23rd Oct 2011, 19:12

I have had many Hondas in my life... and their one flaw, at least to me, is not the quality of the car, but the cooling system. The cooling system must be taken care of... flushing... new coolant... new thermostats... and periodically new hoses... That little engine generates a lot of heat, and heat destroys everything it comes in contact with.

Also, I do my own coolant flushes and cooling maintenance. I have had too many mechanics who cut corners on my dime when it comes to the cooling system and its maintenance.

Also I am pretty sure the engine is a 2.3 litre engine in a 2001 Accord........

24th Oct 2011, 14:33

I'm sorry, but the 1990's are over, and so are Honda's glory days. A brand known for quality and reliability has cut too many corners to be considered a good value anymore.

Honda is just not a safe buy anymore, too many problems.

I would suggest a Ford Fusion or Hyundai Elantra instead, much better value than Honda these days.

25th Oct 2011, 11:38

There is no doubt that the Ford Fusion and the Hyundai Elantra are very good cars... but before you do a blanket statement on Hondas or any other car... use the carsurvey statistics on the overall car and individual years... go to the make... then the car/model... click onto the model and it will give you the percentage of people that would buy another one... and others that would not buy another one. These percentages will give you insight into what people actually think about their car. You can also get the percentages on the year of that model.

Making blanket statements on all makes and models... is not fair to the manufacturers or the person that owes it. For me, and it's only my opinion.. when a person and a car get together.. it's like a marriage... sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't...