2001 Honda Accord LX 2.3 ULEV from North America


A nearly perfect general purpose vehicle


Nothing. Front brakes recently replaced, but this is considered normal wear.

General Comments:

The car looks good on the outside. I bought the coupe because I liked the styling more than just about any other car in it's class.

The only complaint with the body is that the sheet metal on the car is very thin. I have accumulated a string of small dents along the side from parking.

The interior is pleasing. All the controls seem to be placed in the right spot, except for the radio. I keep reaching for the round heater control instead of the radio volume control. No other complaints, except that the seat can get a little tiring after several hours driving.

The car drives smooth and quiet. This car is equiped with the 2.3 engine. There is not a lot of power, but it is certainly adequate for normal driving. I wanted this engine for the fuel efficiency. I'm glad I chose this instead of the 6 cylinder. My miles per gallon is averaging in the low 30's.

There are plenty of receptacles for everything, including papers, coins, CD's, sunglasses, etc, but no ash tray or a place to store litter.

The car has been very reliable, needing no repairs. It always starts and runs great.

This is my third honda accord. The first, a 1988 was built very cheaply, needed frequent, expensive repairs, but got very good gas mileage.

The second, a 1994, seemed to be constructed a bit better, but still on the flimsy side. I was very displeased with the poor gas mileage. And although it didn't require many repairs, the repair costs were overly expensive. This newest accord has been a pleasant surprise, living up to the reputation of reliability while also being very economical to drive. I'm glad I bought it and not something else.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2006

2001 Honda Accord SE Executive. 2.0i from UK and Ireland


Looks expensive and feels well put together


There is a slight knocking noise from F.N.S suspension.

General Comments:

The car looks very smart with its bright blue paint, chrome bits and black leather interior.

Reasonable economy,36mpg on a long run @70-80.

I find the seats too hard and a bit narrow. Cruise control is a big help to give my right buttock a rest on long trips. (Don't get chance to use it much on our congested motorways.)

Some switches are obviously an after thought because they are in silly places, such as the heated seat switches. What use is putting a light on the switch when it is hidden under your elbow. It needs a light on the dash.

I find it is tight to get your hand down the side of the seat for the electric seat controls.

Car feels solid on the road.

My first choice was a VW Bora, but didn't really look at many before seeing this Honda. I recentley sat in another Bora and knew it was the car I should have bought.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

14th Oct 2006, 12:37

Well what should I get next??My lovely Honda got rear ended by a lunatic truck driver and is a write off.

2001 Honda Accord EX V6 from North America


My Worst Nightmare


The car has been a major disappointment. The ABS light has been on for over a year, the dealer can't find a fix so I'm stuck with that.

The SRS light is also on, and so is the check engine light, none of these things can be fixed by the dealer unless I spend at least a grand on some computer thing.

The brakes where replaced because they were shuddering, and lo and behold, 3 months later they are doing it again.

The transmission shifts harshly, as I searched on the Internet I found out that there is a recall on the tranny.

The TCS (traction control system) light is also on.

The funny thing is that I also own a 1988 Accord, and besides regular maintenance and wear and tear, I can't complain. It runs like a champ and nothing is wrong with the car, I've had that one since new. LOL.

General Comments:

The good things are:

It's quiet.

It accelerates well. I've driven it up to 135mph.

Nice ride.

It looks good.

Loaded with goodies.

The leather is nice and soft, many seating positions.

Radio and CD player sound great.

Its spacious.

Big trunk.

Too bad that I wound up with a lemon, I don't think I'll be keeping this one for much longer.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006