2001 Honda Accord 3.0 V6 from North America


So far very good


It has a little lag in the transmission, and a little squeak in the rear wheel.

General Comments:

I feel what y'all are talking about, but have not had to replace a single part in my Honda Accord 2001 V6 3.0 VTEC, and I'm sitting at 145,000 miles, cool A/C, leather interior, power everything, no problems knock on wood...

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2010

2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


Great commuter vehicle


Two front ball joints had play when purchased, replaced for $220.

Did the water pump and timing belt at 130,000km for $800.

Replaced transmission fluid at 135,000km.

Replaced the trunk latch mechanism that wasn't closing properly for $100.

Engine started making a moderate tick at 150,000km.

Replaced sway bar bushings and a few rear bushings for $250.

Replaced four headlight bulbs, $30.

Soldered DRL module to get DRLs back, $10.

Replaced windshield washer fluid level "sensor" (not really a sensor). $100.

Replaced an EVAP sensor for $100. (can't remember exact price).

Both front wheel bearings replaced at 160,000km for $300.

Valve timing was done at 170,000km for $200.

Changed plugs, wires, and distributor cap + rotor at 180,000km for $250.

Replaced front and rear brakes, rotors/pads/shoes as well as transmission fluid at 195,000km. Roughly $600.

Switched to synthetic oil at 205,000km.

General Comments:

$2960 + 17 oil changes @ $30, $510.

Meaning roughly:

$3500 in repairs/maintenance over 87000km.

$2300 in recommended maintenance.

$1200 in actual repairs.

Car is generally driven on the highway, minor rust appearing where there were stone chips. Underside, rocker panels and other parts of the body are rust free.

General consensus is to leave the engine ticking. Originally thought it was the valve timings, but had it done to no avail.

Purchased the car in October 2008 for $7000 @ 120,000km. Repairs costing less than 1.4 cents/km vs 2.6 cents/km in maintenance.

Fuel economy is roughly 10km/L avg. Off 55-58L I can get between 600-640km during the summer. In the winter it drops to 520-540km.

I would recommend this vehicle to anyone as long as the vehicle was always maintained it should be in great shape. However avoid all V6 variants for their known transmission problems.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2010

2001 Honda Accord EX 2.3 gasoline from North America


Really nice car - pull over immediately if your oil light comes on, or the engine is toast


Nothing but a battery until an oil seal blew out one morning without warning. Engine was fried in less than one half mile.

General Comments:

I really, really liked this car, then it was dead. Perhaps if I had pulled over the instant the oil light came on, it would still be mine.

The mechanic wanted $3500 for a rebuilt engine, my wife said we didn't need to keep it. I sold it for $700 to a young couple who were in a position to work on the car themselves. Now I find out now that this is problem is not unusual, there is a service bulletin out, but not a recall.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

20th Feb 2010, 22:24

Hmm... Oil is a pretty crucial fluid for an engine, so I would say that if the oil light comes on, it's a given that you should pull over. It's not like a "CHECK ENGINE" light that suggests you should have your car looked at, it's a light that tells you your engine oil is at such a low level, you risk serious engine damage. Thinking that you'll be okay till the next gas station is just wrong.

9th Mar 2010, 09:21

You could have easily got the engine and tranny replaced for next to nothing. If you just look at your local auto directory, you will find at least 10 different shops that sell JDM engines and tranny's for your car. You could have easily replaced your Accords USDM engine with a JDM that has low mileage and is probably better in terms of emissions. There is no point in rebuilding your engine or tranny. Just get a JDM for cheap and do a swap!