8th Nov 2010, 17:26

My friends, the market is all about demand and supply...

I bought my 1996 Accord 2 years ago, and sold it for $1,000 more than I bought it. I have only done oil changes every 8K miles. Nothing else.

Sold it in 1 week privately. It's pretty easy, then, to see that some cars fair better than others based on "brand perception" when it comes to resale.

For that reason alone, I'd buy a Honda. I don't even keep my cars that long. I always buy them at least 5 years used.

13th Nov 2010, 20:52

Well whoever edited my original post, it was saying LESS than 100k miles. The car was reliable except for this, and yes a transmission should last at least 100k miles or more with the regular maintenance schedule. It's an automatic. The service center at Honda told me problems tend to come up with the changing of body style - at least for the following 2 years.

15th Nov 2010, 11:52

"and yes a transmission should last at least 100k miles or more with the regular maintenance schedule"

True. None of our domestics has ever had a transmission problem in up to 300,000+ miles (the longest we've kept one).

Our last GM didn't even have a place to add transmission fluid under the hood and the owner's manual stated that it NEVER needed any servicing. We never added fluid or had any service done on it, and it never had a single problem. Our current GM has over 90,000 miles, and likewise has never had any transmission service or fluid added.

15th Nov 2010, 17:55

I had Acuras; too many issues, and now also have GMs. The reason there is no trans fluid dipstick is that your GM likely has it underneath the car; you have a bolt, not a dipstick. Most people do not know where it is or how to check it. Plus the rear needs to be elevated higher than the front on a lift. I learned how to check my own from my car club on a tech night. I'd advise to open the bolt and see if your finger feels the fluid is up enough.

16th Nov 2010, 11:14

It might be wise to have a professional check your trans fluid, as the most accurate measurement is done while it is running and lifted on your GM. Otherwise it will show filled and is not. For the manual trans owners, you are in the clear. Don't look for dipsticks or trans bolts, as you don't have one.

19th Oct 2011, 17:24

What he meant was, like all my friends with Hondas claim, is that he'd get 200K outta it just changing the oil /tires / belts hoses, not be able to sell it for more than he paid.

31st Aug 2014, 15:38

Who told you a Honda is not a good investment. Any car can be a good investment, depending on what the price you get it for. I got an Accord for $300. Been driving it for 2 years now. I will be selling it for a guaranteed $2500. Sounds like a good investment to me.