2007 Honda Accord EX-L 4 cyliner with nav 2.4 lier inline 4 from North America


All day comfortable


Nothing- Car had been great from day 1- all I have done so far is change the oil at 6700 miles.

General Comments:

Car is great. I have the 4 cylinder with 160 hp and it accelerates really nice- The 5 Speed automatic is as smooth as silk. Great ergonomics. The car comes loaded with 6 disk in dash cd player, 4 wheel disk brakes, brake force distribution. I got the leather option, with navigation system and XM radio- wish honda gave you a choice- would rather have Sirius- although I hear that they are merging so maybe I will be able to listen to Howard Stern again soon. The engine is the 2.4 liter inline 4 and is really smooth- although at times when you turn on the ac you will feel and hear a certain shudder- supposedly that is normal with these cars- not a major deal breaker, but just there. Car is seriously comfortable drove to Virginia and Florida on separate vacations and no major ergonomic issues or discomfort. Seats are great- they came heated- Only caveat is the paint- Whatever you do get a bra- the paint chips really easily from road debris.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2007

23rd May 2007, 15:04


I am looking to replace my Audi A6 next spring (nothing wrong with it - 130,000 miles and doing fine. Just can't hack premium gas and 22 mpg on my 75 mile round trip commute) and am seriously looking at the Accord coupe. Can I ask what your mileage has been in real world driving? I like the idea of 34 mpg hwy (claimed) with the 4 banger, but just wanted to hear from someone who is living with the car.

I also understand Honda is going to introduce a new model for the Accord coupe in '08, so another reason to see what they come up with, although I'm not sure yet if they'll offer the 4 cyl. motor in the '08.