2001 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


One of the most reliable cars you'll ever own


An ongoing issue with the transmission. As we all know, when you press the brake pedal it releases the shifter to allow you to place the vehicle into drive or reverse. Sometimes it's not catching so I am not able to get the car into 'D.' I've since replaced a wiring harness (for around $150 - labor included) everything has been working fine for over 3 months.

General Comments:

A great all-around vehicle. If you're looking for a vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage, smooth ride, and that will last you over 300,000 miles, the Honda Accord is the way to go.

Even though most of the time I prefer SUV's or trucks due to their size and comfortability, the Accord actually has a lot of room for a car.

The only ongoing complaint I have is that if you're going to be making long trips (450+ miles) the seats are going to get a little uncomfortable. There is a knob on the drivers side to adjust the tilt of the seat, although this does very little, it helps.

As I said before this is an extremely reliable vehicle to own and a pleasure to drive. The resale value is also considerably higher than other cars so if you're one to trade in a couple of years you won't loose as much.

I would certainly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

25th Apr 2007, 17:26

Well if you don`t mine replacing the transmission ever 50000 miles. I guess it's a pretty good car.

26th Apr 2007, 20:54

My 00 Accord has 150,000 miles on it and does not need to be replaced. I maintain my car and I think that the ones that need replacing more often are not maintained. Plain and simple!

2001 Honda Accord EX coupe 3.0 litre VTec from North America


Great car for commuting singles


Nothing at all besides the normal oil changes here and there.

General Comments:

This is actually my mom's car, but I still get to drive it quite frequently. The car is by no means a beefy sports car, but does have good acceleration that is on demand via a slight tap on the gas. Low range torque is plentiful. The transmission responds quickly, but does let the engine rev high sometimes. The ride is compliant in upper speeds, but does let you feel the road sometimes at lower speeds. The suspension sometimes has nosedives and body roll while stopping or rounding a corner quickly. The traction control sometimes does not kick in when you need it, like on quick acceleration and such.

Outward visibility is compromised by large pillars in the front and back, and because the car is tilted upward in the back. The hood of the car is blind, making it hard to determine when you might hit a car or barrier of sorts.

The steering is perhaps too light, and is super-sensitive on the highway. Speaking of which, highway driving is a joy, but wind noise is pronounced, partly because of the sun visors that came on the car. Other than that, it's great on trips.

The sound system is great. Not enough volume control though. The first four notches go from whisper soft to almost jammin loud.

Gas mileage is respectable for a V-6, my mom gets about 300 miles on a tank, mostly because of her mostly-highway commute.

This car is great for a middle-aged experienced driver, and my mom will keep it until she gets her a BMW in, oh, say about 5-7 years.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2004

2001 Honda Accord EX 3.0 V6 from North America


Good All around vehicle


Leather seat starting to wear at seam.

Steering wheel starting to split a little bit at the seam.

Rattle coming from the driver & passenger sides where the roof meets the door pillar.

Transmission shifts irregularly.

General Comments:

Overall, this is a good vehicle for reliability and looks. I don't regret buying this car because it does have the Honda name and it should last me "forever". I wish it had a little bit more horsepower in the lower end range. Handling is OK, this car is pretty stiff around turns due to it's body style and high profile tires. I've only driven the car 8,000 miles and I'm just praying I don't run into problems with the car in the future... for example with the transmission... it does shift unlike anything I've ever driven.

Everything else is awesome with the car, the interior is cool, digital temperature control, traction control system, stylish exterior...it's a good all around car... just with it had the low end power that my friend's Maxima has...

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

13th Feb 2005, 16:50

Watch out for that transmission. You may want to take it back to the dealer. Jerky shifting could be a sign that it may be about to go out. My family has had three Hondas with automatics, and they all went out with regular driving. Hondas are weak. Their transmissions are no different. You might want to get rid of your Accord before the serious problems start. Get a Volkswagen Passat. Passats are made for the autobahn, so they are rock solid.

17th May 2005, 14:30

Honda/Acura automatic transmissions need some serious help. They obviously are not willing to address the problem and the American public obviously does not care. People keep buying them regardless.

22nd Nov 2005, 15:11

Honda has addressed the problem. We had a 2001 EX V-6. They (Honda) sent us a 100k mile extended warranty on our Honda. After about 40k, the tranny had to be replaced. The dealer knew about the extended warranty for the 2001 Honda tranny. Contact Honda if you own a 2001 and they should provide you w/an answer.

22nd Jul 2010, 16:36

I love my 2001 Honda Accord. It has 144000 miles and runs like a champ.

22nd Jul 2010, 19:15

It's great on gas, and very good for long trips.