2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


One of the best cars ever made!


This is one of the most reliable cars you will ever own! OK, so it's not a new BMW 7 series, but it's still a wonderful car to own.

The only issue I ever had was a relay went out for the shifter (auto). When it went out I was not able to shift into any gear (but button would not depress.) I discovered that there is a pop-out plug next to the shifter. Use something small to press in the button underneath and you'll be able to shift. WARNING! Your brake/tail lights will NOT work if you do this! I took it to the dealer the next day (very carefully; I used someone I knew behind me, and when I turned on the flashers, it meant I was slowing down :) ) I spent around $150 to fix the relay and haven't had it since.

I used an engine cleaner and it fouled up my spark plugs, but that was my fault. New plugs ($13) distributor cap & rotor ($30) and plug wires ($50) later, it fixed the problem. You'll have to do this stuff anyways if you read your service manual.

Just a caution: if you ever buy headlight bulbs that say they're higher than 55/60watts, watch out. I've passed inspections (Virginia is very strict) fine, but your stock wires can't handle the higher watts. They'll burn out a LOT more often than regular ones. Best Buy and Advance Auto Parts sell some good ones that will still give you the 'white/HID' look without burning out every 2-3 months.

General Comments:

Like I said a very reliable car. It's comfortable, but the seats will seem to get a little stiff on long car rides. (Pretty much normal anyways)

The car, ergonomically, is an 8. Everything is within reach (I'm 6'0") The trunk is large enough, but if not, you can flip the rear seat down. The air is cold when you want it. On a side note, remote start is a good investment with ANY car during the winter!

The only 'concern' that I have with the car, is I wish it was a 6 cyl. When you need to 'get up and go' in traffic (passing, etc.) it can be a little sluggish, but then again, it's the same with all 4 cyl.

Remember this one thing: your car burns gas; it runs on oil. As with any car, change your oil and filter (I use fully synthetic Mobile 1). Keep up with your service manual and change the plugs, air filter, all the good stuff.

All of the things listed above (except the relay) you can do yourself. I am by NO means a mechanic! Haynes is one of the best manuals you can ever have ($12)

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

2001 Honda Accord DX 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Reliable, just like they say!


Front brakes wore out and needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

We owned it for about 3 years, it was the newest car we had ever owned.

Very reliable, but the DX had no frills at all. We really started to miss the power windows, locks, cruise control, etc.

The engine gets warm quick, which is a real plus in cold weather!!!

I have a bad back and that car did not sit well with me. My Ford F250 Diesel ('97) is much more comfortable to ride in.

Not as fuel efficient as you might expect from a 4 cylinder, but it made up for it in power. I would have to say that this car had more pep than any other 4 cylinder/auto trans I have driven.

This car handled like a sports car! (Well at least from the perspective of a Truck diver who hasn't even been behind the wheel of a sports car...)

We will miss the reliability, but not the fact that it had no frills, which is what the DX model is; and what we expected it to be.

In the future when we say to each other "well, we can live without that feature" we will remember this experience.


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Review Date: 10th February, 2006