2000 Honda Accord 1.8 VTEC SE Sport 1.8 VTEC from UK and Ireland


Very close to perfect


Rear twin exhaust pipes corroded. Dealer tried to clean up before collection, then ordered chrome sleeves which as yet haven't been received, two months later, although supplying Honda franchise very good generally.

Someone (whilst valeting?) shut the driver's door on the seatbelt buckle, causing small rip on door trim. Repaired using super glue.

Some small rattles from the rear seat/parcel shelf.

General Comments:

A superb car. Not the best driver's tool as quite big and heavy for the engine/transmission combo, but comfortable, easy to drive and (above all) known to be reliable.

VTEC engine very smooth, and transmission shifts are imperceptible. Economy is average at around 30mpg in mixed conditions. More autos from other manufacturers should follow Honda's lead and put a gear indicator on the instrument panel.

The Tiptronic-style manual shifting option is a gimmick, but a well-thought-out one; it won't let you over-rev the engine by trying to select a lower gear at too high an engine speed.

Thoughtful touches mark out this car - from the clear, legible instruments to the hook on the bootfloor that you connect to the hatchback, to hinge up the bootfloor for when you need to change a wheel. Nice.

Chock-full of goodies, as expected - full electrics and air-con, but also an electric sunroof (largely superfluous with a/c) and cruise control. Sport model also comes with 16" alloys and rear spoiler, and the first owner added side skirts. Not really neccessary, but does make it look nice!

Ride can be a jiggly at times, but handles well. Excellent room in the front, although rear legroom is not huge, but the boot space is voluminous.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

11th Aug 2008, 09:55

Just to add that I still own this car, now with 115,000 miles on it. Only thing that has ever failed me is the bulb behind the clock. Fantastic reliability. A few scrapes on the body but no rust. A/c still ice cold. A few rattles from the vicinity of the door locks but that's it. Totally worthless now (about £750 given the bodywork scuffs) so will be kept until it dies.

15th May 2011, 13:05

Another update - still got this old stager, now up to 160,000 miles. Runs like a top, although the 30 MPG average is beginning to hurt with petrol >£6/gallon. Regular maintenance has been the key, I think - oil and genuine filter every 4.5k and a K&N has been fitted for longer airfilter life. It's needed only a battery, an exhaust downpipe, a replacement radio and two clock bulbs outside of scheduled maintenance. No rust, either! Amazing.

2000 Honda Accord EX-V6 4 door 3.0 litter VTec from North America


Simply an A+ rating. Only downside: Handling is unstable on sharp turns


No mechanical problems of any kind during the first 60,000 miles.

The original factory speakers (5 watts each) offer the poorest quality sound I have ever experienced. I replaced these speakers within a week of purchasing this vehicle. How can Honda install 5 watt speakers on a top of the line EX-V6 sedan? Simply unacceptable.

General Comments:

Pick up speed and power on city streets is average, but when you drive this car onto the freeway, that is where it will blow you away with its passing power and torque. If you are not careful and don't watch your speedometer you will easily go over 100mph in a flash! On the freeway it feels as if you have a 280hp engine not a 200hp. I have personally out-raced new top of the line BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's, and other vehicles with price tags above $40,000. Now don't try that on city streets because the pickup speed is not that great, but on the highway this V-6 un-modified engine is truly a gem.

A warning to all 1998-2001 Honda Accord owners: If you perform sharp/quick turns with these cars regardless of what model you own, your car can easily start spinning from the rear and make a 360. This goes for both wet and dry pavement because the rear has a lot less weight than the front and the small 15 inch tires have a very poor grip on the road.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

29th Apr 2003, 10:17

Very true. I also own a 2000 Accord EX-V6 4 door and the original factory speakers are horrible. Before I went through my first tank of gas on this car I changed them.

And I totally agree with watching your speed on sharp turns with this car. The rear end of this car has spinned on me several times in both wet and dry roads and I wasn't even speeding that much. Luckily I didn't hit anything. Honda must have noticed this problem because in their 2003+ Honda Accord V6's, they are all equiped with 16 inch tires. That extra inch on each wheel makes all the difference.

Other than these two flaws this is an excellent car that comfortably seats 5 adults, offers excellent visibility in every direction, has great power while driving on city streets and on the highway I agree 100%, this 3.0 liter engine is awesome! No wounder Honda didn't want to tamper with it. Their 2003+ Accord's offer the same 3.0 liter engine. They only added 40 more horses, making it 240hp.

I also toy around with a lot of "luxury" cars on the highway and let me tell you... my engine has almost 65,000 miles on it and I race these "luxury" cars that have paper plates still on them and I blow them away. Its simply awesome. So a word to the wise...don't temp the 3.0 liter Honda V-6, unless you have a V-8 because if you do you might think that the Accord that just smoked you has a modified engine when in reality it doesn't.