26th Mar 2004, 20:15

I believe there was a service bulletin concerning the wiring harness for this car. The wires were improperly routed, and they chafed ageist each other causing shorts once the rubber surrounding the copper wore away. Most of your problems seem to be driving related other than that. Also I have learned by driving though large puddles that a lot of those sensors are prone to fry when submerged in water have you ever made that same mistake?

5th Apr 2004, 18:48

AMEN to the last post man, right on the money. General maintenance can save you a ton in the long run, oftentimes on stuff that sounds unrelated (such as your engine ticking). Just today I found to my surprise that I could not put the vehicle in reverse (5spd manual), but it may have been caused by trying to force the car into reverse. Not sure what the deal is, but hopefully a cheap fix.

Just replaced the belts and hoses (OMG ten times easier than my old DOHC Eclipse). Made the mistake of replacing the front oil seal just for the hell of it, royal pain in the ***!

If anyone has any ideas as to why I can't get it in reverse please let me know.

25th Mar 2005, 13:46

1996 EX Coupe Automatic - 155,000 miles.

Parts that have failed so far, annoying, but minor.

Both power door locks

Both power window regulators.

ABS Unit - this is a biggie, dealers will rip you off to the tune of $1000 - $1500. Lucky I found one on eBay. IMHO - this should be a recall item.

Otherwise have followed the maintenance schedule and the car has been very reliable. Best tip to make the car last forever - every 30,000 miles have the valves adjusted and the trans fluid and coolant replaced.

28th Mar 2005, 12:41

I just purchased a 96 Honda Accord that had 126,000 miles. I am a grad student and just wanted something reliable to drive for a couple of years. I really don't know anything about cars, but according to carfax.com, my vehicle was regularly serviced by the previous owners, had no major accidents or damage, and is not a lemon.

I would love any suggestions about what I should do to ensure that my Honda runs good for the next two years. More specifically, what should I have checked now, and then what should be done later in upcoming months or mileage. Again, I know nothing; so the more info, the better.


16th Mar 2006, 13:52

I have a 96 Accord that I bought recently with little over 103,000 miles. A week after I bought the car it wouldn't start (intermittently), I had the starter replaced then went on a 500 mile trip and then back again. The car was perfect for a week after I returned, but then it wouldn't start at all, and I don't mean turn over slowly I mean wouldn't start; all I hear is the hum of the fuel pump and the click of the starter, I had the starter replaced and for a week it was fine then doom struck and here I am again scratching my head wondering about the reliability of my car, my baby. I am perplexed as to what could be the cause. I thought Honda's never die, what happened??? : (

2nd Jun 2006, 12:41

I have a '96 Accord LX (4cyl, non-vtec), second owner, with 117K. It's been a decent car, I do keep up on all the maintenance, as did the 1st owner. This car is nothing flashy, but it's been reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to get another Honda. This is my second Honda, also have an "88 Civic that just won't die and keeps begging me to drive it. I think the key to Honda's (all vehicles for that matter) is to follow the maintenance schedule, even though it sometimes seems like a waste of money to fix things that are not yet broken (read timing belt, water pump, etc..)

3rd Jun 2006, 13:14

My Accord with 232K did the same thing. It would not start. I thought it was the original fuel pump going out, but that checked out fine. Turned out it needed a tune up, with new spark plugs and wires and fuel pump being the only thing replaced at the tune of 277 bucks. Cars starts every time now.

10th Jun 2006, 13:52

I have a 95 Accord and my driver side power window will not go back up. I can tap the switch down and the window goes down easily, but it will not go back up. The dealership wants to charge $300 to fix. Is there anything I can do to avoid bringing it in besides a plastic bag and duct tape?

12th Jun 2006, 10:00

DO not go to the dealer; instead go to an independent mechanic. It will cost much less than the dealer. Remember the dealer needs to charge more to pay for the mechanics and their sparkling million dollar buildings.

7th Jul 2006, 18:35

UPDATE. I am the author of the original review of the 96 Accord. I have recently (approx 6 mos ago) sold the 99 with just under 100,000 trouble-free miles! This car is what the 96 should have been like. My faith in Honda's has been restored. For those of you who own or just bought 96s, don't be discouraged by my review. My Accord was a poor example, I simply bought someone else's problem. Several of my friends/co-workers own Similar year Accords and swear by them. Anyway, I am now the owner of a 2006 Honda Accord EX-L with 2.4 4-cylinder and 5-speed auto trans. LOVE the car so far (though I still have less than 10k miles on it) I'll keep the review updated.

30th Jan 2007, 19:42

Hi. I just got a 1996 Honda Accord 2.2L 4 cylinder with the VTEC motor in it, and I have had it 5 days, and the camshaft broke. I can't seem to find another one, and I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy one at?

I know that it isn't the car. I think the owner before me didn't keep up the maintenance on it, but not very sure, but would love to hear if you have any details for me. If so, please email me at amberhill_2@hotmail.com

22nd Jul 2007, 22:10

I am a proud, original owner of '96 Accord EXL with 106,000 careful miles.

The only major repairs have been a new master cylinder and driver's side power window regulator, which I had a private mechanic fix for under $200.00, since the Honda dealership wanted over $300.00 to do the same job.

These are normal wear and tear items that occurred over a long period of time. That's it folks as far as problems go! All I do is change the oil regularly and put gas in it, premium gas that is.

You see, ever since I have owned my '96 Accord new, I has always had a steady diet of premium gas, and maybe that's why I have never experienced some of the engine problems that you guys have had with the VTEC engine. My VTEC engine just purrs like a kitten since the day I bought it. I know it doesn't require premium like my Prelude SH, but I believe it will prevent a lot of the reported engine problems in the long run, and with Honda's great gas mileage, I can afford spend the extra money for the premium unleaded.

Oh! Did I mention that all my Hondas are pure stock down to the wheels they ride on? None of this aftermarket garbage that so many of you youngsters out there add on to an already very good, and very capable automobile.

All this talk about '96 Honda Accords not being reliable is way off the mark and totally unfounded. You guys who wrote these negative pieces either don't know what you're talking about, or just made bad purchases of someone else's problems. These are the same people who would have ruined just about any car they put their hands on, no matter the make or model due to lack of proper maintenance/care, or just sheer abuse and neglect.

My '96 Accord still drives like-new, and runs very quietly without any valve adjustments whatsoever, not even regular maintenance. The strange thing is it has only had one minor tuneup in its life (new plugs, wires and dist. cap).

You see, I think sometimes when these mechanics keep putting their hands in the engine for this, that, and the other "scheduled maintenance issue, it just sometimes creates more problems, where problems never existed before, if you know what I mean.

While I do believe in some preventative maintenance, I'm also a firm believer in the philosophy -"if it ain't broken, don't go tampering with it."

I reiterate, my '96 Accord drives like a dream, and is truly the lowest-maintenance vehicle I have ever owned.

I also own a '97 Prelude SH with only 73,000 miles on it. It also has never given any kind of major problems.

I just recently bought a new '06 Pilot EXL for the wife, and she just loves it, so much so that I don't even get a chance to drive it.

I'm like the fellow who said his next Honda will be a lawnmower, because just last week I too purchased a Honda lawnmower with the "Smart-Drive" system that you don't have to push to make it go like other manufacturers' so-called "self-propelled" systems. Just a tap of your finger is all that's needed to make this thing take off, and did I mention it utilizes a twin-blade cutting system unlike any other mower out there.

What can I say, Honda has brilliant engineers working for them. Well, I guess you could say we are now an official Honda family. The bottom line here folks - Honda is the intelligent choice of smart people who know a good thing when they see it. Enough said! Any questions?

Greg from Florida.