k.

Replaced original radiator @ 253k (due to accident)

Replaced head gasket @ 275k.

Replaced original starter @ 298k.

Other than that, it's just been regular routine timing belts/drive belts, fluid changes, tune up items, and other consumables.

General Comments:

This car is amazing! The extreme reliability is just one of those things that makes you say, how do they do that? The car is still on the original engine, original manual transmission, and even the original clutch, all of which still work like new. Currently at 311,000 miles, the engine and transmission leak/burn no oil whatsoever, and it runs like brand new. Never once left me stranded or failed to start, and it's still perfectly reliable to take me anywhere I want to go. I also average right around 30 mpg, with my highest being 34.5.

Handling is excellent, especially for a sedan. The speed sensitive power steering is very crisp and agile with no play at all. It rides so smooth and quiet on the highway that I often catch myself going a bit faster than I should be.

Interior is well laid out, easy to accommodate to, and most of all comfortable. Even after driving 5 days straight from Illinois to Colorado and back, and then later, 2 days from Illinois to south Florida, I wasn't sore or fatigued at all.

Overall I believe the 3rd gen Accord is still a great car. You can pick them up for fairly cheap, and know that you'll be able to count on it for many miles to come. If this car ever does decide to finally die, which I don't think will be anytime soon, I will most definitely be purchasing another Accord. Honda has won my trust!

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003