27th Jan 2008, 19:32

My 2003 honda accord's check engine light went on. It seems my car is hesitating or shuddering at 1500-1700 rpms. I am looking for an idea of diagnosis, is it the throttle sensor, or transmission, and what about cost?

1st Feb 2008, 08:48

If this was not serious, it would be funny, I feel better that I'm not alone on this. I have a 2003 Honda accord with 37K, at about 32K I was told that my rotors were warp, and now the STARER needed to be replace whats next?

4th Mar 2008, 10:33

Have a Honda Accord 2006. Within 1.5 year, within warranty, when braking at high speed, chatter was felt, and the dealer fixed by shaving rotor level, no charge.

Now, 1.5 year later, out of warranty due to mileage, I drive many miles on interstate, well the same problem appears, and the dealer says it is the way I am driving the car. What a shameful excuse for a poor quality design.

The dealer says cost to repair is over $500.00. Is this a known problem with this car? Is there a bulletin or a recall notice posted anywhere on this problem? Why do I feel like I am on the losing end of this? What recourse do I have?

28th Oct 2008, 20:03

I had the same issue, rear brakes went at 20k and was told rotors were warped. They said it was due to sticking calipers and it was common on Honda accords. I just replaced the front brake pads and rotor at 51k, they had similar wear on one side it was really bad and the other was normal. So, accord suxs for breaking. Hope it doesn't continue since I have replaced all parts now. Oy!

3rd Mar 2009, 22:19

I have a 2003 EX and my front brakes had to be replaced at just a few thousand miles -- made a terrible noise, fixed under warranty due to service bulletin.

Now I have 78K miles and I would expect to replace the front brakes, but they appear fine while my back brakes are totally worn out. Very unusual for back brakes to wear more than the front -- poor design as your front brakes are where most of your stopping powers is supposed to come from.

Also the brakes have always shimmied under high speed moderate braking from day one. Brakes are just not a strong point of Hondas.

9th May 2009, 14:14

I will be replacing the rotors in the front of my wife's 2003 Accord EX four cyl. tomorrow. 140000 miles. Left side has developed a nasty wobble. Changed just pads about 5 months ago, and did not turn the rotors.

Cost at local Kragen was $72.00 for the pair.

California car, so no rust so hopefully job will not take me that long.

Problems I have had with car are:

1. Crank sensor needed replacement

2. Very noisy in rear end (so bad I replaced the wheel bearings - but that was not the problem)

3. Fuse keeps blowing in cig lighter, which means can't use it for my GPS

4. Uneven tire wear.

Other than that, for the price, it is a heck of a car. Good mileage, and little in way of major problems.

30th Nov 2009, 17:32

2003 Honda Accord EX coupe. I'm experiencing the same issue with my left rear brake (and I think the front left but not too sure) as of yesterday. It made a funny noise like a low squeaking noise. It wasn't a sharp high squeaking noise. I tried not to brake too hard to avoid the rumbling shake. Hopefully that's not the transmission. I remember last year I went to Sears auto shop and they did an estimate of over $500 for 2 complete brake sets! That is too expensive. One front & one rear brake. I'm a woman and do not know anything about cars, so I'm going to have a friend, who is a mechanic, fix it for me.

1st Dec 2009, 15:58

We had a Honda years ago. It went through brakes (and everything else including the ENGINE) twice as fast as our domestics, hence we now save a bundle by driving only Ford and GM.

1st Dec 2009, 16:24

I own a 2003 Accord LX and within my first 15-20 thousand miles I heard the brakes squeaking and the dealer said it was "nothing." Eventually, around 30,000 they said my rotor was warped so they changed it. Then at 45,000 miles they started squeaking and I could feel and hear the car/brakes shaking too. The rotor was warped so bad that the break pad was cracked, so this time they changed out both the rotor and pads. The dealer said it was because of my driving and that it was "common for women drivers." Now I'm just over 70,000 and I hear the squeaking again, WTF?! Great car, but these brakes are killing me!

2nd Dec 2009, 17:38

Maybe I'd have a bit more money myself if I hadn't tried some of those domestics in the first place. I love my Honda's. First one had 500,000 on original engine and transmission when traded in for another Honda that got 450,000 miles on the original engine and transmission and that was traded in on ANOTHER Honda that got 250,000 out of the the original engine and transmission. All of them were traded in while still in perfect running condition. The last Honda listed was traded in on a domestic that didn't even make 50,000 before it required a new engine.

8th Dec 2009, 20:01

I bought a Honda Accord LX new, 2003 model. At 6 thousand miles my brakes failed completely (luckily I was going about 20 mph and did not crash) ; all of the brake fluid had drained out on the street; dealer fixed said they had to replace I think the master cylinder but not positive that was the part; had brake light to go on at 103 thousand miles and they said it is the master cylinder (not leaking they say) ; I have always felt brakes were not safe in that car; it fishtails easily if I apply brakes a little quicker than usual; also, have had the car accelerate 2 times for no reason... haven't reported it though, figure I would be beating my head against a stone wall... anyone with similar problems?

10th Dec 2009, 11:08

To 20:01: Your experience is pretty much like ours. Our Honda was nothing but problems from day one.

12th Dec 2009, 18:55

If you change new rotors and the runout of Rotor/Hub Assembly is off 0.004" you will warp your new rotor quickly (In HOnda Tech Bulletin). I had so much problems with warp rotors (new or resurfaced), I just bought a Kwik on car lathe to do the resurface myself (over $1500). I just did my Honda Odyssey today and measure the runout of the hub/rotor and it was less than 0.001".

If you are having someone change your rotors, make sure they measure the runout of the rotor/Hub assembly and if it is off, make sure he does resurface on the car to eliminate the runout as an assembly (Honda has equipment for it).