2001 Honda Accord EX four cylinder from North America


You mean there's actually such a thing as a good Honda?


The transmission blew and had to be replaced at roughly 30,000 miles, and the new one is already starting to show signs of going out.

Build quality suffers from Honda's corner-cutting and cheap, low-grade steel.

The interior is starting to show signs of severe wear with light use.

The throttle sticks, making it very hard to operate smoothly.

The brake rotors are warped for the second time within 10,000 miles with normal driving.

Console lid is loose.

General Comments:

Nothing seems to hold together on this car. Just like the other three Hondas we have had, the interior is falling apart. The transmission is typical Honda: flimsy. This car, at 50,000 miles, is starting to blow its second transmission. I gently leaned on the left front fender and it left a dent the size of my hand. I have jumped on my 1990 Volkswagen and it suffered no damage. Recently the Accord went through a light hail storm, which caused severe body damage, even though my VW weathered it with no trouble whatsoever. The chassis shimmies over the slightest imperfection in the road, and causes plenty of annoying rattles and squeaks. Outside, the body panels are poorly aligned. The slightest pressure causes the bumpers to deform. Not bend, but completely deform! Of course, this Accord also lags behind competitors in the technological areas as well. I'll keep my Volkswagen, thank you.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

25th Sep 2006, 11:37

I think we have a VW sales person. I have an Accord (2002 manual) and there is no way you are getting the problems you state with your car.

27th Oct 2006, 22:22

I agree with his comments after owning 3 Accords. Overall, the car is under-engineered and somewhat fragile. The sheet metal is too thin and the interior plastic easily breaks. However, if you baby this vehicle, you should be able to get several hundred thousand miles out it.

2001 Honda Accord SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Great Engine Great Car


Drivers seat came loose and was fully fixed at next service. No further problem.

General Comments:

The engine performance was fantastic. It must be one of the best engines going (V Tech).

I did not think the build quality was quite as solid as my previous Mazda.

Overall a great car I would recomend anybody to buy.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2005

2001 Honda Accord Type R 2.2 VTEC from Lithuania


Very entertaining and utterly reliable


No problems whatsoever during 3 year ownership.

Original Bridgestone Potenzas lasted around 30k km. Brakes pads replaced after 50k km. That's about it not taking into consideration regular oil& filters change.

General Comments:

An excellent car - quick, with perfect handling characteristics, spacious and reliable.

Interior is a bit dull (except awesome Recaro seats) but nevertheless ergonomical. Momo stearing wheel and the above mentioned Recaros are a real treat.

Suspension is rather stiff which is perfectly OK when driven on quality roads, however poorly maintained roads with occasional potholes would give TypeR a hard time. In general the car is more "track" than "rally" oriented. Turn in is very sharp and if pushed over the limit in the apex the car understeers and slides gently to the outside.

Excellent gearbox. Probably the best gearshift I've ever experienced (you can keep changing gears just for the sake of it to simply enjoy this precise mechanical "click").

Not the best car to cruise the autobahns though as the noise level doing over 85 mph becomes really annoying. The sound of the engine when pushed hard may not also suit everybody. It's not at all Porsche like growl, but rather Suzuki Hayabusa like scream.

Fuel consumption is very reasonable averaging 28 mpg, assuming you don't wonder into VTEC zone too often. Around 1L of oil needs to be added between regular oil changes/services.

In summary, it is one of the best front wheel drive sedans on the market to be enjoyed by the driving enthusiasts.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2004