10th Nov 2008, 10:42

My 2000 Honda accord's transmission started knocking when changing gears, but only slightly. The Honda people replaced the transmission @ 80,000 miles without charge.-said that all of them were being replaced when brought in.

Now, 197,000 miles, low humming noise gets increasingly louder from 42mph on. Replaced front wheel bearings.

No other major problems. Changed the oil & filter 5 times in l97,000 miles. No problem. Head gasket changed once. Tune up twice, 120,000 miles and 195,000 miles. (They use platinum plugs).

Great car. Still looks brand new, including underneath the entire car.

19th Mar 2009, 17:51

When I read these comments about Honda owners replacing head gaskets, transmissions, engines and other vital parts well before 100,000 miles I wonder why on Earth people seem to think these things are so "reliable".

In over 300,000 miles our Ford required a starter, carburetor, muffler, belts and hoses, as well as THREE brake jobs. The head was never off the engine, and the transmission was shifting as smoothly when it was traded at 325,000 miles as it was the day it was bought.

Our 1990 Dodge was sold with 240,000 miles on it. It had only two brake jobs, ONE hose, two timing chains and nothing else beyond routine maintenance. I saw the man I sold it to a year after selling it. It then had 260,000+ miles and still had had no other repairs.

Our Buick LeSabre was purchased in 1978 and driven by our family members for THIRTY YEARS. Total repairs?? NONE. Not a single one beyond routine maintenance. It did require 4 brake jobs in that time, but it was driven a lot in the city.

Oh, and before someone says "No matter, HONDA IS BETTER", I might add we also had a Honda Civic. The CV joints were clattering at 40,000 miles, the engine was burning a quart of oil every 500 miles by 60,000 miles, and there were so many continuous problems with the car that when the engine blew up at just under 100,000 miles it was sold to a junk dealer.

Even if buying cars made by foreign companies WASN'T stabbing our own industry (and our country) in the back, I'll never buy another German, Japanese or British vehicle.

20th Mar 2009, 15:46

USA Today (March 20,2009) reported that Buick and Jaguar have both surpassed even Lexus to take top honors as most reliable vehicles. I was happy to see that Buick (a GM car) and Jaguar (a Ford product) are finally being recognized as the best vehicles on the planet.

23rd Mar 2009, 16:14

It's too bad the rest of the Ford and GM divisions didn't fare as well. Ford did good, but GM, when all their divisions are averaged, was still significantly below average.

6th Apr 2009, 14:43

I am a Honda fan!!! I have been driving Honda's since I started driving which was in 1998! All together I have had 4 Honda's a '86, '89, '91, & my baby now a 2000!

I am the second owner of my 2000 Honda Accord Coupe, and I must say it is a very reliable car I had it since March 2001, it has 118,000 miles on it, I replaced the timing belt, water pump, catalytic converter & put a new battery in it.

I kept up with the oil changes, the only thing is the Check Engine Light, the diagnostic came back reading that it was not enough oxygen going in the converter or something I forgot, but it's going in the shop on Wednesday to make sure everything's cool.

8th Apr 2009, 18:15

To the last post.. well you don't know what you've got yourself into... I have a 2000 Honda Accord LX V6, my baby too. Hmmmhuh engine light comes on, once again air bag light etc, I don't care how much you baby it, this car model year is horrible!! And I take pride in my ride. It's JDM lowered and all that good stuff..

It's sitting now in my drive way; washed, waxed looking good! With a blown tranny :( Out of warranty, now I drive my 18 wheeler when I have to make a run somewhere meaning to the store, maybe Blockbuster??.. cause I have a beautiful car, but made horrible year frame, they are right when they say 2000 have recalls. :(

27th Apr 2009, 16:08

I bought a 2000 Accord Coupe last August with 120,000 miles on in. My transmission went out a month ago. They quoted me at $2600 to fix it.. trying to decide if its worth the fix or if I should just buy new??

10th Jul 2009, 17:31

Just found out that my 200 CRV with 186000 miles is in need of a new SRS computer; it will cost about $800.00. The biggest expense is the labor; they have to take apart the dash board before they can install the new part. I find it really weird that they issued a recall for this on the ACCORD MODEL IN THAT YEAR BUT NOT THE CRV... I also find it strange that a country that was suppose to be the leader of electronics cannot build a part to last the life of a vehicle... again I am at the fork in the road... do I spend the 800 clams, do I try to buy American, either way I feel like I am the one getting forked.

14th Aug 2009, 17:58

I purchased a 1 owner, used 2000 Honda Accord EX-L with 105,000 on June 6, 2009. Have put about 500 miles on it since I've had it.

Yesterday, the car wouldn't start! Purchased a new Honda battery and everything was great!

Today, stopped at a stop light, accelerated (got up to 30 mph) car "jumped" then just sat there. It didn't die, just kept on running fine! Turned on the flashers to alert the drivers behind me I had issues! I put the car in park for a few seconds, then in D4 and accelerated again. Took off fine, for about 4 seconds (got up to 20 mph) then speed dropped to 10 mph and wouldn't go any faster. I tried D3 but nothing changed.

Had the car towed to my Honda man and am awaiting his call advising the problem. Thinking back, there have been about 4 instances where I was not able to MOVE the gear shift AT ALL. The "button" would not PRESS IN. Took my foot off the brake, put it back on the brake and then it would go into gear and operate properly. I guess it is too late for me to get in on any recalls.

This is my 3rd Accord, I also have a CR-V and I love Honda's. This 2000 model is the only car I have had any issues with. Has anyone had this same problem with their Honda?

15th Aug 2009, 14:33

Why not raise the price and lower production vs lower the quality that once made in Japan. I had new Hondas and did not mind paying more for great Legends. No return for repairs under warranty. My last Hondas were pathetic. Make less, charge more, take more time to build them better seems logical. I might buy a made in Japan model again.

11th Sep 2009, 20:09

I have a 2000 Accord EX V6. She was a dream until the alternator went out on it about 2 years ago. After having the new alternator installed (not by Honda mechanics), the brake, battery and door open indicator lights started flashing. This escalated to the lights staying on all the time and the air conditioner blows, but the air is not cold. I took the car back and they said the housing the alternator sits in was broken. They supposedly fixed. Problem has happened again, and this time I took it back to Honda. They say the bolt used to bolt the alternator to the engine rusted and broke, and that part of the bolt is now in the motor somewhere. $2200 to remove the engine, send it off to retrieve the bolt, and put it all back together again. Anyone else ever have this problem or hear of it?