2000 Honda Accord ex 2.2 litre from North America


Can do almost 200 kph


The front speakers sometimes give a cracking sound. The power window in the passenger side door malfunctioned. Cup holder cover hinges broke.

General Comments:

The accord is beautiful from the outside. The interior is bland. This car is not a street racer. Only 150hp. The automatic can be terribly slow to downshift and at times when you are flooring it, it has a hard time getting out of the gear its in. Don't try racing anyone 0-60. Wait, till you are above 60, then race ANYONE. This car loves to be driven above 5000rpm. It really shines above 120kph or 75 mph. I've pushed this accord to approximately 193-195 kph on more than one occasion. The engine really starts to smell once you are there. This guy in a grand prix GTP tried to race me. He had me 0-120, but the accord left him SMOKED after 170kph. If only the accord had more low end torque, it would be the best all around car. ACCORD ROCKS.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003

20th Sep 2003, 20:03

A 150hp honda accord vs. 240hp Grand Prix GTP. Sounds like someone needs to get their facts straight.

6th May 2004, 18:15

Many cars have a cut-out/top speed governor that kicks in right around 105-115mph, or about 170kph in this case. That is likely the reason for leaving the GTP behind.

26th Oct 2006, 12:40

Haha, that's why you get the V6 3.0l VTEC. V6 power!

4th Aug 2009, 13:21

First of all, Pontiacs are crap. Well, all GM cars are crap when compared to Hondas.

I own a 2004 Honda Accord V6 Coupe, 6-speed manual, 240 horse, 0-60 in 5.8 seconds (according to Motor Trend and Car and Driver), and that is stock!

Most GM's are governed out at 109mph, and some higher if it is a GXP or GTP model.

You can really fly if you want. A guy in his 2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP tried racing me and I have to say, those cars are quick, but considering they have a huge V8 engine, I smoked him! I pulled right next to him at around 60 and we took off. We stayed next to each other up until around 133mph and then I pulled right ahead and was at least 15 cars in front of him doing 148mph. I slowed down and he caught right back up and was astonished. He didn't try it again!

I have a 3.0 litre VTEC 240 horsepower, completely stock, 6-speed manual. His Bonneville GXP has a 4.6 litre 275 horsepower V8 engine!!! I run on regular gas, get 25mpg, and have a history of outstanding reliability. His Pontiac runs on premium, gets 15mpg, and has an awful reliability track record. Doesn't GM get it yet? Ford kinda does. That's all I have to say.

2000 Honda Accord SE 1.8 Vtec from UK and Ireland


Pathetically slow and shoddy


I have had the car for a year and I have had several problems such as splitting on the rear bumpers which cost me over £500 to repair. The seats are to be honest absolute crap they are becoming very baggy and starting to tear. The engine is desperatly under powered for a 1.8 and is very slow the car is claimed to do over 120 but I carnt push it passed 95. The cabin is also very noisy and whistles at high speeds and a strong draft comes through the doors. It is shoddy workmanship for what I payed I was expecting a car as good as my last one. I have totally lost hope in this car. Now there is a new one out this one looks really old and dated the interior is so shoddy and it looks like a car from the ice age. Sorry Honda your cars are junk.

General Comments:

This car is an out burst of intreging reprisal and I cannot state more clearly how pathetic this car is it carnt stand a chance against the likes of Mercedes and BMW. It is slow under powered, awfully built and is now starting to show its age as an old mans car like the Rover 800.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2003

21st May 2003, 06:08

This review sounds like a wind up to me, probably a Renault, Fiat or Citroen owner.

My Honda Accord will do 90mph in 3rd, some people don't realise you have to rev the nuts off these engines to get the best out of them, as for saggy seats, and ice age interior... are we talking about the same car? I think the seats are firm and supportive and the interior ergonomically perfect.