2007 Honda Accord SE from North America


A Honda girl for life!


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Prior to owning this car, I had a 2007 Honda Civic that I was leasing, and found it a little too small. So I decided to purchase a car. I found this car at a Ford dealership. I didn't get a wonderfully good deal on it, but I figured it was worth it for Honda's reliability factor and it sure didn't disappoint! Even the mechanic I took to to to have it checked out before the manufacturer's warranty ran out said I inspired him to buy an Accord.

It's a well built vehicle with some speed (for a 4 cylinder) and has lots of interior room. I have also owned an Acura, and wouldn't buy a domestic car again under any circumstance. A Chevy dealer tried to convince me to buy a Cobalt for dirt cheap. I may have a bigger car payment, but I have a vehicle I love and can depend on!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2009

2007 Honda Accord EX-L Navi 2.4L I4 from North America


Shame on you Honda!!!


Fixed under warranty:

Weather-stripping for all doors replaced due to noises going over bumps.

Windshield trim piece replaced (cracking noise going over bumps).

Changed 'temp regulator' - widget in the dash that actually switches from cold to hot based on interior temp and selected temp on climate control.

Check engine light came on - coolant temp. sensor replaced.

Already had to replace rear brake pads and disks due to rust and the pads seizing on (this poorly designed and exposed system requires REGULAR maintenance... give me drums or give me death!!!).


Vibration!!! - hand numbing vibration at highway speeds (80km/h +) (actually numbs my feet and calves too if I wear thin soled shoes). 5 visits to the dealer fixed nothing (2 sets of tires/rims balanced, suspension checked, steering checked, engine mounts not cracked, "re-hung" exhaust, etc... Now waiting for new engine mounts to come in. This will be the last attempt before I make them take the car back and cancel the lease (either voluntarily or after going to arbitration). BTW, while I have accepted the ridiculous 'at idle' vibration, it too is pretty nasty. Passengers have asked me "what the heck is wrong with your car!!".

AC - I've given up on this one, but when the AC kicks in the car actually slows down.. enough to require a throttle adj. to maintain speed!! Explanation that "it's because it a 4 cyl" by the dealer is total rubbish. My 5 previous, 4 cyl Hondas never did that.

General Comments:

Car looks nice in and out. Comfy seats!!

Slick shifting 5spd makes this car fun to drive.

Very powerful, torquey, quick revving, sweet sounding 4 cyl engine. Amazing mileage too.

Nimble handling considering the size and type of car (pretend luxury car).

VERY disappointing experience. I would trade this thing in for a 1993 Honda Accord in a heartbeat... they were well-built and anvil reliable.

I since found evidence their 2 most recent Accord generations, that were built and engineered for the N.A. market, have many problems and reliability related class-action lawsuits (in the US).

They should ask GM and Chryco what happens when you neglect reliability in favour of volume and high profit...

Heck maybe I'll look at a Buick to replace my Honda... it is now the most reliable brand in the industry in long-term reliability.

Never again Honda!

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Review Date: 30th September, 2009

13th Oct 2009, 10:16

Follow up; they changed all engine mounts and the vibration is still there. I will work on getting them to take the car back now.

17th Nov 2009, 14:37

Got my rear brakes changed at 21000 miles! This cost me over $200... just got front brakes at 40000 cost me another $200... This is going to be an ongoing problem, I can tell... Honda is going cheap on their lasting quality of parts!! Not very happy with them considering this is my 3rd Honda! Switching to Toyota!