2001 Honda Accord EX 2.3 gasoline from North America


Really nice car - pull over immediately if your oil light comes on, or the engine is toast


Nothing but a battery until an oil seal blew out one morning without warning. Engine was fried in less than one half mile.

General Comments:

I really, really liked this car, then it was dead. Perhaps if I had pulled over the instant the oil light came on, it would still be mine.

The mechanic wanted $3500 for a rebuilt engine, my wife said we didn't need to keep it. I sold it for $700 to a young couple who were in a position to work on the car themselves. Now I find out now that this is problem is not unusual, there is a service bulletin out, but not a recall.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

20th Feb 2010, 22:24

Hmm... Oil is a pretty crucial fluid for an engine, so I would say that if the oil light comes on, it's a given that you should pull over. It's not like a "CHECK ENGINE" light that suggests you should have your car looked at, it's a light that tells you your engine oil is at such a low level, you risk serious engine damage. Thinking that you'll be okay till the next gas station is just wrong.

9th Mar 2010, 09:21

You could have easily got the engine and tranny replaced for next to nothing. If you just look at your local auto directory, you will find at least 10 different shops that sell JDM engines and tranny's for your car. You could have easily replaced your Accords USDM engine with a JDM that has low mileage and is probably better in terms of emissions. There is no point in rebuilding your engine or tranny. Just get a JDM for cheap and do a swap!

2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


One of the best cars on the road for reliability and economy


Drivers side automatic door lock broke. Replaced myself.

Other than that, I had to replace the tires.

General Comments:

Most reliable car you could own.

Quick and responsive.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2010

2001 Honda Accord LX 3.0 V6 Vtec from North America


It's a Honda! :)


About a year ago my SRS light came on one day when I started my car. The light never went off after that day; I even tried to unplug the battery and check the fuse.

I had read in the car manual that it was related to seat belts or the airbag. So I finally called American Honda and inquired if I had any recalls or extended warranty's on my model and year. Because I had read online that the Accord had an extended warranty on the OPDS sensor, which is related to the SRS light. The warranty is good for 10 yrs/157,000, and my Accord is an 01 with 75280 miles, so it was covered.

I scheduled an appointment with my local Honda dealer and explained the problem I was having. I also explained that I had spoke with American Honda and there is an extended warranty relating to my problem. I brought my Accord in and had it serviced at no cost to me because it was the seatbelt buckle, and that was covered by warranty. I was extremely impressed with the service, and it always helps to have your homework done.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2010

2001 Honda Accord LX 2.3L VTEC SOHC from North America


Best overall car in the market, thank you Honda!


Transmission is making loud noises whenever I shift it from Park to Reverse, or Reverse to Drive.

Wraps rotors easily, you should get a good pair of pads of rotors (first line - Honda Genuine) and they will last you a lot longer.

CD player sometimes spits back CDs if they are bootleg (burnt).

Clock back-light keeps going bad, replaced it myself twice but it keeps dying.

The blower motor resistor failed a little while back. So the heater/cooler fan does not work on level 1 and 2. No biggy as long as it works and cleans the ice and snow off my windows, I have no complaints.

Over long period of driving the drivers seat feels uncomfortable.

Behaves weird when she's cold; but you can't blame her. Here in Canada it gets really cold and the poor thing sits outside all night at -15 degrees. Best advice is to give her 5-10 minutes to warm up.

Traction can be an issue during winter if the tires are old or worn. Since she is a bigger car I recommend that you buy a set of solid winter tires and all season to ensure your safety.

General Comments:

Besides all the minor problems the car has had, my Honda Accord has served its purpose. The vehicle is shared among me and my brother, and we have been driving it for 5 years. Over the five years we have driven her (Honda Accord) 155,000 KM and the only work that had to be done on the car is front lower ball joints, rear stab links, timing belt, water pump, new battery, two sets of tires and obviously fluid changes (tranny, coolant, oil etc).

Aside from that, my Honda Accord needs a little work (due to the Canadian Harsh Winter) such as body work (bumper, fenders) and maybe some transmission work (hopefully something minor). The car runs great she purrs like a kitten in the highway.

I was never a fan of Accords before we bought her, it was my brothers idea to buy one. At first my dad wanted a Chevorlet Malibu, my brother made sure that did not happen. Since the time we got her I fell in love with our Accord, and now I will buy another one. As far as getting a Malibu, God knows what problems we would be in if we had one.

She has taken us to many places and we were very fortunate to have something as reliable as her (Honda Accord) with us during snow/ice storms, heavy thunderstorms and any other crazy weather we get here in Southern Ontario (Toronto specifically).

When we first got our Honda Accord at 55,000KM, she was a beauty. She use to run so smooth and soft, and she could handle like a small car (Civic, Corolla). Not to say that she does not drive well still, however she is showing signs of age. Remembering the days when she was young almost reminds me of how older men reminisce about young 19 year old women.

Since she hit 200,000KM and the weather has been getting a lot colder the transmission has not been doing so well. She shifts fine from gear to gear and behaves fine on road and highway, however she makes a funny clunk sound when shifting from reverse to park and vice versa. This happens once in a while, and it does it mostly when shes either cold or in idling in park for a while. If my tranny dies, then I guess I'll buy a new one, I found rebuilt ones with a one year warranty for $700 (CAD), which is not bad. Too bad the transmissions could not keep up with the engines.

I recommend this car for anyone who is looking for a well rounded car. The car is safe and reliable, and in most cases it will give you peace in mind to know that she will always turn on during those cold, cold nights.

My goal is to keep driving her till she dies, she is still doing well and I am sure I can drive her to 300,000KM without any overhauling. Sure she needs some work, but which car would not after driving it up to 200,000KM in Southern Ontario where it's winter 7 months of the year.

In conclusion the Honda Accord is well rounded car, that meets a driver's needs, whether it be for a young single person or for a mother or father driving the kids around.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2008

23rd Dec 2008, 19:33

Best car on the market? Your car sounds like junk, what with all those problems its been having. My Tauruses have lasted better than that Honda, and a lousy Chevy Malibu would have provided you with service similar to that Accord. BTW I'm from Edmonton Canada so don't blame your car's problems on the temperature.

6th Jan 2009, 16:04

Ford Taurus is a horrible car. My cousin's Taurus motor caught fire twice. He's such a loyalist he had it fixed both times and kept driving the piece of crap. I'd rather ride a bike.

26th Jan 2009, 16:13

Please do not compare a Ford Taurus to a Honda Accord; no matter the problems I am having, my Accord has served its purpose. Let be serious, someone who bought a Ford Taurus new probably paid 25 grand; that's just 2-3 grand more than an Accord. It's funny how I still see low mileage Accords from 2001 for over 10 grand, and see a Ford Taurus for 3 grand. Explain that!

28th Jan 2009, 14:42

Actually the 18 thousand you're saying is more than likely American dollars. If you pay close attention the original poster (yours truly) is from Southern Ontario where our vehicle prices are on average 20% more.

If you come by to Southern Ontario, specifically Toronto or anywhere in Greater Toronto Area, you will see the popularity Honda, Toyota and Nissan have here. They make good quality cars and the resale value here is amazing, I see on Craigslist sometimes Honda Accords that are sold in the matter of a few hours.

Aside from that, you should not depend on a car manufacturers reputation for it to be judged as a good car. People have been basing there buying options like that and FORD, CHRYSLER and GM are struggling.

I am not saying that Ford's are bad cars; domestic cars have fair prices with really good interest rates that make it easy for you to finance or lease a car. However the appeal of there middle class cars (Cobalt, Fusion, Avenger) is among the worst. It does not appeal to the 23 and over market, who are looking for something fast sporty, and luxury.