23rd Jul 2007, 11:21

To Greg from Florida: yes, I have a question. Can you comment on the brilliant Honda engineers that designed the junk transmission in the Odyssey? Anybody who bought one of those lemons isn't feeling very intelligent right now.

I would hope that you haven't had any major problems on a car with only 73,000 miles on it. Your '97 has only been driven an average of about 7,000 miles per year! When (if) it hits 200,000 miles, then you can crow about how reliable it is. Meanwhile, my '02 Ford with 84,000 has also had "no major" (or even any minor) problems. You do the math: a car that has done only 7,300 miles per year or a car that has done 16,800 miles per year... which sounds like the better vehicle? As for high mileage, perhaps when you reach the 260,000 miles that I have on my '85 Dodge, you may be able to talk. Until then...

28th Jan 2008, 14:36

I bought a 96 Honda with 132,000 miles 4 years ago. now I'm on 200,000 miles and I've only had to fix wear and tear things on the car. I have been driving a honda since I've got a license and I love them. they're the best cars. as long as you have a good mechanic and keep up maintenance.. you will have no problems.

25th Feb 2008, 19:56

I bought a 1996 accord ex about 2 years ago, and until now, I've never had any problems at all, except that my speedometer won't indicate how fast I'm going, other than that it feels like a new car, it drives like a new car, and I love my vtec engine. I do agree that Honda's aren't exactly "sophisticated" but they sure are reliable!

27th Mar 2008, 23:59

I have purchased a 1996 Honda Accord EX. I was told it has new brakes. It seems after I put on the brake there is a knocking noise that you can feel while your foot is on the pedal. They can't seem to figure it out.

Also, can anyone tell me why my Honda Accord has no air bags? I was told according to the title it wasn't in any accident's. Because if it was the title would have an R on it for being reconstructed.

23rd Jun 2008, 15:04

My first car was a 1996 Honda Accord EX, purchased in 1999 with 35,000 miles on it. At the time, as a young and impulsive new driver, I knew absolutely nothing about responsible driving, nor diligent care of an automobile.

The first 15k or so miles I drove without even realizing that I needed oil changes. I didn't go for my first service until about 30-40k miles into my ownership of it.

It was involved in numerous small accidents, including one where I took an offramp too quickly in rainy conditions, resulting in my vehicle being stranded in a mess of small trees and bushy undergrowth.

I regularly drove took the vehicle over 100mph for extended periods of time on my drive to and from school, and brought it up to a hair under 140mph on a few occasions.

It's now 2008, with 160,000 miles on it, and I'm only now starting to see the wear and tear of my abusive driving habits on this wonderful machine. Considering everything I've done to it, it's a miracle it's still in one piece. Now that I'm much more responsible with my vehicle, I look forward to replacing it with another Honda soon =). This time I'll be much nicer, and I'm sure it'll see many more years than even this current one has given me.

15th Oct 2008, 09:15

I have a '96 Accord with a V-tec engine. It has 108,000 miles, so it's pretty much brand new.

The owner supposedly took good care of it, but the engine jerks between gears.

The car also has a very hard time up hills; I switch in the "d3" gear which helps me get through them. But anyways, no problems yet.

10th Dec 2008, 14:25

My '96 Accord EX runs like a champ with 125kmi. The only non-maintenance items done were the motor mounts at 100kmi.

29th Dec 2008, 08:49

I bought 96 Accord and it has around 172k miles and still running strong. They will run forever.

23rd Apr 2009, 21:54

Believe it or not my 1996 Accord EX has 399,300 miles on it!!! It is still the original engine and has been very good to me. Definitely a conversation starter LOL.

9th May 2009, 12:10

Wow at 400k miles!?

And I thought mine at 200 000 km (kilometers!) was high.

Anyways, after 13 years my Accord runs like it's new; it's the V4 model manual transmission. Everything works perfectly except cruise control (must be clutch or brake pedal switch).

Just take good care of your Honda and it will last forever (and make oil changes twice a year!).

26th Jun 2009, 12:33

For those who can't get the cruise to work, try switching it on and then pressing the SET/Decrease button while lifting the clutch UP with your foot, it should engage.

Mine has 200k and runs like new, except for a weird noise outside when pressing the clutch, heatshield? Apart from that, everything runs perfect, absolutely everything, not a scratch LOL.

Hondas run forever.

8th Dec 2009, 09:58

I own a 1996 Honda Accord with 115,000 miles on it. Just recently it has a problem with starting intermittently. Sometimes it will start and sometimes it won't start. I have new plugs, distributor cap and rotor in it and fairly new battery. It cranks, but won't fire sometimes. I have heard there is a relay under the dash that causes this, and would like to know where to find that and replace it. Has anyone else experienced this problem? It use to start every time with no problem. I would appreciate the help.. thank you.

4th Jan 2011, 21:30

I bought a '96 Honda Accord LX in '99 with 30,000 miles on the clock.

I will never own another Honda again. After the 36,000 mile warranty ran out, the problems started. The balance shaft seal blew at 40,000 miles, while the engine was running, and immediately drained all of oil out. Fortunately, I knew enough to kill the motor when the oil light came on. I found out there was a recall a few months later. I got part of my money back. At 50,000 miles the electric locks and windows quit working. At 60,000 miles the transmission went out.

In 2001, I bought a '57 Ford F-100 for $200, put $500 into it to get it running (counting registration and title), and sold the Honda with 65,000 miles for what I owed on it, not counting the transmission rebuild on the credit card. Piece of junk! I still have the Ford, it still runs. That Honda was the last car I had a payment on. It's been nearly ten years now.