2003 Honda Accord EX V6 3.0 from North America


Overall, great car with performance


6 Pack CD changer was replaced under warranty twice. Dealer was good with giving me a loaner car while it was being fixed. The CD player kept spitting out my burnt CD's and still acts funny sometimes on longer trips.

Brakes went at 30 K. Dealer replaced front pads and rotors at no charge. Not typical for Honda brakes to go that quickly. Recently had the brakes done again at 75 K. This is a problem with every new car, I think.

Michelin tires were replaced at 80 K and I have Yokohoma VS4's now. It is night and day. Yokohama's are amazing.

General Comments:

Overall, the Accord V6 is a great car. I test drove Nissan Maxima, Altima, and BMW 325 and hated all three. The Accord provides a very quiet drive, and the cabin is very rich looking. I have the heated leather seats and it is very nice. Performance with the 6 is great on the highway, but not as great from start. Little sluggish. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2007

2003 Honda Accord EX-L 4 Cylinder (BAD CHOICE) from North America


Nice Car to drive, but really bad Re-Sale Value


Front Brakes 90% Used in only 1 YEAR!

Transmission Replaced as part of a RECALL.

Radio Screen Went Blank after 2 years (had to be replaced)

Back Support on seat broke.

Body Trim Peeling Off.



AFTER Warranty.

None so far, its been only a few months!


General Comments:

We got our Accord for the 2003 Model year when it was surrounded by hype for being "ALL NEW". We had to wait 3 months to get one in our color and features. When it finally arrived, we were very excited and happy. But after about a year, it was not all good. During a maintenance, we were told that the front brakes were 90% used and the had to be replaced. WHAT A LEMON!. Also, we were noticing tears in the leather and we never put anything sharp or heavy in the car. Also, the drivers seat had a back support feature on it, which broke, so the whole seat had to be replaced. Along with the brakes, another major repair was caused by the radio screen going blank. The screen along with the entire center console had to be replaced. A repair that would have cost over $1,000. You would think Honda has superb quality, NOT REALLY! The interior looks very nice and the dashboard is made with high quality plastic, but there were problems. There was a transmission re-call at Honda and also, the car was at the body shop for 4 days because the exterior body trim was PEELING OFF!

Also, if you are planning to buy an Accord, do not buy the 4 cylinder version. Gas mileage is poor and way higher than listed, so you might as well get the V6, which has more power and more extra features, like driver and front passenger electric adjusted seats.

ATTENTION: Contrary to what you would expect, this honda has LOW RE-SALE VALUE. I got an Explorer from work and wanted to downgrade my Accord for a new, but smaller car that was on warranty. I could not even trade in my accord for a BASIC CIVIC! The best car I could get was a Chevy Cobalt. To get a DX (basic) Civic, I would need to pay 3,000. I am really disappointed with Honda Re-Sale value!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2006

10th Dec 2006, 23:14

Wow, where do you live. My neighbor just totalled his Accord like yours and he got 18,000 dollars for his. Though we are dealing with an insurance company, I do not think you would have any better luck with Toyota. I have found them to be a little bit lower than Honda with resale value because they built many more. In my market area I found that Honda Accords cost more than the Camrys.