1989 Honda Accord DX 2.0 Carb from North America


Very Reliable Car at a cheap cost


When I got the car it needed a carburetor. I bought a used one for $16.00! Transmission has a leak, but I just keep fluid in the thing and its fine. I had to replace the fuel filters because I was only getting 15MPg. I think I fixed that part. Other than that nothing has gone wrong. I have to do a timing belt here in the next few weeks.

General Comments:

Very reliable car. As someone who used to buy Nissan's, I think I am converted to Honda's for now on. Fun car to drive with the 5 Speed. Lacks power when climbing hills, but other than that its fine. Handling it like nothing I have ever driven. I love the steering. I'm not going to complain because I bought it for $500 and you can't go wrong. Runs like a dream.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

1989 Honda Accord LX-i from North America


Runs until the end!


My clutch went out twice since I have bought it.

Belts have dry rotted.

The whole exhaust system rusted out and had to been replaced.

The boots near the bearings have broken causing grease to shoot everywhere.

My power windows only make it half way down (all the way if you help them).

All of my speakers have ripped, two had to have the female connectors replaced.

There is allot of rust around the wheel wells.

Air conditioning doesn't work due to a leak.

Passenger side door leaks so water ends up on the inside of the door.

Power antenna will go half way up before it needs help making it the rest of the way.

Alternator has problems charging the battery.

General Comments:

The interior of the car is in excellent shape and the seats are very comfortable.

The car is fast, but it is not a race car.

Unfortunately the car rusts easily.

The car is a strong runner, I have never had problems starting it up.

All electronic equipment in car runs great (stereo, lights, etc.).

Most reliable car for all that is wrong with it.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2004

24th Aug 2005, 16:05

I have problems starting my Accord during the summer. Once it cools, I am able to start the car.

1989 Honda Accord LX 2.0L from North America


Fun to drive


I have fixed the radiator of my car twice since I have had it.

The AC doesn't work.

The low beams don't work and if the switch is on the low beams smoke comes out of my steering column.

The paint is starting to deteriorate.

My car has a bad oil leak that won't stop no matter how much money and work I put into it.

The driver side window won't roll down.

Both driver's and passenger's seat belt buttons have broke due to heat.

Had to fix the power steering hose.

Power steering pump leaks.

General Comments:

For the most part this car is a great starter car for teens.

You will probably have to put some money into it, but it's fun to drive when it works.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004

6th Apr 2006, 14:48

The seat belt buttons maybe covered by a recall. I had mine replaced just last year and I am the second owner of a 1989 lxi. My dad owned it before and now has 170k miles.

1989 Honda Accord DX 2.0 Inline 4 from North America


The best 600 dollars I ever spent


New Clutch at 132000.

Minor rust on rear quarter panels.

Revs high on warm days (can't figure out why)

Air conditioning needs recharged.

Both CV joints needed replaced at time of purchase.

General Comments:

Before I bought this car, I had many people telling me to buy a Honda. They all talked about the reliability, economy, and resale value. So, when I found one for $600 dollars, I could'nt resist myself. The car has lived up to all the hype that I heard.

Though the car did initially need some work, in the end, it was well worth it.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004