1991 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2.2L I4 from North America


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Aside from routine maintenance and the expected parts needed to keep a car running to 200000 miles, nothing really major.

The passenger side window came out of its track at least twice.

The clutch lasted until 150,000 miles.

The radiator and master brake cylinder went at about 165,000 miles.

At about 190,000 there was a vibration coming from the front, but no dealer could pinpoint it.

Most dealers were not helpful; find someone who is into HOnda's and the experience will be much better.

General Comments:

Amazing car. New it was about $15000 and I can see why they sold so many of them. Roomy, comfortable, great highway ride, decent power, amazing mileage (about 450-500 on a tank), smooth powertrain, slick shifter, lots of cargo room, low noise, simple interior.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2002

14th Jul 2003, 09:41

Reviewer rates it low in operating costs, but never mentions why, except for occasional problems he had with the clutch and the passenger window track. Why so low?

1991 Honda Accord ex 2.2 from North America


Best generation of Accord produced


Air conditioner condenser failed at 290,000 km, drivers side axle boot tore open at 315,000 km. Other than that nothing but routine oil changes.

General Comments:

VERY reliable transportation. Thought of trading to a 2000 Civic, but this car works so good I don't want anything else. Fuel economy at 40+ MPG on the highway, air blows ice cold, seats are quite comfortable, however lumbar adjustment is recommended. Mine has a lumbar support mow out of the highline model that I got from the wrecker. Upolestry shows absolutley NO signs of wear. Transmission seems to get confused when going around some corners as the computer doesn't know what gear to select so it kind of revs up slightly and then selects gear. Sometimes annoying.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2002

16th Oct 2006, 00:23

(1991 Honda Accord EX Coupe stick shift, black)

I get 40+ mpg on the highway too.

Best car I could possibly imagine owning. it's fast, fun, fuel efficient, looks amazing and couldn't be more comfortable.

I'm the third owner, the second of which used to street race it in SF and he beat the heck out of it; still runs fine though. 170,000 miles on all original parts (except for basic stuff, some hoses, oil brakes tires etc).

I wish it had normal seatbelts, but you get used to the automatic ones. only thing that really bothers me is that the trunk leaks when it rains and then it smells like rot for a bit (you have to dry it out). carpet doesn't just lift out like most cars too... it's woven into the back seats so you'd actually have to cut up the back seats to get it out. probably very easy and cheap to get fixed though, so really not a big deal.

This car is basically perfect, and I can see no reason not to get one!

1991 Honda Accord LX 2.2L SOHC 16v from North America


This car represents Honda engineering at its best


Few minor problems. None that couldn't be expected.

Main Relay failed at 112,000 miles. Caused fuel pump not to turn on-hence it wouldn't start when parked in the hot sun all day. I had to research the problem with technicians and friends. Easy fix with $25, screwdriver, and about 40 minutes of my time.

Replaced CV Boot at 119,000 miles. $22 plus a lot of time.

One rear wheel brake cylinder leaking at 123,000 miles. Replaced both for $24.

Showing signs of Master cylinder pre-failure now at 133,000. Reman-part quoted at $40.

General Comments:

Made few minor modifications for performance and efficiency-K&N, Bosch Plat+4 plugs, HO exhaust. Starts up flawlessly and purrs.

Smooth Honda power but, agreed could use a couple more ponies for the lead-footed.

Revs high and runs hard with no complaints.

Average fuel: 27 miles/gal.

Suspension still assertive.

Seat belts still operate smoothly.

All interior controls and lights still operational.

Always starts. Never left stranded.

Honda engine is top notch reliability.

Fit and finish a true asset.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2002