2007 Honda Accord Euro L 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Award winning


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Without trying to sound to biased, I am an avid Honda fan and for good reason; having moved on from a 97 Accord, things can only go from great to greater.

Very good looking car, and one I believe 13 years after it was launched, is still voted one of the best handling front wheel drive chassis. Always feels very solid with firm yet comfortable suspension setup, and sumptuous leather interior which is holding up well with wear and our climate.

Dual zone climate control is a nice touch, and works well along with the heated seats for the cooler times. My first car with a sunroof, and like it very much; not too noisy when open, and the front flap lets most of the heat out on a warm day, and I applaud whoever decided to locate the switch over by the driver, meaning passengers can't play with it, and if the sunroof were to ever be left open in the wet, no wet roof electrics.

Being the facelift, it has the updated instrument cluster with distance to empty economy read outs etc, which are handy, and a pleasant design to look at. Must admit I'm not a fan of the over sensitive rain sensing wipers; would much rather have the adjustable interval of old. The slow to react auto dimming mirror can be a bore in town too; I tend to turn it off and tilt it more towards the roof to stop it blinding me for what feels like a good minute before it decides what to do.

While I'm having a gripe, I'm not a fan of the "one unit" climate control and stereo unit, purely because CDs 1 & 2 are becoming a bit picky about the CDs they play, but the other 4 are fine, and I imagine they can be fixed at a hideous expense. No aux socket, but the aux button on the unit is annoying and I have tried 3 times unsuccessfully to install an aux/USB socket into the plug behind the lower storage pocket, as it seems the units I find will plug in and make the aux button work and appear on screen, but not actually work with charging or playing music, so have given up and settled for an FM transmitter, which isn't the best, but does the job.

It pulls along well, and as always loves the revs, and you can really feel the VTEC do its thing, although being a lot more refined than older Accords, you can't hear the VTEC as well as you used to.

Fuel economy is really good; worst I've had from a tank is 602km and the best is 744km, although haven't had it on a recent trip yet, as normally when I fill it, the distance to empty says 877 to empty. I average about 8.8L/100km with my driving.

The ice flake warning when the outside temp drops below 3° is a nice touch, along with the screen in the centre doing a beep and then telling you what's going on along with the related warning light appearing (only had low fuel, fasten seatbelt, and which door is open warnings so far).

Overall a very comfortable, powerful, economical, spacious, reliable, good looking vehicle that I would recommend to anyone.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2015

2007 Honda Accord SE 2.0L petrol from UK and Ireland


I can't think of another car that would replace the qualities of this car for the same money


The usual consumables.

A slight gear-change delay/shudder (automatic) that seems to have been sorted by a Honda gearbox oil change in keeping with the service schedule, which recommends the same at 120,000 km.

Driver's seat (fabric) has a tear in it, but a quick stitch has held it together.

Rear wheel adjustment bolt has seized, but the garage were able to align the car to correct a bit of left-steer.

Throttle position sensor light came on, but went away after a reset. Honda dealer inspected the unit, but found no issues.

General Comments:

This is my first Honda, but I have owned a lot of other cars including BMW, Saab, Toyota, Mazda, and Seat.

The build quality and attention to detail are very impressive. You can see where thought has gone into the design of the cabin, such as storage space and ease of reach/adjustment for things like the radio.

It is not as comfortable as some cars I have owned, but it feels more connected to the road, so that would appear to be the trade-off.

The acceleration is very impressive; it never feels like it needs more power. On previous cars, most notably BMW, they always felt underpowered. This car just goes where you want with a reassuring level of power.

The steering is actually a bit heavy in my opinion, compared to my previous cars. I usually hear people complain about light steering in Hondas, but that is not the case here.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2014