2001 Honda Accord Type V 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A car built when quality and reliability were on holiday


Water pump changed after 6 weeks.

Headlight washers failed.

Gearbox changed 6 months after reporting fault. New unit became noisy after 4 days-problem not resolved.

Both front leather seat backs changed due to splitting on the seams, whilst the seat portions are still waiting repair.

Drivers door suffers wind noise even though a new seal was fitted, problem ongoing.

Various trim parts have fallen off the interior, dealers solution is to not refit any that are out of vision.

Drivers door makes cracking noise when cornering, not resolved.

Front suspension on drivers side makes banging noise over bumps.

The wheels were changed because of corrosion and when the new ones were fitted one tyre was replaced incorrectly, (they are marked for direction)

The car has been returned from the dealer many times with grease on the seats (sent back for valet) and on the last instance with scratches on the body work.

General Comments:

The car is in my opinion very poor in both quality and reliability, the dealer is even worse and Honda UK show no commitment to their product by not returning phone calls and E mails.

I thought when buying this expensive motor I would have peace of mind for many years, how wrong.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2002

30th Jun 2002, 14:55

I wonder if you are speaking to the right people? I cannot believe that someone senior in at the dealership or Honda UK would not be horrified at this.

Honda cars do not always live up to their supposed reliability (I've had problems with my Accord) but what has impressed me is the willingness to put things right ASAP. Honda and their dealers aren't perfect, but I have run Fords, Vauxhalls, Fiats, Volkswagens, Rover Etc and Honda have proven light years ahead.

22nd Aug 2002, 15:13

Sadly no one at honda or the dealer is prepared to do anything to solve the problem with the gearbox. The comment made was if you don't like it tough go and buy another car. Hows that for customer relations.

2001 Honda Accord EX from North America


No major complaints for any of the Honda cars (4) I've owned!


Nothing so far has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

I would have liked a little more power, but this car has provided enough for all my driving needs.

The seam around the moon-roof was loose in a small area once, but the dealer told me to leave the car in the sun for an hour or two and that fixed it.

Wind noise from the bendable side-view mirrors.

The car is very comfortable on my 5 hour non-stop trips home.

Entering the car from the drivers side takes a little more effort as the car lies low and I always have to brush past the rib (wing?) of the seat.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2002

2001 Honda Accord LX V6 from North America


Buy one and you'll never go back to any other manufacturer


Nothing has gone wrong with this car. Same as my '93 Accord which now has 130,000 miles on it.

General Comments:

Car is well worth the money if you want a reliable, very well built (outstanding fit and finish) auto with high safety ratings.

V6 is much better than the 4 cyl model for power needed on the highways.

Interior is well designed, seats are very comfortable and the premium sound system that comes standard can't be improved upon.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2002

16th Jan 2002, 16:17

Buy one and you'll wish you wouldn't have.

19th Jan 2002, 10:14

It seems to me from reading the Accord reviews, that Hondas (and Toyotas etc) that are built in America, are inferior to the ones that leave Japanese and English factories. I've been quite surprised at the number of negative comments regarding US Hondas. I expected much fewer!

2001 Honda Accord EX-VL 3.0 V6 from North America


Another engineering marvel expected from Honda


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car. I believe Honda builds cars that are meant to last. I have had my Accord into be serviced once in 7500 miles.

The cup holder assembly in the middle console broke.

Door lock trim pieces on the back 2 doors kept popping up.

A gasket on the top of the windshield had to be replaced. It wasn't leaking, it just needed to be replaced for cosmetic reasons.

Other than that, there have been no problems whatsoever, and I don't think it is fair to criticize Honda for these small-one-time fixes.

General Comments:

Overall I would say "Buy a Honda without hesitation". However, there are a couple of things that I was surprised about after purchasing their fully loaded EX-V6 model:

Engine power is awesome. Great, subtle, but ever-present torque growl. With this power be prepared to fill it up. I average between 15 and 18 mpg in heavy city driving; 19-22 on the highway.

Under heavy acceleration noticeable torque-steer is present, not enough to pull you out of your lane, but it is there.

Seats, suspension, tires, and visibility are fantastic.

Transmission shifts fluidly, easily forgotten performance.

Ample lighting of the roadway, optional fog lights really fill in the gaps.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2001

3rd Aug 2002, 19:37

I have the same car, without the fog-lights. Agree with all the comments on the review -- and I'm at 55,000 miles and climbing.

Only two issues with my car --- both serious : (

First -- having recurring problem with my EGR valve. Its been cleaned twice, replaced once, and the check engine light is back on. Appears this is a common, but not well understood, problem.

Second -- my CD Player "died" --- the reader codes outs @ "PEO". Checking the 'net indicates that this is also "common"; and costs about $150US to repair. I think I'll add a 6-CD APINE changer to the car instead. This is set to work with the OEM head-unit and controls; and will provide 6x the # of CDs.

20th Sep 2002, 07:56

The 2001 is a great smooth-riding car. There is ample room and the whole 9 yards!! Only thing I found was that the rotors warp easily. This is a serious issue. Does anyone else have that problem?

20th May 2004, 15:32

My mom's car (see "great car for commuting singles") has a little vibration while braking, probably a bent rotor as you were saying. I'm afraid to bring it up to her because I know what she'll say, "I just had it serviced, it doesn't need anything."

27th Oct 2006, 22:14

I have had 3 honda accords so far. They are very reliable, but...

1. To get long life from them, you should use only honda fluids, which are more expensive than generic fluids.

2. When the car does need service, parts are very expensive.

3. Despite their reputation for reliability, they are by no means rugged or bullet proof. In fact, they can be very fragile. Hard driving or other abuse can easily cause breakage and reduce it's life.

4. Honda still cannot produce a good automatic transmission. They do not shift optimally and frequently fail prematurely.

5. The Michelin tires honda insists on putting on their cars are horrible. Almost any other brand will give you a 100% better ride.

28th Oct 2006, 21:14

I think the new 5-speed auto is a nice tranny. I drive my 94 Accord hard and have gotten 242,000 miles without any problems at all.

2001 Honda Accord EX V6 from North America


Great value for the money


I have experienced no difficulties yet.

General Comments:

I just picked the car up yesterday and I LOVE IT! Inside, it is very comfortable and has lots of amenities that you wouldn't find on a similar priced car.

Outside is attractive, but pretty conventional. I had looked at the Jetta and think it is a much better looking car. However, for the money, the Honda offered considerably more in all categories. Driving the Jetta was like driving a pickup truck without power steering. The Honda drives very smoothly. I'm very pleased with my decision so far.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2001

18th Mar 2005, 20:23

First of all, the Jetta is far superior to any Honda. If it drove like a pickup, either that is one sporty truck, or the car you drove was not a Jetta. Second, there is no way to make an accurate prediction of reliability and satisfaction so soon. No car should ever give you problems at one day old. Don't get me wrong. Hondas are fine cars, but consider this: It would take you less than three hours at 60 miles per hour to drive the distance you had your Accord at the time you wrote your article. If you are going to write a credible review, you should wait until your car is at least a year old. That way, you can be sure of your review's accuracy.