2000 Honda Accord LX 2.3L 4 cylinder VTEC from North America


A great car that also saved our lives


I only had to replace the original battery.

General Comments:

This car looked and drove like brand new in every way, even though it was 3 years old and had 70K miles on it when I got it. I wouldn't trust many other used car models with this many miles, but I didn't hesitate with an Accord.

The 4 cylinder had plenty of power, but it also yielded great gas mileage. I loved the sound it made, and the way it rode on the highway.

I loved the interior layout, and all the storage areas. You could fit about 20 CDs in the center console.

I've driven only Hondas for the past 10 years, and I enjoyed this one even more than the 3 I had before. It seemed just as reliable as the earlier ones, but it was larger and more powerful. I looked forward to getting behind the wheel every day.

4 days ago, I had to stop quickly in the left lane of I-4 in Florida, and a Ford pickup rear-ended us, and smashed us into the other pickup truck in front, moving it 25 feet. There was nothing left of my trunk area, and the engine area was smashed too, but everyone at the scene marveled at how well the passenger area kept its integrity. You could still open and close the doors properly. My 2 friends and I walked away from the crash with sore necks and 1 bump on the head, but that was all.

I'm looking for a similar Accord to replace it. I can't see owning anything else, and when I move up in the world, I'll just upgrade to Acura. Thank you, Honda.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2003

15th Mar 2004, 17:01

I am an Accord 99 owner. I chose and LX model for its great combination of afford-ability, power (famed V-tech engine refinement) and subtle luxury. It is truly a great car. To me, and I am sure too many other Accord drivers as well, it is a golden standard of what a true family mid-size sedan should be all about.

What about almost 100 000 (Yes, 100 000 miles) practically without any problems?

Fantastically reliable peace-of-mind personal transportation.

The incredible ergonomics so beautifully correlates with engineered safety, truly providing driving experience which possibly can be purchased somewhere else for several times more. I am in love.

Yes, when I am on the road, I know that if the worst came, this car was made to protect me and my family.

Thank you, Honda. I am not a rich person by financial means, but I feel rich owning and driving this fine and beautiful car.

I have one particular instance to share, when I strongly believe, my life was saved. In a middle of a dark night, on a long stretch of four-lane highway, I drove into a huge piece of truck tire. I saw it too late to completely avoid driving over it and change to other lane in time. I attempted an avoidance maneuver, but after hours of highway speed driving this was such a shock and possibly my reaction time was slower due to late night hour, that my life was truly in my car's ability to make it. To make it short, in those seconds, I thought the worst can happen to me.

I saw before what a rollover did to my friend's car and his family. He did not drive a Honda, though.

Simply, my car hit it with full highway speed, got somewhat airborne, but came back like a superb driving machine. Shook tremendously, but stayed its course. I stopped as soon as I could, ran and removed that giant torn truck tire from a highway and visually inspected my car for damage and leaks (always have flashlight with me). There were marks on my front wheel cover and car body, but car was driving without a problem. Mechanics did not find anything wrong with my car. It needed good cleanup and touch-up/minor body work from impact with a "big rubber". I want to add that impact with the object and subsequent car drop was severe enough to quite possibly make me momentarily blank out. I basically drove very fast over a huge, movable bump and stayed alive with my car doing a superior job. I maneuvered it to a stable ride with a solid steering response.

I read before in a magazine that recent Accord was, when tested, number one among 30 most popular cars tested for preventing rollover possibility (least prone to rollover). What a claim indeed.

I strongly believe, that I am a living example of it. Above research reinforced my purchase decision. I bless the day I made it.

I have no doubt about it: Honda Accord is a world class automobile, so spacious, well appointed, elegant and pleasing that a word "charmer" definitely applies to it.

The ride, the ride, the ride. What a pleasure. At any speed.

Big change was 1990 model year, then possibly 1994, and definitely 1998. The 2003 added even more refinement, and yes, power. The great story continues. In a time when other makers drop car names and their "siblings" to start new models, Honda does not have any reason to do it. Let's hope that a proud Honda Accord name will continue for long time to come. In a sense it already became a legend (okay, maybe just slight-very-positive pun intended toward upscale Acura model, formerly known as Legend, now simply RL). It is not a big secret that Accord and RL share the same platform, and refinement.

It is interesting to see what can be done to make it even better. I bet my money on this car. It rewarded me handsomely. And it is a great pleasure to know that I am in a good company. It feels like a family to me.

I put my trust in Honda designers and engineers. They have an exquisite feel about what good breed means.

The Accord, what a perfect name for an automobile in which symphony of drivers' senses meet the road.

2000 Honda Accord EX 2.3 from North America


No Guarantees on reliability. Might be good idea to buy extended warranty


The power window regulator on the front driver side door broke. Also the check-engine light came on almost simultaneously.

General Comments:

It cost me a considerable amount of money to get the problems fixed from the dealer. God only knows what they are charging for.

At 42000 miles the car seemed perfect and now I am having second thoughts about the whole Honda enterprise. For a manufacturer with such reputation for sturdy and reliable car I wonder why they offer warranty's till just 36K miles/36 months. I feel that the reputation should reflect the confidence of the manufacturer in its vehicles.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2003

13th Jan 2004, 14:36

I recently experienced the same issue. It was -20C, pretty cold and there was a thin layer of ice on the entire car. I started the car and tried to move the driver side front window and it did not open. The other three windows opened after a couple of tries. Then, I heard a snap and power window's motor started running, but, the window remained stuck. Later, the window slid down 2 inches (after going over a speed bump. Not a pleasant driving experience during that cold weather! I pushed the window up and attached several strips of tape going over the door frame. That held it pretty good, until I got the repair bill...$420!! A belt and regulator was replaced + labor cost and taxes. I have about 55K miles on it.

13th Jan 2004, 14:51

Well here is your problem, you tried to open the windows with ice on them. NEVER DO THAT!!! Ice puts a lot of weight on the windows and it is too much for the motors to handle. This is why they break. So many people do that. Same thing with windshield wipers. Don't cut them on while there is a ton of snow on the windshield. They will not move, and you will end up burning the motors right out of them.

2nd Feb 2004, 20:20

It isn't really fair to blame a broken window motor on the Honda Motor Co when common sense tells you not to keep trying to roll a window down when its frozen.