1989 Honda Accord Lxi from North America


Great car for a good price!


My drivers side window came out of the track, brakes became worn, dash lights went out, glove compartment door is practically hanging off, automatic door lock feature doesn't work any longer except when I lock it with the key.

General Comments:

I all in all like the car. No matter the things that I had to get fixed it is a good car. It was in bad condition when I bought it, but you can't get a better deal then $200.00 It runs smooth with minor shaking above 65 mph. With a grand or two in repairs and body work the car will be just like new.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004

15th Nov 2004, 23:14

The shaking would probably go away if you had balanced the wheels...

1989 Honda Accord LX a20a from North America


I'd rather have a geo


All struts were crap when I got it.

Front coils cracked at 173000 miles.

Front right balljoint went at 192000.

General Comments:

I'm so sick of the car, its always falling apart.

It has some problem in the rain and dies on the interstate.

Hondas are all the same.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2004

18th May 2004, 19:24

Well of course the car is gonna have problems when you have that many miles on the car and it also depends on how you drive it and treat it.. I have a 1989 Honda accord LX and mine has 126000 miles on it and it is running perfectly.

1989 Honda Accord LX 2.0 Liter carburated from North America


Excellent economical car


Engine replaced before I bought the car.

Worn front caliper pins.

Headlight switch.

General Comments:

Car lacks power, but is more than overcome by gas mileage. It has averaged 38.5MPG Canadian over 4 years, winter/summer, city/highway driving.

Lack of air conditioning and cruise control are my only concerns.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004

1989 Honda Accord SE-i 2.0L EFI from North America


A reliable commuter that will get you from point-A to point-B at 28mpg


After 2 years, the cruise control had to be replaced.

At 200,000 miles, the driver's seat started to develop cracks and tears in the leather.

Somewhere around 230,000 miles, the low fuel idiot light in the dash burned out.

At 240,000 miles, the power steering's pressure hose produced a leak that drained the power steering fluid. As a bonus, the leak created a billowing smoke effect, when the fluid hit the exhaust manifold heat shield.

At 255,000 miles, a slow oil leak appeared, which seemed to originate from the drivers side of the engine and around the oil pan gasket.

At 256,000 miles, the Bose amplifier blew, which sent a loud screeching noise to the speakers at any volume.

At 258,000 miles, the alternator died. Unknown if this may have been the result of the Bose amp blowing or vice versa. Having to take the drive shaft off to get to the alternator wasn't fun.

At 259,000 miles, the heater core developed a slow leak, and drained some coolant into the front passenger side foot well.

At 260,000 miles, a little rust has finally started to appear. It looks like it's coming from under the passenger side rear wheel well liner.

At 261,000 miles, the OEM muffler finally died. It's almost impossible to find an OEM replacement at this age.

General Comments:

It's my daily driver and starts on the first crank every morning, no matter the temperature or weather.

This car really doesn't look aged a bit. The guys at the Honda shop were amazed to see this car with 262,000 miles on the odometer, and in such good working condition.

Like most reviews I, too, wish this car was a manual. The gearing in the slush box automatic really takes away from the potential power of the 2.0L fuel injected engine.

Even with 262k miles, she still holds her own when passing and accelerating.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2004

22nd Feb 2004, 15:29

I have fitted dozens of Alternators on these vehicles. I have never had to go through the hassle of removing the Axle. If you would like me to tell you how to do replace an Alternator the easy way, email me at Idoitritefirstime@hotmail.com

9th Mar 2004, 12:21

No need to remove the drive shaft to work on the alternator. Just remove the air filter housing, and then you can pull the alternator up through the engine compartment. Takes 5 minutes.