2001 Honda Accord EX 3.0L V6 from North America


Reliable and low cost of ownership


Rear tie rod for anti-roll bar broke (fixed under extended warranty).

Door panel bubble.

Driver's side air bag recall (fixed under recall).

A bulb in one of the buttons burnt out.

Driver's side windows started to get noisy.

General Comments:

After 12 years and over 165k miles, the car still runs and performs well. It has aged, but it continues to provide trouble free ownership.

The V6 motor has been reliable and trouble free. We kept up with the maintenance, and the motor still performs like it will have many more years and miles to go.

Transmission is a 4 speed automatic. This series of transmission doesn't have the best track record for being reliable, but we experienced no problem with it. Again, we kept up with changing the transmission fluid, and that's all the maintenance we did regarding the transmission.

The drive train is still responsive after all the mileage and years. Steering is still precise.

It's just a great car. The interior is spacious and the trunk is quite big. The design and equipment are kind of dated. But we are talking about a 12 year old car here (at time of writing)! And nothing major or serious broke. The car simply provides us with trouble free ownership.

What I like about the car:

+ Strong V6 (for its time, which was manufactured in 2001).

+ Trouble free.

+ Good space inside and in the trunk.

+ Handling is decent, considering how comfortable it is.

+ I can still get decent MPG (up to 25 MPG in my mixed driving).

My complaints:

- Wished for better brakes.

- Wished the cruise control on/off button was either on the steering wheel or the left side of steering wheel.

- Wished the sunroof buttons were in the center so that the (adult) passenger can operate it.

- Wished for 60/40 split folding for the backseat, and a somewhat bigger opening.


Do not ever use K&N filters, ever. The oil (mixed) with dirt will clog up the throttle body. It's just not worth whatever little performance or MPG that you are going to gain with that.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2013

2001 Honda Accord EX 2.2 ULEV from North America


Great all-around car until a cracked engine block turned it into a heap of scrap metal


At 90,000 miles, the front suspension gave out. Parts and labor exceeded $1,200. The problems occurred, despite careful and regular maintenance.

At 103,000 miles, the engine was diagnosed by both an independent repair shop and a Honda dealership with a cracked engine block. While there were occasional moments of spirited driving, the vehicle in general and the engine in particular was well cared for. A new long block was required to repair the vehicle. The cost of the repairs exceeded $7,000.

General Comments:

The 2001 Honda Accord was a car I expected to drive for well over 250,000 miles. However, the engine block cracked after 103,000 miles. For a car and brand known for reliability, I'm disappointed in the quality of the product, especially given the meticulous maintenance history.

In the 10 years that the car actually worked, it was a great daily driver.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2011

23rd Oct 2011, 16:49

A cracked engine block is only caused by two things; massive catastrophic overheating that (might) warp the block and make it crack, or weak antifreeze that freezes and cracks the block by expansion in the winter.

However, I will agree that Japanese quality has gone down since the glory days of the 1990s.

2001 Honda Accord LX 2.4 I4 from Mexico


The perfect family car


Temp bulb gone at 130,000 km.

Otherwise, nothing.

General Comments:

I bought this car mainly based on the outstanding reputation of the model. And it has never let me down.

Tough - it has marks, nicks and tucks from everyday use, and 3 teenager sons, but works perfectly until this day, and more than 140,000 km.

The engine is very dependable, and if I keep taking care of it, I think it will run until the Judgment day. Never touched it.

It runs smoothly on highway, and it's almost as economic as a Civic. Not a V8, but is soft and moves the big car well enough.

The interior is pretty good, even with my 4 year old niece pouring ice cream on it. Not like new, but looks and feels reasonably well.

Brakes could be a bit better, but I don't think it's a problem.

Some year ago the temp bulb broke and the temp clock marked hot. Luckily I saw it soon, and the engine was not damaged. Repaired it (in an independent garage), no problemo.

One word about the dealer in my city. They seem to have a very few scruples, as they tried to frame a friend of mine with her 2007 Civic; they told her that the rattling sound in the suspension system came from the steering system, -and some other little things-, and concluded that the car needed a $2300 brand new steering system. Went to an independent garage, and the engine support system was worn out, an $150 fix.

And that wasn't an isolated story.

Too bad for the Honda dealership in my country, they had such an excellent reputation.

Anyway, this is the perfect family car. At least, it has been so for us, and for less than US$8,000.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2011