2003 Honda Accord Executive Tourer 2.4 i-VTEC from UK and Ireland


The best car I've ever had!


Nothing at all has gone wrong.

So far I have only had to replace the brakes pads at the 50k service, due to normal wear & tear.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this car!

As someone who loves driving, but also needs the practicality to cope with small kids and a dog, it is a brilliant all-round package. My wife does not drive, so I need our one car to do everything and keep me entertained as well!

And it does. Although the steering could have a bit more feel, it is sharp and direct. Given the size of the car, it handles really well. It is very stable and has good grip, and I think a few people would be surprised by how much you can lean on it through the bends!

Probably my only moan in this area is the brakes. I would describe them as adequate, but I would prefer a firmer pedal and more initial response.

The engine is great, as usual for a Honda. Plenty of top-end power, but surprisingly the mid-range is really good as well, given that the torque-figure is not that good on paper (and nowhere near the torque of the diesel version). It certainly does not feel lacking in torque. It pulls really well right through the range. It is probably helped by having a 6-speed box which has allowed Honda to choose the ratios well.

Again, my only (very minor) complaint is that the rev-limiter seems to cut in too early. Don't get me wrong, 7,300 rpm is more than most cars will do, but having had a couple of Hondas previously that would go to 8,500, this one feels as if they've artificially capped the revs.

Personally I love the looks of the Tourer. I think it's really distinctive compared to lot of estates out there - you don't mistake it for anything else!

Depends on your taste of course, but for me the standard 16" wheels look a bit small on the car, although I think the twin exhausts on the 2.4 look fantastic. Big enough to look sporty and purposeful without going too far and being 'chavvy'!!

The interior is fantastic! I had a previous shape Accord Exec ('02) which was nice, but they've really moved on with the current shape.

The build quality and materials used are excellent. In this respect it can match up to more expensive cars. Some of my family have a BMW, and another a Volvo XC90, both only a couple of years old, and it is at least as well built and tactile inside, in their opinion as well as mine.

The design of the dash looks really classy. The seats are VERY comfortable, the leather still looks like new and it is LOADED with equipment.

The highlights for me are the remote control powered tailgate, the touch-screen colour Sat-Nav (you can also control the climate control and audio through the touchscreen), and the Premium Sound System that comes along with the Nav is seriously fabulous.

The front legroom is great, although not so good in the back (although I'm 6'3" so I have to have my seat right back). More average height people would probably find the rear legroom OK.

The boot is enormous! The only estate I've seen figures for that has a bigger load-bay is the Merc E-class. And there's an underfloor compartment as well.

As an all-round package, hard to beat! Personally I don't like MPVs although of course they are super-practical. And I prefer a car to a 4x4, so although either of these can offer some of the same benefits, overall, for me, this is the one.

I'll finish by saying that I've seen some criticism of the current gen Accord in these pages from other people. I can only speak from my own experience, but I have had not a single moments trouble with mine.

I have had none of the quality issues some seem to have suffered, and no sign of the window rattles or tramlining that have been mentioned a few times.

I've owned several makes over the years and driven even more, but this is now my 6th Honda. I keep coming back because in my experience they've all been faultlessly reliable and very enjoyable to own.

Take a look at any number of satisfaction / reliability surveys over the last few years, and Honda are always at or near the top.

Usually change my cars fairly regularly, but this one's staying. Honestly can't think what I'd replace it with (as I can't afford an M5 or RS6 estate!!)

Love it, fabulous car!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2007

2003 Honda Accord Euro Luxury 2.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic value, makes Beemers look grossly overpriced



General Comments:

I have just sold the Euro after 3 years of very happy motoring. The only unexpected expense was for rear brake pads at 40k. I am not normally heavy on brakes.

The economy was phenomenal, as good as 7.8l to 100kms on country trips and 10 per 100kms around Melbourne.

Initially the oil consumption was a little high, the dealership monitored it and assured me it would bed in at about 30,000kms which it did.

The seats were definitely better than those on my Lexus LS400 which I owned previously.

My only gripe (which could not be cured) was my inability to drive the car smoothly in really slow traffic. My passengers could not detect it, but I could.

I was told it was down to the electronic throttle.

I have only sold the car because I got a company car with a new job.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2007

12th May 2008, 04:29

A number of people have mentioned about the Drive by wire making crawling speeds annoying. Apparently there are a few things you can do but they are all aftermarket.