23rd Apr 2008, 19:40

OK, I'm looking into buying myself one. Kinda late in the game, but I was pondering.. I love the way the 2007 EX Accord wheels look and wanted to know being that the 2000-2002 EX V6 if I'm correct come with 5 lug as well as the 2007... will they fit the 2000-2002 Accords /..?

19th Dec 2009, 01:43

I'm glad the majority of people who commented here are pleased with their Hondas. I recently brought a 2000 Honda Accord Ex & I already despise it. I am a very disappointed buyer!

This was my first car, I have been saving for several months. Everyone I spoke with advised me to get a Honda because it would be a great car for a college student. "Honda are reliable" Not true. I brought the car not too long ago, & at 140k miles, the transmission is going out on me. I looked it up online, & apparently Honda had a recall on their 2000 Honda Accord transmissions. There were several others who had the same transmission problems. One guy said he is one his third transmission. I found out that this problem usually occurs around 100k+, but for some it's 40K miles. So after paying $3500 for the car, now I have to fork out about $1800 for a REBUILD transmission. That's more than half of what I paid for the car!!!

In short, this model & year is a very nice car, but the transmission is baloney. Will not recommend this car to anyone.

30th Aug 2010, 21:23

To the person who bought a $3500 2000 Honda Accord, there's a reason it was only $3500.

I, as well, am a college student, and I've been looking for the right car for over a year now. Decent Honda Accords run from around $5000 to $7000.

But it's good to know about the transmissions. I'm looking at Accords, since that's what I previously drove, and I loved it. With almost 200,000 miles, it drove perfectly fine. And I want another one.

Hondas are good cars, but again, it's nice to know about the transmissions. Thanks!

21st May 2011, 09:15

I have one with 120000, and it runs sweet. Just hope I don't end up with a tranny problem.

8th Mar 2012, 21:39

I had the heartbreak of losing my 1999 Honda Accord Dec. 28th, 2011. I was rear ended so hard that it bent the frame. After that, I got a well cared for Volvo top of the line, my son stole it one night and totaled it after I owned it 2 weeks, a gift from my mother.

It's only the 8th of March, but I registered my new V-6, VTEC EX today. It's a 2000, but I feel like myself again, that engine is so strong even in the automatic... I am so happy to have a new old car I can love.

I really think the years back then were more classically refined than the new Hondas, not so boxy. Also I would rather drive less (due to current gas prices) with my V6 than more with a car that not suit my personality. I also found out that older or even newer V-6's, without spending too much, are difficult to come by! Today I am a happy lady!