23rd Jun 2010, 14:21

Wish I steered clear of my Honda TL model. Worst trans issues we ever had.

29th Jun 2010, 10:15

I just wanted to provide an update for my original post.

Today was the third time that I took the car to a dealer shop - this time another one, and finally I was given ample information on the differences in Honda transmission design. Now I understand a little more of what is going on.

This transmission requires regular maintenance, and its performance might decrease with the temperature drop. It is due to the complex design that resembles a manual transmission to a great degree. It was Honda's method to avoid licensing fees, so they came up with their own design. It will shift gears in a more noticeable fashion compared to Toyota or other domestic vehicles - a matter of getting used to, may be more annoying for people in pursuit of mechanical perfection :)

27th Dec 2010, 10:39

This is my second entry to add to the original post. After a year of ownership, I have to admit that I am very disappointed. The leather seats in EX-L V6 are so uncomfortable, any long distance travel greater than 3 hours is impossible, the ride over most type of pavement is a spinal assault - likely to cause an injury to the discs over a long time.

The car gets mediocre gas mileage: only 16 mpg city and 24-26 highway.

The transmission is by far the worst component of the car, shifting is always uncomfortable because I feel every gear shift. Smooth gradual acceleration is impossible, there is no smooth power delivery. It is at its worst in cold weather; I feel as if the transmission has hiccups - the car is still under warranty at 36k miles (100k mile warranty). Whenever I take it to a dealer, they can't find an error code.

I am selling this car, no more Hondas for me.

25th Apr 2013, 12:13

Therapy because of the ride in an Accord?! That is laughable.