6th Sep 2012, 14:27

I am the poster of 09:47, and yes, I surely am talking about ROAD NOISE. Even after changing the run flat tires in my RAV-4, it was still noisy as hell.

The conversation shouting is a little far fetched.

7th Sep 2012, 17:57

The loudest road noise I have ever heard in any car was a RAV-4. I don't think they use any sound insulation. Constant roar at highway speed.

5th Mar 2014, 10:31

I just bought a brand new 2012 Accord EX Coupe with a manual transmission a few weeks ago. Gotta be the quietest car I've ever been in. I'll occasionally find myself doing 80-90 mph on the freeway, and have no idea what you guys are talking about. Horrible road noise? Even when I have the sunroof open at 70 mph, I can still have a normal conversation with my passengers.

I did find the seat a little uncomfortable at first. But I don't even notice it any more. Guess your body has to get used to it.

This car is so fun to drive. I would have gotten a newer model, but the dealer I went to did not have any 13 in manual transmissions with a sunroof in my price range. The only problem I have is going from a 99 Civic that would get 35-38 MPG on the freeway to getting only 29 MPG on the freeway. My Accord only has 2k on it, I'm hoping that it'll get better mileage when I put more thousands of miles on it. But the power on this 2.4 engine is SO much better than my Civic.

If your old school, get a manual tranny. You will not regret it. Heard and read that the automatics sometimes have a little lag when pushing on the gas from a complete stop or when trying to pass another car. A problem I'll never have to worry about.

6th Mar 2014, 13:33

The 2.4 litre 4 cylinder Honda engine is one of the best there is IMHO. I have a 2003 Element with a 2.4 and manual and it is AWESOME. 162,000 miles and still doesn't use a drop of oil between oil changes and runs like new. A Honda with a 2.4 litre 4 and manual transmission is a car that will last almost forever. You can't go wrong with it!

19th May 2014, 21:26

I am in total agreement... a capital purchase second only to a home for most. You find out so much more when you take a car for a day... I would never spend thousands after a few minutes in a car.

20th May 2014, 12:41

I did weekend specials, renting a few to try. Great idea.

30th May 2014, 10:51

I don't believe a 2.4L Accord will normally go up to 100mph. I do know that this should NEVER be attempted. The V6 model can, though the very idea is ridiculous and unwise. This is a family sedan, not a sports car!

30th May 2014, 10:57

I must disagree about testing extreme braking conditions (but not from 100 mph !). Most people will find emergency braking conditions to be required sooner or later. But, testing extreme braking is only justifiable at legal speed limits.

30th May 2014, 11:01

What's your point? That dealership personnel are idiots? All model cars are toughest when they are brand new. Just because abusive dealership people can get away with this, doesn't mean they aren't hurting the cars in the long run.

24th Aug 2014, 01:24

How about renting the car you want to buy from a car rental company, for a day or two. It will be a hundred bucks and chances are it will show better if you like it or not. When shopping and test driving a car for only 15 minutes, there is the 'new product' rush, and that's not a good moment to notice some downsides. In 15 minutes, given the attraction of a new car, some things will be obvious, while other won't. Several car rental companies offer a large variety of models, a good point to start with. I did buy a new car once, it felt it was just right during the short test drive. After a year I sold it, I was just hating driving it - no mechanical troubles, just the driving thing wasn't there.

7th Jun 2015, 01:53

I had same experience. Over-speeded with me at the shotgun, I told him to slow it down - he did - and he still bought the truck. But, from now on I AM the only test-driver until they pay for it. If they want me to run it up - within reason - or want some other action, it'll be when I'm at the helm. I'll never let anyone test drive my vehicles again. Once, I was selling a car & motorcycle, I let the car go out without me while I stayed with people interested in the motorcycle, and it came back with the shifter stuck in 1st - they must've been trying to do hole shots. A friend did the same when he was at work and his car came back with severe tranny damage, not being able to get it out of gear. I don't remember what, but at the time he didn't need the $550 bill.

I can't imagine the pain it would be to get compensated for any blown engine/accident when someone else is driving. I advise everyone to not let any stranger drive your car. EVER.

Further, being an honest car/mechanically knowledgeable person, I can determine pretty much everything I need to know by asking the owner to perform it. So, there is no real reason for anyone to abuse a vehicle in such a manner short of someone being a d-head.

7th Jun 2015, 14:05

Think of what rental cars go through.