14th Nov 2003, 12:40

I am kind of surprised. I have a 1996 Accord LX 4 door sedan - original owner - and it has 185,000+ miles. I have replaced the starter and planning to replace the radiator this weekend. I am beginning to get the itch for a new car, but this has been so good I may try to see how much more mileage I can get out if it. Sorry about the problems you mentioned.

19th Nov 2003, 09:16

I am sorry about your experience with your Honda. I have a 96 accord too and it is OK so far. I do noice the engine emitts knock sound at around 2000 RPM as you described, Could it be a defect of the design of this engine?

19th Nov 2003, 17:34

My 96 Accord also has a knocking sound that has developed over the last year around 2000-2500 RPM. On Alldata.com there is a TSB out for a ticking noise from the valve train. Perhaps this is what they're talking about. Since this is the free version of Alldata, I can't do more research on it. Perhaps I'll go talk to my other mechanic friend who has the Alldata CD, and I'll look up some more info.

2nd Dec 2003, 14:36

I have a 96 Honda Accord EX which is quite simply the best car I have every owned in 35 years of driving. 120,000K and still running beautifully. In the past week the car has been idling rough and vibrating. Diagnosis - motor mounts ($800.00). I will be purchasing a new car this spring and I have been looking pretty closely at the V-6 Nissan Maxima, but it costs $5000.00 more than the Accord and requires premium gas. I'll be buying another Accord.

2nd Jan 2004, 06:10

I have had a 1996 Accord EX VTEC with very little problems. Just replaced the CV boots at 130,000 and the front engine mount. Other than that if you keep the normal maint. up on these cars you should NOT have any problems period... To me these are normal wear and tear items. Honda's are very good cars and I will stick by them 100%.

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had. Were you the 1st., 2nd. or 3rd. owner of this car? Has the car been maintained correctly?

5th Jan 2004, 09:43

I have a 1996 Accord EX with 113,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased it with 26,000 miles. I have had no unusual repairs - just the normal wear and tear items - breaks, timing belt, etc. This has been a great car - but lemons do occur once in a while in all cars. I make sure to always perform recommended maintenance at the proper intervals and I am religious about changing the oil. Just as an aside, I got 255,000 miles out of my last Honda. I am sorry to hear that others had problems.

5th Mar 2004, 08:01

I finally sold the 96 Accord, but many of you will be surprised to hear what I bought to replace it! I got an excellent deal on a 99 Accord EX with 2.3 4-cylinder with only 32,000 miles. I have had no problems with this car and it drives MUCH better than the 96. Smoother, quieter, more comfortable, larger and feels more substantial. Hopefully this car will live up to it's reputation... so far so good. After my experience with the 96, I was strongly leaning toward the Camry... but it is just too boring. I was finally convinced that my 96 was just a lemon and decided to give Honda a second chance. I'll write another review in a year or so once I have some time to really rack up the miles.

19th Mar 2004, 00:12

Uh, you're talking about a Kia or Hyundai right? First off on the handling I suggest that you stop hitting curbs. This car comes stock with both front and rear anti-sway bars and should handle like a champ. You can also change both the front and rear alignment from what I've read; as well as the camber. I work at a tire shop and most of the time if you take a close look at the tires they'll tell a story of what's wrong.

As far as the engine it sounds like you may have a problem with the VTEC system. I won't bother to explain this complex system, but if it's underpowered at 2500+ rpm it sounds like the VTEC is not engaging the third loab to take advantage of the variable higher rpm timing resulting in lost power.

I also suggest you learn how to drive a stick. They are more fun, more efficient, cheaper to fix, and regardless of the make or model definitely more reliable and less problematic.

23rd Mar 2004, 15:09

I have fully read and understood the previous posts, and I would like to add, that you may need to switch from driving a Honda, to a beautiful, pristine, olive drab Abrams A-1 Battle Tank. I have driven, raced, abused, and destroyed Hondas for more than 4 years, and I still stand by anything Honda has manufactured, from my current 95 Accord EX, to my next Honda, a lawnmower.

As far as the alignment and camber issues, please refrain from testing the tensile strength of curbs. hitting curbs tends to throw the alignment completely out of whack.

The CV boots? consider that standard maintenance of any front-wheel-drive vehicle. I have raced FWD vehicles, and I will confess that the CV axles are the weak link in most Hondas. I have been left on the side of the track 3 times, due to broken CV axles, but that I give credit to my tungsten-carbide, 50lb, right foot, and my lack of common sense, while exiting a turn.

The exhaust b-pipe is completely your fault, from hitting speedbumps too fast. I have done the same, but my Accord is 3 inches lower than a factory Accord, due to a racing suspension upgrade.

As far a valve ticking and engine knocking, again, blame yourself, not Honda. Change the oil every 2,700 to 3,200 miles, and you would not have had that problem to start with. Engine knocking and tapping will occur in ANY vehicle, if the engine oil is neglected. This also explains why you seem to have lost power, as well. When the oil degrades from age, it will clog the VTEC actuation valving, and you lose the 30 horsepower gain from VTEC actuation. Honda has built an incredible engine, with endless possiblities for improvement. My 95 Accord EX began life with 145 horsepower in 1995, and now it makes 280 horsepower, thanks to a Garrett turbocharger. It used to red line at 6,000rpm. Now, thanks to a Japanese computer upgrade, I shift at 8,500rpm. I have driven the car since I have owned the car, and I've only replaced what was scheduled, like the timing belt and water pump at 80,000miles, oil at every 3,000miles, coolant at every 30,000miles, battery every 2 and a half years, and power steering fluid at 75,000miles. This is all scheduled maintenance that is listed in your owner's manual. If you followed it correctly, and driven with some sort of common sense, the car will act as if it was brand new. I have over 150,000miles, and I have yet to have a major complaint.