2015 Honda Accord Sport 2.4 4 cylinder from North America



General Comments:

Be conscious of all the comments regarding the seats in these 9th generation Accords. Your cabin area should be comfortable.

I enjoy almost everything about the car, save for the seats. They are actually horrible. Me ~ 6’4” 240.

First ~ Both driver and passenger seats are canted at a degree or so off... meaning not quite centered. My wife noticed it instantly within 2 miles of her drive.

Second ~ the padding on the side bolsters is pathetic! You can press your right shoulder blade moderately into the bolster and feel the metal pointed frame of the seats, of which you may do more often than not to compensate for the canted driver position.

Third ~ The passenger seat! What? One sits so low you can’t even rest your arm out the right window on the door seal, even for someone my height. When driving I feel like I’m talking down from a podium to my passenger. Powered passenger seat option provides a tad bit better height because it’s somewhat adjustable... but not much. They are so low (Hyundai has a similar issue) that the aftermarket has available kits to raise passenger seats on these Hondas.

Road noise is not insulated from the driver as well as Honda’s competitors, but not as much of an issue as the crappy seats.

I adore the car otherwise, but here’s some more complaining. Not concerned about the high pressure direct injection fuel injection that people freak out over. The 6 speed manual transmission is nicely laid out and smooth, albeit the ratios are geared a bit too close. One may find themselves using 6th gear even in residential areas. 4 speaker radio is weak. Suspension with 18” wheels verges on the choppy for ride, yet leans in the clover leafs more like a Ford Granada.

The 4 cylinder engine provides adequate power with the 6 speed manual and is fun. I’ll never buy another CVT... ever. The automatic V6 hauls ass, but is nose heavy and seems noisier than the 4.

The car will probably last long, but if I cannot find a resolution for the seats, it may leave my quiver sooner than later.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2019

28th Aug 2019, 17:52

Replace the seats with aftermarkets.

29th Aug 2019, 11:39

Sure, and then enjoy the airbag light and/or warning messages being on permanently because the aftermarket seats have no airbags or sensors.

30th Aug 2019, 23:47

The comment appears to be trolled. Probably mimicking the same suggestion posted on the 2005 Honda Civic thread 3 days ago.

31st Aug 2019, 22:05

Why would anyone bother to troll a plain car like this? It’s a car found in just about any suburban driveway or grocery.

11th Sep 2020, 10:45

Well well, how come there is not (yet) one of those comments "did you actually test drive the car?". Anyhow, here's my take. From being a mechanical engineer, people need to realize something: in the car industry, things are not constant. The overall quality and reliability of a car will change through the years, due to changes in the engineering, design and management teams. In some years, you will have a passionate, dedicated and skilled team, while in other years it will rather be a bored team working under increased production pressure from a new management or CEO. Nothing stays the same in the car industry. This is why you have a good generation of Honda - like they were in the 90s, and then 10 years later a Honda is just a cheap, uninspiring econobox.

2015 Honda Accord EX-L 3.5 Liter V6 from North America


Still a great all around sedan


#1 key fob has been glitchy with opening doors and starting the car. Also there is a noticeable engagement sound when you put the car in drive.

General Comments:

I once had a 2008 Accord LX-P, so I decided to get another Accord this past summer. I picked up the EX-L with a V6 this time around as I really didn't want another CVT transmission. There is a lot to love about this car overall. It is such a nice driving car, but it isn't without its quirks.

The 6 speed AT in this car does a lot of second guessing in traffic situations. It hesitates sometimes and doesn't seem sure which gear to be in. However, if you give it a firm push of the gas off the line, it shifts seamlessly and runs right through the gears like nothing. I think it is mostly the electronic control, opting for the most efficient route, that causes the problems. Overall it is not a big issue, nor would it prevent me from buying another car identical to this one. It is just worth noting to someone looking. A dual clutch 7 or 8 speed unit would be preferable as I have driven a few of those and the smoothness is much better. I did have one issue that is ongoing, and that is a noticeable engagement sound when you put the car in drive. I took it to the dealer and they actually had me try a brand new one that made the same noise, but I feel it should be something that should be rectified overall in the car's design. In a car of this caliber, strange noises like that shouldn't occur simply shifting into drive. My old Accord with its 5 speed AT had none of that.

The only other thing I had happen was one of the key fobs wasn't working right. I replaced the battery, but it still seems glitchy. I will have to take it in and see what the deal is. Fob #2 works perfectly.

Performance is very good for a sedan. 0-60 is around the mid 5 second range and it has more than enough power for any scenario. I was also amazed that my first trip returned 36.4 MPG highway. I didn't even have the "ECO" button pressed either.

In summary, Honda is still doing what it does best... making cars that are a good blend of performance and utility. It does everything well and looks good doing it. I'd highly recommend an Accord to anyone looking for a well rounded sedan.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2015

24th Nov 2015, 20:45

I forgot to add one pretty significant thing that I am not crazy about with this car. The sound system is pretty sub par for this level of car. They should partner with Boston Acoustics or Polk Audio or some other company that could provide them with a decent speaker package. I know Acura has an upscale speaker option. The system is a claimed 360 watts and has 7 speakers including a sub. With that much power, it would surely sound much better overall with really decent speakers. I have to say my friend's Hyundai Sonata has a sound system worlds better. Sorry I forgot to mention this, as it can be a deal breaker for some people. I honestly didn't really listen to it that well until after the fact though. I suppose taking my own CDs on a test drive and really listening to the sound system will be more on the forefront next round!