27th Nov 2015, 11:49

You can also drop your car off for a day and have a fantastic audio system installed. I did this with my classic car, hiding an amp behind the rear seat in the trunk and hidden sub. I also did my Silverado as soon as I purchased it. I like having professionals do it. Late model cars have kits and harnesses that do not involve cutting wires. I like the factory look. I had a new Acura TL with a nice factory system with Bose speakers. You can spend a grand on a car by professional installers and have a long term pleasurable driving experience. When you get it back, it's like a new car all over again. I don't play my music real loud; it's the depth that comes through.

27th Nov 2015, 23:40

I'd be staggered if 0-60 really is in the mid 5 second range...

28th Nov 2015, 15:12

My new Acura TL Type S (which we all know is Honda) did. The 3.2 VTEC engine easily did 5 seconds 0- 60. And was publicized as such in stock form. Too bad the transmissions were utter trash, meaning automatics. Recall after recall.

28th Nov 2015, 19:55

Corvettes can do that easily.

29th Nov 2015, 04:27

Very nice review :)

The transmission programming is likely the issue. I have a 1999 V-6 Accord with the 4-speed automatic, which has the same behavior in terms of shifting. I hope yours is more durable - please keep us posted - thanks :)

29th Nov 2015, 14:02

I have owned new Hondas and the Acura. There are certainly many fast cars to buy today. The Corvette is under 4 seconds, as are Vipers and some others. The fastest bang per buck is sport bikes if you are about speed. A Hayabusa perhaps is for you.

Back to Hondas. Our main issues were items such as door locks and hardware. And the trans has a well know weakness with the 6 cylinder Hondas in the early 2000s. Honda front wheel drive in the Acura lineup does not handle well at high speed like BMW and other sports sedans. But most aren't going this direction. Just a decent nice mid size sedan is where it shines.

29th Nov 2015, 17:13

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone mentioned the Corvette on a review that has nothing to do with sports cars. I'm sure the person who expressed mild disbelief at the 0-60 time was looking at it from the angle that this is a pretty normal family car that is widely sold across America.

@28th Nov 2015, 15:12 : You must have had the newer 2004-2008 TL Type S with the 3.5 VTEC. The old 2002-2003 version with the 3.2 VTEC couldn't come close to doing a mid-5 second 0-60 run... unless of course we're talking kilometers per hour.

30th Nov 2015, 11:07

Actually 2 people brought up Corvettes on this review only to indicate 0-60 times today. I also responded. Believe it our not, some of us own or have owned both.

All Acura TL VTEC models are fast sports sedans. I had a Type S. If you bought a RL model, you are are at 50k plus even years back. That put you in C5 pricing new as well. Even a sport bike was mentioned.

As far as occupant capacity, even an Accord is often sold to a solo driver or one other occupant, not always a family needing a rear seat. Our kids have grown and left, yet we drive models with rear seats as well as 2 seaters.

30th Nov 2015, 22:42

Corvettes seem to be mentioned on all different types of reviews. It's nothing new.

1st Dec 2015, 16:36

Doesn't matter anyway as all types of vehicles are compared to vehicles throughout this site. Not all people own one brand in their garage. In fact many people change brands throughout their driving history. I have seen Camrys compared to full size trucks in here. But maybe they have some element to compare with it such as MPG as an example. Speed and 0-60, same scenario.

2nd Dec 2015, 01:55

You can buy this 2015 model as a 2 door. We absolutely never use the rear seat. Groceries etc fit fine in the trunk. So in reality a 2 seater would work fine. If you like Hondas, this version has a lot better better sporty styling than a 4 door. If you don't really use the rear seat anyway, this is a nice choice. As far as speed, the V6 has plenty of power for most as well. These cars are also fairly expensive; not a cheap subcompact.

3rd Dec 2015, 18:16

Yes, I am thinking seriously about upgrading at least the speakers and sub. I suppose an extra amp would be in order for the sub especially though. My only fear is the complete disassembly of the rear seat to get to the speakers. I hate rattles, and if it isn't put together exactly as it came apart, I fear having noise issues down the road.

3rd Dec 2015, 18:19

And don't forget the best part of the 2 door Accord... a V6 version with a 6 speed manual as an option! I wish I had the option of that with the 4 door. This would really be a perfect car with a 6 speed manual and 4 doors.

3rd Dec 2015, 18:23

0-60 is around 5.7 or so with the sedan. If you drove one, you wouldn't think twice about that being a real number... this car is fast for what it is. I still cannot believe the pull it has when you pass someone. I surely didn't buy it to drag from light to light, but it is fun to tap the gas once in a while and surprise the guy in the next lane who knows nothing about Accords with V6s in them... LOL!

4th Dec 2015, 15:08

You don't need the fastest car when you have this 2 door car with a manual trans. My son drives a early 2000s Civic 2 door red EX with the trunk factory spoiler. Nice looking little car and fun to drive with the manual trans as well.

20th Apr 2017, 22:39

Been awhile since I've been on here. I just went over 15K miles, so not driving this car nearly as much as I usually drive a car, but it is doing very well. The shift "clunk" was replicated on a brand new one at the dealer when I took the car in, so I am feeling it is simply a design flaw in the secondary shaft. That is what they told me the noise was from. They should fix that design as any slack in a drivetrain will surely lead to premature wear. Maybe I'll just swap it out for a manual if it fails... ;) Other than that I haven't done too much else with it. It is such a pleasure to drive really, and I am very happy with it overall.

21st Apr 2017, 15:12

It's been a while, but you can definitely say that again.