2003 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder from North America


Brake Problems question car's value


Front rotors machined at 25k miles.

Front rotors replaced at 32k miles.

Front pads replaced at 32k miles.

Rear rotors machined at 32k miles.

Rear brakes squeaked bad at 20k miles. Dealer could not find problem.

Dealer claimed rust buildup caused brake squeak in rear. After machining, brakes still squeal.

Front driver's audio speaker replaced at 4k miles.

2 recalls performed at 4k miles.

Occasional rattle coming from middle of dashboard, loud, like marbles in a tin can.

Rear trunk occasionally has rain water in it.

Slush/Rain on roof of vehicle will end up on driver if driver's window is open or lowered.

Armrest storage area lock is broken.

Plenty of rattles coming from driver's door window.

Front windshield or pillars are rattling when temp is around 32 fahrenheit.

General Comments:

I am quite disappointed with the brake issues. I'm afraid I will have to replace the brakes every year including rotors.

The rotors on my corolla lasted over 100k miles and the brake pads 70k miles.

I am looking to replace the vehicle rather than do brakes every year.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

29th Dec 2004, 21:52

I have a 2003 Accord EX as well. It has had brake pad issues as well. They had a recall on some other models, so check with Honda to verify if your particular type is covered...

18th Jan 2005, 12:19

I recently had to bring my Honda Accord EX 2003 to the dealer. I advised them that when reversing, the car made a grinding noise. They had me drop off the car all day in which they resurfaced the rotors and replaced the pads in the front. They mentioned there was a BULLETIN (not a recall) and that it would be covered. Bulletins are sent to the car dealer, not the car owner. Four weeks later, the noise continued in which I was advised to bring the car in again for an entire day so they could resurface the rear and replace the pads. Why they didn't do all four in the first place is beyond me. And not that is may be related, the engine light is coming on one week later. I bring the car in to Honda again. It is now a sensory cable that needs to be ordered and I must bring my car in again.

2003 Honda Accord EX 240 hp, 6 cylinder from North America


This car has been disappointing as I expected much better in the Accord


The sunroof leaked at 6 months, leaving several inches on the car floor. Sunroof seal replaced as was interior 'ceiling'.

I had to take the vehicle to the dealer on 4 separate occasions for brake-related problems in the first year I owned the vehicle. It was in the garage for approximately 3-4 weeks to have the problem finally solved.

There are rattles on the interior. The wind noise in the windows has become increasingly loud. The sunroof visor creates wind noise.

At 97,500 km, the transmission is skipping and it is scheduled to be replaced in the next few weeks.

General Comments:

I am quite unhappy with the quality of this vehicle. Honda had built a solid reputation for it's quality, but apparently their standards are not what they once were.

My previous vehicle, a 1997 Mustang, required only brake pads at 140,000 km. and very minimal maintenance.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

2003 Honda Accord EX-L 2.4 from North America


A great car


Rattling noise by the central pillar. Tried to fix, but still there.

Wind noise on the right side front door when driving over 100km/h.

General Comments:

Great interior design, spacious and well equipped. Amazing fuel economy for a 2.4 engine. Smooth ride on good roads.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2004

17th Aug 2005, 21:46


Re the wind noise, my wife has an 03 2 Door Accord LX. Loves it - 37000 km, only problem was wind whistle sounded like from rt door.

Honda technician suggested a minor adjustment to the bug deflector on the hood and it worked! no more whistle.

Only other complaint was seat belt retractor wasn't strong enough - had it replaced, then they took it apart and strengthened (rewound) the spring. BTW, previous car (Toy Camry) also had wind whistle that was never cured, and seat belt issue.