1991 Honda Accord SE 2.2litre from North America


An absolutely well designed and executed vehicle


Transmission Speed Sensor March 2001 90,000 miles.

ABS Modulator Nov 2001 96,000 miles.

Low Quality Leather seats have worn even with care. Acuras have the same problem.

The local dealer absolutely ripped me off on the ABS unit. U.S. $982.00 1991 was the first year for Honda ABS so the part was extremely hard to find or I would have taken my business elsewhere.! My local mechanic was nice enough to let me buy the part from them and pay him for the Labour. That saved me from his 30% markup. The new ABS unit also leaked and they would not honour the repair because they did not install it. I advised them that this should be an exception because they wasted my time by selling me a defective part at full retail. They would not budge and so I had to pay those thieves an additional $200.

Now the 2nd ABS replacement unit is leaking and they have to replace it by law. It is not a Honda Part to begin with, it is a remanufacture of a German part made by a company called Teves.

If the next ABS unit leaks brake fluid, I am going to ask them to refund my money for the part and run the car as a non ABS model. I will go to my Commonwealth Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau if they argue with me. This is not the cars fault but the lack of service and overzealous greed of my local dealership.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever owned. A little weak on take off it still has perfect handling for a front wheel drive vehicle. Maintenance has been extremely low until the ABS problem and I will hate to part with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

13th Jun 2008, 16:36

The car we own sucks!!! That's probably because my brother drives it and the previous owner screwed up the wiring and the O2 sensor doesn't work. And he drove into a wall, so the front end looks like crap, but all the other 91 Accords I see are in perfect condition.

6th May 2010, 01:46

Speed sensor I replaced too, but I wasn't going to replace the leaking modulator; that's why I sold it. He he.

1991 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2.2 Gas from North America


All around great car with poor brakes


This car has been absolutely flawless in my 30 some thousand miles of ownership. The only complaint is that the clutch feels like it is ready to go.

General Comments:

Great gas mileage and never so much as a flat tire. Not the greatest looking car on the road, but it does the trick. If you don't have much money or need a flawless commuter, this is the way to go.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

1991 Honda Accord LX 2.2 Gas from North America


High quality, solid and reliable transportation


Since I acquired the car the following items have been replaced:



-speed-sensor (no after-market parts available, lots of $$$)

-left and right outer tie-rod-ends.

-the front strut assembly.

General Comments:

As is the case with all Hondas, the body will rust out long before the mechanical system stops working. If you can keep the body from deteriorating, you can be assured the car will last well over 10 years without having to get any major mechanical work done.

The car drives exceptionally well for an 11 year old car. In many cases, much better than domestic cars half the age of my car! I cannot say that the car has been trouble free since I took ownership of it, but considering its age and mileage, the parts that did need to be replaced were not due to poor workmanship/design/engineering, but simply age, wear and tear.

I would certainly buy another product from Honda. My father also has a Honda (Civic) and he has had great luck with the vehicle.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2002